7 thoughts on “More Streisand Effect

  1. Brett Kimberlin has claimed we are his enemies. He is an enemy of God. His evil work is his own. And while all this may sound overly spiritual, but it’s not. See the real world implications: he will be his own undoing. He’ll be everywhere because he couldn’t tolerate the truth being said about him by some little bloggers.

    It didn’t take him us telling on him. It took him telling on himself. When asked why I believe, it’s times like these.

  2. Heh.

    That “Streisand Effect” is getting a fairly good workout.

    A leftist rag. Now a tech/legal blog (with all due respect to Ken White @Popehat — another legal blog that has covered the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin and his slimy lawfare).

    Gotta love #FreeSpeech!

  3. The Kimberlin Effect: Filing lawsuits because people called you names (example: “peodophile”), then losing those lawsuits because of ineptness and delusions, thus allowing all the people you sued to now legally call you whatever insult you sued about (example: “peodophile”).

    I think a definition of the Schmalfeldt Effect will require reading a psychology textbook.

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