What Happened to Global Warming?

Matt Ridley asks that question over at WSJ. (H/T, Instapundit) It seems that global warming really has been on hold for at least the last 15 years.

Most science journalists, who are strongly biased in favor of reporting alarming predictions, rather than neutral facts, chose to ignore the pause until very recently, when there were explanations available for it. Nearly 40 different excuses for the pause have been advanced, including Chinese economic growth that supposedly pushed cooling sulfate particles into the air, the removal of ozone-eating chemicals, an excess of volcanic emissions, and a slowdown in magnetic activity in the sun.

I note this climate trend began to take hold in the early years of this century. The cause is obvious.

I blame Bush.

3 thoughts on “What Happened to Global Warming?

  1. Global warming alarmists started tauting their climate propaganda in the early 90s when I began teaching chemistry in university. After reading many refereed articles on the topic I soon realized the thesis was bogus. Think..Henry,s Law regarding the solubility of gasses in water. The ocean is a huge CO2 sink that releases CO2 into the atmosphere when the oceans warm.

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