7 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Surely, Brett Kimberlin would have been aware by today whether, or not, he intended to file such a motion tomorrow. So, either Brett Kimberlin files such a motion tomorrow, or, already, he has blown off the judge’s instruction to him to notify the court if he doesn’t intent to file for a preliminary injunction.

    • Seems Brett Kimberlin did find time to file a Motion for Issuance of Judgement in the Maryland case. Surely, preparing that motion took longer than pinning a one-sentence notice to Judge Hazel that he is withdrawing his request for leave to file a motion for a preliminary injunction.

  2. If he doesn’t make either filing, the judge’s order has that “sanctions” tone to it. You do not dink around with a federal judge, pro se litigant or not.

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