6 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. Congrats, Mr. Hoge and the Hogewash community! 😀

    Just goes to show, quality product attracts quality people – lots of them! 😀

  2. Many distinguished persons have give of their time and resources to make this a better country. Thomas Jefferson and others who signed the Declaration of Independence as well as contributing to our Constitution are but a few.

    You have joined these hallowed ranks.

    God Bless You and Thank You!

  3. Others brag about getting 2,000,000 visits to their hate blogs. What will they have to show for it when they’re gone? Books live forever. And as long as there is an audiobook with my true life story, with my true life voice when it was a decent voice, I will live long after I’m dead.

    cue “Jaws” music theme

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