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  1. It was obvious that he never cared – he left no mark on the world – on the troubled streets of Chicago as an alleged community organizer – there was no record – no newspaper articles – then as a state senator he had a troubling non-existent record as voting present.

    It was clear, looking at his actions during his campaign stops in Iowa that he had a different purpose – he was auditioning for being the head of the DNC he had no idea that John E would split the vote and he was unprepared to be propelled as the media puck(pick) for president.

    I don’t know anyone could have predicted the ISIS or determined that Russia would disastrously launch a war against the Ukraine – but a decisive leader that cared about his people would have been pro business, pro democracy – if Obama had been pro jobs, pro drilling, pro military – he could have kept his social agenda alive and he would have been hailed not only as the first black president but as one of the most reasonable and the greatest. Also to answer the question he could have made the Russians life quit difficult if the dogs of commerce fueld the dogs of war – 15 aircraft carriers 50 b2 bombers, 25 K12 satellites would give even the most egomaniac pause to thrust into uncharted waters and an epic WWIII in Europe would be averted without firing a shot, nor would he be having to support Europe again in another Marshoian plan to bring their depleted military back into service.

    Instead he decided to be a socialist, to enslave the medical profession, to confiscate through same the already taxed property and to weaken the office of the presidency by the misuse of power.

    We must always remember that in the eternal choice between butter or guns – those that choose the butter will be at the prey of those that think gunpowder tastes better

    • I don’t know anyone could have predicted the ISIS or determined that Russia would disastrously launch a war against the Ukraine…

      Anyone following the plot over there has seen the birth and growth of ISIS. To have not seen it coming would be dereliction from our intelligence services. Of course, some lunatic was ranting about the Caliphate years ago, and now look at him. Yep, he’s in the Dock with Walker, that Other McCain and that Hoge fellow everyone’s been talking about. You can judge a man by the company he keeps, amirite?

      As far as Putin invading Ukraine goes, there’s one stupid, insipid woman who might have mentioned something about that when she wasn’t accusing Dear Leader of palling around with left wing domestic bombers and stuff.

      • Isil isn’t a caliphate they are a tribe of which there are many and Arabs usually flee a conflict that’s why a small group has been able to wander around killing – eventually they will tire of slaughtering each other – Glenn beck also said there were UFO’s and we invented aids and a lot of other nonsense – but the point is we are not welcome to occupy countries incase ISIL come’s a calling and the PLO was much worse than ISIL killing over 1 million Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Israelites, and Jordanians and they still are.

        I think we have enough wars – let Europe who NEEDS Middle East Oil take charge and get them to stop.

        Sarah Palin made a call about 1,090 other pundits made – she just made it oh half a decade ago…

        And what should we have done go to war with a country who has been just as vicious as Russia towards the West and the Jews? Risk nuclear war over a town 9800 miles away that no one has heard of?

        Not defending Obama but Russia if indeed is at the hands of a madman, I don’t know sacrificing the east coast would be a good idea.

      • Isil isn’t a caliphate they are a tribe of which there are many…

        No, they’re not a tribe. They’re an ideologically based army composed of fighters from many different tribes and cultures bound only by fundamental Islamism. Now that they’re in control of significant territory and they’ve got the funds and the fighters to hold it, if they want to call it a caliphate, I’d be hard pressed to find the grounds to argue with them about it.

        Glenn beck also said there were UFO’s and we invented aids and a lot of other nonsense

        Well, that must have been interesting. When did that happen?

      • Pablo they are a tribe, they have no ideology but murder and terror, they are like the bandit in china or the Mexican gangs

    • Pablo,

      I’ve known Beck and Grey looong before they were national – Beck was a substance addled shock jock until the Rush years and people saw a chance to make a move – when people change from trying to compete with stern to compete with Rush – I say eh….. Beck has a great support staff first class and has learned lessons – but he is still an uneducated mess, be careful – there has never been a caliphate in the last 500 years and tribes always recruit serfs to do their bidding – since I have lived for 6 plus years in the Middle east directly in that region and still have done business with them for several decades – I don’t think Beck reading blog and tweets is going to be further than the professionals who actually do business there. Nothing is ever permanent in the Arab world but blood, govenments, alliances come and go arab springs have come and gone –

  2. Sadly, this must feel like 1939 felt. If we’re lucky. Otherwise, this might be November of 1941 all over again. Of course Roosevelt never said: The world has always been crazy, we just know more about it because of radio.

    • Actually more like 2000 then 1939, the difference in both years before the big attacks are the people. Back in the 40’s people united to defeat the enemy, nowadays we are so divided by Apathy, ideology fighting, Ignorance of reality etc. that most of these kids couldn’t get it together to overcome the fears of moving out of mom and dad’s basement much less stop evil unless of course it was a hashtag war.

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