9 thoughts on “It’s Not the Crime, It’s the Coverup

  1. From the story: “Considering her former role as chief of the IRS’ tax exempt division, and its proximity to the targeting scandal, the decision to wipe her phone after investigators started asking questions is both suspicious and troubling.”

    They are so polite. How about felonious and obstructive? Illegal and stupid? Dumb and dumber?

    Oddly, the crime is as bad as the coverup in this case. If I read this situation, Lerner directed the most powerful domestic organization to delay the authorization of tax exempt status to a select few groups based upon ideology. i’m pretty sure someone made a conscious decision that as bad as a coverup is, the emails themselves are worse. We may get to see them — on a Friday before a long weekend but after the next election.

    • No, no, no – neither Dave’s comment, nor yours, nor mine, actually praise our host, and our comments were allowed anyway. Therefore, our host is not a fascist, because only allowing praise is a requirement.

      Besides, you know he never hits first. He only hits back. As our host hasn’t mentioned him at all, that couldn’t have been directed here, despite referencing the Washington Times.

      • I actually DID disagree — but just to say that the crime actually WAS at least as bad as the coverup. But those who want to concentrate on medical advocacy but are still bothered by people who disagree with him on the internet….well those people gotta complain.

  2. What does Lois Lerner’s emails have to do with Parkinson’s awareness?

    I thought he wanted to be left alone?

    Why is he going after John again?

    Why do I ask stupid questions?

  3. This is ridiculous, and I have to ask why the republican legislators are going along with it. Emails are not stored on these devices, they are stored on servers. Issa, et al, know this. Where are the servers?

  4. Top 7 reasons Lerner’s Blackberry was wiped:
    10) George W. Bush.
    9) Lois reported fingerprints on the screen.
    8) Got full and Lois couldn’t remember how to delete emails.
    7) Embarrassing “selfies” taken at official events.
    6) NSFW pictures of Eric Holder.
    5) Had a copy of video of actual Bin Laden raid.
    4) Contained detailed report about Aliens at Area 51.
    3) Contained secret stand-down order about Benghazi.
    2) Contained Obama’s draft ISIS strategy.
    1) Contained copy of Obama’s original birth certificate.

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