I Control the Schedule

According to 17 USC § 507(b), one has three years in which to file a civil action for copyright infringement. If I were to chose to go after someone who infringed one of my copyrights during the past month, I would have until August, 2017, to file suit. Any DMCA notice would need to be sent a few weeks before the suit was filed.

If I take such action, it will be at a time of my choosing. I may not be in a hurry. Or I may wish to expedite a claim.

Some folks play chess. Some play checkers. But in both games one must play several moves ahead.

UPDATE—When I play cards, I often play with a deck missing the 3s and 7s. In fact, a pinochle deck lacks all the 2s, 4s, 5s, 6s, and 8s as well.

84 thoughts on “I Control the Schedule

  1. gives you plenty of time to get all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed in the paperwork to make an un-refutable claim doesn’t it?

    I think if someone really wants to get a another certain someone in court, they are just gonna have to pony up the money themselves or STFU…

    just sayin…


  2. Looking at his twitter feed, I think Willy’s lost his mind (more than normal).

    “John “The [redacted]” Hoge”
    “lying backstabbing sack of [redacted]”
    “hairless dog [redacted] without the guts God gave an earthworm”

    It’s ironic that he censored the word “[redacted]” and spelled out “[redacted]”.

    Wonder why?

    Note: I put the redactions in first as a matter of taste. I decided to leave them because it made the Cabin Boy’s™ words seem even sillier.—wjjhoge

  3. One comment from Hoge is good for 50 tweets (!!1!) from the dancing monkey.

    One wonders how Schmalfeldt reacts when something really bad happens, like when the toothpaste runs out, or the cat box needs cleaning.

  4. Three years – almost like a sword, metaphorically speaking of course, hanging over somebody’s head that could drop at any moment.

    Way Kewl !!!!!

    • Yeah, and the Cabin Boy™ has misread 17 USC § 412 and thinks that I only have one month to file for statutory damages. Actually, his magic month refers to an irrelevant time between infringement and registration that isn’t applicable to the stuff he put in his recent book. All the requirements for statutory damages exist if I choose to seek them.

      • If the Elkridge Horror can’t even maintain his own court schedule to ensure his appearance at those hearings in which he has a legal interest, how can one expect him to understand and even adhere to the peculiarities of more complex principles like the practice of law itself. He approaches the practice of the law itself just as he approached the conduct of his earlier marriages; not as a participant, but as a cuckolded observer with its attendant vicarious thrills, including mayonnaise and vienna sausages which he was used to handling himself.

      • Are you sure he’s not pulling some double reverse judo on you? He could probably amass tens of dollars if he were to keep Idiotpublishing copypasta books knowing he’ll sell at least one of each.

        To HOOOOOOOOOGGGEEEE!!!!!!!!! *shakes eleventy fists*

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 9m

    Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 10m

    Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 11m

    Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 11m

    Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 12m

    Which proves conclusively….


      • There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to – The Outer Limits.

      • UH-UH, now you’re going to force, FORCE I SAY!!! FAILwhale Willy into reporting you for copyright infringement of the Outer Limits theme!!!!

        I hope tracking down someone who gives a crap doesn’t disrupt all his research for the motion he’s going to slap you and Paul with on Monday.. a national holiday btw….


  6. Been busy. Get back and find that someone is experiencing a remarkable recovery, has regained his voice, and learned the word, “vulva.”

  7. Animus Nocendi update….

    We were told yesterday that his book was “selling well”.

    Yesterday’s sales rank: 520,000

    Today’s sales rank: 696,330

    I think you have to give books back to get that low.

  8. Been catching up with Twitter feeds, TMZ, and Daily Beast. I am amazed to learn that BS has “stage 4 Parkinson’s” and that he’s dying! Why has he never mentioned this before? He has PD?!

  9. While sad, pathetic Willy was mocking my reading ability in a vain attempt to deflect his abysmal book sales, his abysmal book sales rank went from # 696,330 to #706,881.

    I’ve never, ever seen a book ranked that low.

      • Yea, mea culpa. I looked at the rest of Bill’s books, and they range from 3,000,000 to 11,000,000.

        Yes, eleven million.

        Does anybody know what happened to his best-seller “Christ, the Wingnut”?

    • go to Amazon.com enter :
      Vice and Victory: With the Emphasis on the Former by Bill Schmalfeldt
      in the search bar, has been on Amazon for 22 months and has no ranking. I will give you three guesses on how many books that means has sold and the first three guesses do not count.

    • You know, if I wrote books, and the best I could do was this, I’d find something else to do.

      Of course, I have self-respect. And you have to have at least a bit of self-awareness for that, and Bill has none.

    • I know John will disagree, but I’ve seen enough crap from BS ridiculing people with mental handicaps (among other ailments) recently that any restraint concerning his illness is off the table. I may not participate, but I’m not going to call out anybody who chooses to use “Shakes” Schmalfeldt or any variant. The man has been incredibly lucky (YES I SAID LUCKY) regarding his illness. Most people who’ve had Parkinson’s for more than a decade can’t easily communicate in any form. Let alone type 40 tweets in 30 minutes or cut a comedy CD. So screw you Willy.

      • He suffers from CVOPS (Conspicuously Variable and Opportunistic Parksinsons Syndrome), symptoms are a close match and often misdiagnosed as being, a huge douche.

      • Хе. Както се оказва, че всеки и всички коментари, направени от мен са докладвани на моя пробационен служител като жалба, че съм обиден заек-човек, аз трябва отсега нататък да използват само български, докато коментира. Само за да усложни нещата за каза Зайо-човек …

      • Искаш да ми кажеш, че Bunny Boy ви съобщава само, че казвам неща, които той не харесва? Той трябва да изпълзят от сутерен си майка и да получите живот.

      • Army Vet: Той не ми казва, той призовава ми пробационен служител да подаде жалба срещу мен. Всички жалби, без значение колко е сериозно или неверни, трябва да бъдат разследвани. Той губи време и ресурси и вбесява на хора, които могат да отнемат свободата ми и ме изпрати обратно в затвора за последните пет месеца на моята присъда. Задник!

        • Павел, някой трябва да напомня Bunny Boy на 18 USC § 1001 Лежейки на федералните служители, е това, което изпрати Martha Stewart и Scooter Libby в затвора.

          • Точно така! Но аз не възнамерявам да се даде представа за невежи. My пробационен служител е само за в този момент. Това е извън моите ръце, аз не разполагат с правото, нито гласът да се каже, даже и нещо повече. Това решение е от компетентността на съдилищата Пробация дивизия на САЩ да се направи, а не мой.

  10. Ken White wins the Internet:

    Popehat ‏@Popehat 27m
    .@daveweigel every few weeks he quits twitter in a huff. Then he comes back. It’s like a Liza Minnelli farewell tour.

    Describing Willy to Dave Weigel

  11. Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 16s
    So grateful to Hoge’s pink little pee holes for keeping track of book sales. Give the mentally handicapped a simple challenge and stand by!

    You see Bill, that’s the problem, YOU HAVE NO BOOK SALES TO KEEP TRACK OF. Even the sale of one book would move your ranking tens of thousands of spots. You’ve dropped over half a million spots in a few days, which means Hoge and maybe Krendler bought one and then, that’s it!

    Were keeping track of your freefall through the rankings. And mocking you for not realizing how bad it is. My God you were stupid enough to crow about your “sales” the first day actually thinking people would buy the stupid thing when you announced it’s sale to your EIGHT TWITTER FOLLOWERS.


      • He’s very lucky that neither Rain nor Kimberly has copywritten any of their lyrics seeing as how the sniveling little thief just posted half of a song they wrote for MY DAUGHTER on his sewer of a twitter feed, otherwise he’d be getting sued again.

        I thought Kimberly was jumping the gun when she took down the Fandalism page they shared because of “a deranged nutter” was stealing their lyrics, but now I’m really glad she did.

        Rain told me how that asshole thought she and Kimberly were the same person because they used her twitter account instead of setting up a new one. I have to admit I thought there had to be more to it, I mean come on, why else are the two hashtags there between their names for Christ’s sake? But he posts a screen cap of and circles it like it’s the freaking Rosetta Stone.

        If that is the kind of investigative “skill” he has, I wonder how he can find his ass to wipe it when he goes to the bathroom.

        If nothing else Mr. Hoge, I’m sure you can bet that that obnoxious cowardly lard ass THIEF will continue to steal your content in the future, leaving you ample room to sue him into the poor house, which from what I’ve gathered from here and other blogs, might actually be a step up for his thieving ass.

      • Techno — copyright is automatic with creation. Registration just makes assertion of your control easier.

      • I warned you TJ, but seriously, just ignore the blathering buffoon that is, and shall always be Twinkie, the Little B***H FAIL Whale Willy.

        He’s not worth yours or anyone else’s time.

        I’m wondering what serious set back BK has gotten, or expects to get for his lap dog to be barking like he has been all day….


  12. This seems like the most self-aware thing William has ever said

    FormerPatriotOmbudsman 5 hours ago
    @daveweigel @FormerPatriotOmbudsman I may be crazy, Dave.

    • “May be?”

      Either he’s being awfully generous to himself, or it’s an #EPICSelfAwarenessFAIL.

      And, as with all things in the warped mind of BinaryBill, there could not possibly be a third option.

      • Read the sentence again, Paul. It may be the most self-aware thing WILLIAM has ever said. The boy is generally delusional.

      • Binary предсказва трета държава. Ако държавата е или нула, или един, съществува мълчалив трета държава: нито нула, нито един.

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