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As part of my background research on the Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin, I dug up a bunch of the reviews of his authorized biography Citizen K from when it was published in 1996. Considering that he hasn’t let the one year statute of limitations on defamation stop him from suing me over a non-defamatory blog post written more than a year before he filed suit, TDPK may want to consider adding these media outlets to the new suit he says he’s cooking up.

New York Times—

Mr. Singer began his reporting for the book in the summer of 1993, by going back to Indiana and checking up on what Mr. Kimberlin had told him. What he learned led him, almost immediately, to the conclusion that his subject was a liar of substantial proportions.

Entertainment Weekly—

Having since decided that his subject was, in fact, lying, he’s returned to the tale and fleshed out Kimberlin’s manipulative personality.

Baltimore Sun—

Citizen K lied. Brett lied. Lied about selling pot to Quayle. Lied about everything.

Publishers Weekly—

Quayle, it now seems, deserves apologies.

Los  Angeles Times—

Singer eventually found nearly all his complaints without foundation.

By the end of this complex tale you are left regretting that Singer and the New Yorker overlooked the sound advice of a New Yorker writer of an earlier time, James Thurber. One of his fables, about a feckless horse, ends with a moral all reporters should keep close to their hearts: “Get it right or let it alone. The conclusion you jump to may be your own.”

You see, Gentle Reader, Brett Kimberlin’s reputation as a liar goes a long way back.

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  1. He lies with the style of an 10 year old — answering questions which were not asked just to avoid the real question. When cornered on the green cards he completely gave away his game.

    • That’s a really good summary of what Kimberlin does, but it’s frustrating how often it works anyway. Sometimes, people will choose to believe what they wish to believe. And perhaps we can help hold them accountable for making unfair, unjust choices.

  2. I tried to log in to comment on Weigel’s article at TDB but for some reason, can’t sign in. I’ve tried rebooting, using the link from the confirmation email, and no luck.

    If anyone here is commenting there, would you be so kind as to post a link to Popehat’s article about SchmalFAIL for Joe? I’ll post links separately to avoid moderation. TIA

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