16 thoughts on “Paul Alan Levy Replies to #BrettKimberlin

  1. I see Levy is playing by Hazel rules and has opted to go ahead and make the argument that would be in the motions in the letter.

    Now I suspect that enforcement of the management order will be selective just like all the other rules. But I think it is useful to remind these judges that they set precedents.

    • Levy has “cleaned up” Kimberlin’s nonsense in the way the various judges have already repeatedly done. Kimberlin’s request simply did not conform to the case management order. Instead of pointing that fact out to the judge, Levy offered an interpretation that somewhat did.

      • I see it differently. Pointing out to judges that they are not following the rules, especially their own rules, has limited utility. They make the rules they can do what they want. It has not made a difference when other defendants have pointed out BKs failure to abide by the rules. I think that he has instead accepted the judge’s inconsistency as the rules of the game. After getting a surreply thrown out after asking leave to file it he is doing what BK is doing and simply ignoring the rules because it is the way the judge wants to run the case.

      • Earl, the surreply was thrown out in error by the clerk, then restored to the docket after the error was recognized.

      • Still the danger is when all the mistakes lean one way. So he put the argument in the letter. BK does it all the time and it is treated as a motion.

        So I think Levy has smartly slipped in the open door.

  2. Oh also in the transcript more lessons in not trying to out crazy RSM. I noticed that at one point BK says he has two daughters with his wife. RSM says no you don’t.

    Reminder of the cuckold. On the stand.

    • That’s a bit of good news for the human gene pool.

      It is also deeply disturbing concerning the safety of that particular daughter.

      • I’ve heard the claim made before, and it seems to be based on the reasoning that Kimberlin was in jail at the time of conception, so he couldn’t be the father. Needless to say, this is not enough information to disprove paternity. There would need to be some other evidence.

    • Kimberlin is amazingly incompetent at tactical and strategic thinking. But one has to be careful not to get too wrapped up in the dark, evil twisty passages of Kimberlin’s mind. Because what is “important” in his psychopathic thought processes is not important in reality.

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