28 thoughts on “A Milestone

  1. When I mentioned on a blog that not only are his tweets going to be forwarded to law enforcement (they were) they were also being forwarded to Amazon’s legal dept and his book reviews

    aprox 11 minutes later someone went offline…..

  2. For all his bluster he is, at heart, one thing. A coward. And a liar. For all his bluster he is, at heart, two things. A coward and a liar and stupid. Three things! A coward, a liar, and stupid, and anally fixated. His four….no….among his traits are things like cowardice, lying, stupidity, anal fixation, and a talent for walking into traps set for him..

  3. I loved the items thst people also viewed in edition to said book. The $200+ package of mayonaise, and the acme scale were nice touches šŸ˜‰
    Meeep meeep


    All weeked I worked that joke only to have Hoge come in and steal it. at the punchline!

    Willy was right, you are a monster.

  5. speaking of milestones..
    I’ve noticed how some people equate comments with page views, as if there are no comments then there are no page views. Considering how “some” people’s blogs NEVER have any comments, for them to question the number of page views another blog may have based on how many comments are left is quite pretentiously arrogant. I firmly believe the reason certain posts garner a great deal of comments, is based on commentors feeling certain things just need to be said, where as other posts do not.

    So Mr. Hoge, my assumption (yes I know what that means šŸ˜‰ is that a even the posts that have little or no comments still command a large number of page views…is that assumption correct or in error?


      • yes but specifically, do the posts that do not have as many comments have a comparable number of page vies as those posts that do have a lot of comments?

        my assumption is they do.

        • Most incoming hits are to the Home page. However, the posts with the greatest number of comments also tend to be the most popular of the post where the view came directly to that post rather than through the Home page.

      • Same here.

        Hogewash! is a must-read/must-view daily blog … and, if time allows, many times a day. If I don’t comment on a particular post, it can be for a variety of reasons:

        (1) Similar thoughts to my own have already been stated;
        (2) I don’t have a strong thought/opinion on a particular post;
        (3) Time doesn’t allow for both reading and commenting during a particular visit;
        (4) I know too little about the content posted to comment (as with many of the “Space” posts, but still thoroughly enjoy reading them/viewing the videos);
        (5) Etc., etc., etc.

        Attempting to equate page views with comments is silly. I’d wager a particular Deranged Cyberstalker is attempting to make himself feel far more important than he actually is… per always.

  6. The unique thing is that so many people comment — without moderation delays. Mr. Schmalfeldt and Mr. Kimberlin could never run a web site like this. Not because Lickspittles would lie, but because readers would tell the truth.

  7. I have several clients who self publish so we have some scale of what rankings mean for book sales and frequencies.

    Basically, being at +1,000,000 already means that he has sold pretty close to two copies total. Plus or minus … one.

    Oooooooooo, that’s gonna be a BIG pay day from Amazon.

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