Another Maryland School Board

WBAL reports that the Anne Arundel School Board will be hearing arguments at 1 pm this afternoon in the matter of the second-grader who was suspended in 2013 for chewing his breakfast pastry into a shape resembling a handgun. The School Board has previously upheld the suspension for manufacturing and possessing an Assault Pop-Tart.

13 thoughts on “Another Maryland School Board

  1. Someone needs to review the textbooks used by the district and if there are ANY images of weapons, anyone involved in their distribution needs to go to jail. Zero Tolerance.

    PS… in certain fonts, a lower case T looks kind of like a sword. That counts.

    • Actually it looks more like a sword held point down, hilt up. Like the way the Templars used to hold them. Oh no! Religion and Weapons!

  2. Not to give anyone any ideas here, but have you ever considered the amount of damage that can be done to the soft tissue under the jaw, and the large blood vessels therein contained, with the tip of that most common of school supplies, the well-sharpened pencil?

    I spit upon your Assault Pop-Tart!

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