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My copy of Animus Nocendi, Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest cut-and-paste opus, arrived Thursday afternoon. I’ve read it. It uses some of his old blog posts and various court papers stitched together with a bit of connective text to attempt to tell his side of “the story.” I can’t really recommend it as an accurate, nothing-but-the-truth, recounting of the interactions between him and me over the past couple of years.

He does share one interesting anecdote. At the very beginning of the book, he relates a conversation he had with Brett Kimberlin in which the subject of Kimberlin’s claim of being Dan Quayle’s dope dealer came up. He quotes Kimberlin as saying, “Of all the things I’ve been charged with, that’s the one thing I DID do!” That summarizes the factually challenged nature of the book. Brett Kimberlin was never charged with selling marijuana (or any other drug) to Dan Quayle, and, if Mark Singer’s research for Citizen K, Kimberlin’s authorized biography, is to be believed, he never sold Dan Quayle any dope either. Similarly, many of the events discussed in the book did not actually transpire as Schmalfeldt describes them.

As I said, I can’t recommend Animus Nocendi. Howerver, if you insist on buying a copy, may I suggest that you use the Amazon shopping link on the Home page? I’ll get a cut of the action, and any earnings from sales of the book will be sent to Bomber Sues Bloggers to help with the expense of defending against The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s vexatious lawsuit aimed at suppressing the First Amendment rights of bloggers.

One more thing … animus nocendi is Latin for “intending to harm.” That appears to be an accurate description of the purpose of the book.

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    • Now, now…

      Everyone is capable of bringing goodness and light and positive energy to a room, or the world…

      Some do it by coming in, and others do it by leaving.

      Someday he will make the world a brighter place; it’s inevitable. The bad news is, at his current pace, he’ll only get one more day to do it. The good news is, the brightness he someday brings will spread far and wide, and last a good long while.

  1. I’m not going to give any deranged cyber-stalker any of my money to read a pack of fiction. When I want to read fiction, I turn to CS Lewis and Chronicles of Narnia. When I want to see fiction, I’ll go to the Underworld series. But I won’t give money to a deranged cyber-stalker or to a rapist pedophile. (That latter bit would be to the “not rape-rape” movie director and possibly others.)

    This comment may or may not be completely off-topic. This comment may or may not be on-topic as far as published works go. This comment may or may not be completely on-topic. I reserve my right to be off-topic when I wish and on-topic when I wish, and to decide for myself what I mean when I make a comment.

  2. My interpretation of Bill Schmalfeldt’s book title is that the cyber thug is publicly stating his desire to cause physical harm to Mr. Hoge. Why else would a cuber thug like Schamlfeldt chose such a title other than to publicly state his intention to cause physical harm to Mr. Hoge? Schmalfeldt has a recorded history of making threats against Mr Hoge and others. ‘Animus Nocendi’ is the latest proof that Schamlfeldt is long over due for a permanent stay at mental facility. He is just incapable of being a productive member of society. His constant defense of Brett Kimberlin’s terrorism, pedophilia etc. clearly demonstrates he is an unstable person and should be in a mental institution permanently.

      • It’s not in italics on my side. Perhaps you accidentally selected a type font for your web browser other than default or whatever. I don’t know. My smart phone is smarter than me, and so is the clock on my 8-track player.

    • Actually, he may have a problem this time.

      The material from Hogewash! the Cabin Boy™ included in his book is supposedly from exhibits from his court filings in the recent copyright suit. However, he has not included the versions downloaded from PACER, so it is likely that he has used files from his own computer. If so, then he has not reproduced copies of the public domain court papers but his local copies of my protected works. That would infringe my copyrights.

      • Well, nobody ever accused the boy of being particularly sharp. Just another in a long series of bad life decisions that have led him to where he is today.

        It’s as if he wants the ridicule and derision that is heaped on him for his multitude of boneheaded moves.

  3. He does want the ridicule and derision. He had a chance to leave Mr. Hoge alone, and Mr. Hoge specifically asked his commenters to temper their enthusiasm for mocking BS on this blog. His commenters were quite compliant. The silence overwhelmed BS. He wasn’t getting attention. If the only attention he can get is mockery, derision, and contempt, that is better for him than no attention.

  4. More evidence Willy lies like a rug:

    Bill Schmalfeldt @DystopianHijinx · 21s
    Despite the best efforts of lying scumbags, “Animus Nocendi – Attempt to Harm” continues to sell, and better than any other new book by me,

    Sure Bill. The day it came out we know Hoge and possibly Krendler bought the book. That took you to somewhere in the 300,000 level in Amazon sales rank. Today we see a whopping:

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #520,032

    You dropped 200,000 spots in 2 days.

    Since any book below 10,000 in rank is thought to sell less that 2 books a day, it is clear nobody is buying your book (other than those with a legal interest).

  5. Ooops, slips again! Another 5,000 spots in less than 30 minutes.

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #525,016

  6. Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 26s
    Did anyone notice that several pages of “Animus Nocendi” include a brief that nearly publishes the whole Krendler filth piece I was sued 4?

    No, you purulent pinhead, because NOBODY’S BUYING IT!

    • Well, well, well. Bill just published a piece that he claimed defames him.

      Kinda hard to continue that claim now, isn’t it? Try to pursue that again, and the defendant just has to say, “you published it yourself; if it was defamatory, why’d you repeat it?”

  7. Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #567,488.

    No wonder he’s screaming about Krendler, his bookfail is getting really embarrassing.

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