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A significant feature of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s own false narrative that he spins in his second amended complaint for his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness is a story about how my codefendants and I have sought to have him arrested.ECF 135-123

Here’s part of TDPK’s direct examination of Aaron Walker during the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit that shows him trying to sell his tale during that trial.

MR. KIMBERLIN: I mean, you filed charges to have me arrested? You asked —

MR. WALKER: No. I don’t believe the charges would cause you to be arrested.

MR. KIMBERLIN: Have you —

MR. WALKER: At most, most, maybe if we’re lucky, convicted.

MR. KIMBERLIN: But you wanted me to get arrested. You asked that I be arrested.

MR. WALKER: You went to court and —

MR. KIMBERLIN: I’m asking you a simple question. Yes or no?

MR. WALKER: You committed multiple crimes against me —

MR. KIMBERLIN: I’m asking —

MR. OSTRONIC: Objection, your honor. Badgering his own witness, here.

MR. KIMBERLIN: Yes or no. Have you asked that I be arrested.

THE COURT: Well, the witness is doing fine.

MR. WALKER: You have committed multiple crimes against myself —

MR. KIMBERLIN: I asked a simple question. Yes, or no.

MR. WALKER: — and my wife. And so I have sought justice against you. That is correct

He also tried get me to admit to writing blog posts saying that he should be arrested.

MR. KIMBERLIN: So, you have — have you ever — have you wanted to get me arrested? Have you asked that I be arrested?

MR. OSTRONIC: Objection.

MR. KIMBERLIN: Have you ever stated —

THE COURT: Overruled.

MR. KIMBERLIN: — on your blog that you want me arrested?

MR. HOGE: Not to my knowledge. I have no recollection of ever saying that on my blog.

Now it is true that both Aaron Walker and I have filed Applications for Statement of Charges against TDPK, and various District Court Commissioners charged him with various misdemeanors. Those charges resulted in summonses not arrest warrants. AFAIK, the only person who filed any charge that might have resulted in his arrest was Mrs. Kimberlin.

For the record, let me state again that my goal is to see Brett Kimberlin brought to justice. Whether that requires his arrest is not up to me.

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  1. It’s a distinction he does not, for whatever reason, understand, John. TDBK seems to have only a childlike grasp of societal constructs; perhaps the difference between “arrest” and “brought to justice” is one of them. I for one would like to see him jailed until he fulfills previous court-decreed obligations to those he has harmed.

  2. The following is the statement of my opinion. I am not speaking on behalf of John Hoge, or any of the defendants in either suit. It is based on my understanding that in Brett Kimberlin’s authorized biography his biographer, Mark Singer, stated he was approached off the record by an FBI agent who told him that Brett Kimberlin had approached the FBI to inform them that the then current guardians of Debbie Barton had murdered Julia Schyphers, and, that the murder weapon was buried on their property. I can see no possibility other than that the chain of custody of the murder weapon could only be known by the murderer, or someone in on the murder. I have no proof that Singer’s account was actually true, but, I have no reason to doubt that it was. Nor, do I have any proof that the person approaching Singer was in who he said he was, but, again, I have not reason to doubt that he was. Under these assumptions I posit:

    Bringing Brett Kimberlin to justice requires the execution of Brett Kimberlin.

    Now, I don’t know if Indiana had, or has, the death penalty for felony murder, so I don’t know if obtaining Justice is possible. But, that ought to be the law in every state, IMO.

    • Well, the community of Brett Kimberlin critics is very merciful compared to what it could be. I actually agree with all of your logic up until the conclusion about execution.

      I believe the specific crime Brett committed would be called “Solicitation to Commit Murder” whereas William Bowman was guilty of just plain Murder. As far as I can tell, there is no statute of limitations on either. There is also still available information about the event that some people must still have, and it hasn’t come to light yet. It is neither necessary nor desirable to release Brett Kimberlin from the requirements of justice regarding Julia Scyphers.

  3. This is painfully typical of disordered narcissist like Brett Kimberlin and the assorted loons who are obsessed with me. You can bet what they accuse others of doing is in fact what they are doing . It’s almost gospel

  4. I suppose this is obvious to everyone, but I’m stumped. What exactly is wrong with wanting a serial bomber, who is responsible for the death of an innocent victim, and who refuses to make payments to the widow of the victim…what’s wrong with wanting him arrested?
    That may be the motivating factor for some of the defendants, but none of them have taken steps which are illegal, immoral or unethical.

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