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According to Judge Hazel’s order, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin was supposed to have responded to the court with either a motion for a preliminary injunction or a notice withdrawing his request to file such a motion not later than 28 August, 2014. Here’s the envelope in which TDPK mailed his withdrawal notice.ECF192-1It was mailed on 29 August, one day late.ECF 192-1 postmark#Fail.


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    • Well, when you get to the stage of filing over a hundred suits without breaking a sweat, you have to speed write those court addresses to get it done on time. Or in this case, one day late.

      • I think he has some strategy that he wants the post office to misread the address and wrongly deliver the item if possible, but can claim it’s not his fault the addressee never got it. Just as the post office never provides the mind reading service to restrict delivery, despite never actually asking for that service.

  2. As the proposed motion was intended to harass, not to actually be imposed, the deadline meant nothing. So he did not bother to respond on time. So, he was a day late – what will the judge do? Deny the motion? He already dropped it, he is shopping for a new venue. Sanctions for NOT making a motion? Sanctions for only being a day late in response? I doubt that the judge will even issue a sternly worded letter. We are coming up on the 5 month mark of when BK admitted to impersonating the court by forging a summons or two. The court has yet to say boo. If you can’t bring yourself to even write a critical letter about the legal technicality of not forging documents on behalf of the court, I doubt that the court will say a thing about responding late in the negative on a motion that was clearly not going anywhere.

    An aside – I plowed through the transcript (a few pages were blank). If you read it, note how many times BK simply ignores the rules and direct instructions given to him. He says something, it is objected to and sustained, and then he just says it again. In the face of direct questioning from the judge he just ignores what was asked – several times. In the face of direction from the judge about what to do or not do, he just continues his path. It is not incompetence – it is studied. He simply filibusters or retries over and over and over until the judge tires of trying to rein him in. Often as not, when he tires of it, he just lets it go on instead of putting a foot down.

    Also, this is the first time we have seen a full report of Ali in the courtroom. As I said before – it was inspired. I am impressed. And I think he has the way to change the outcomes here.

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