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Day after tomorrow is the deadline for The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filing his motion for a preliminary injunction in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.

If he’s foolish enough to do so, I will enjoy examining him during the hearing.

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  1. Brett Kimberlin is in a bit of a pickle. Judge Hazel noted in rejecting Kimberlin’s request for an extension that either relief is needed, or it is not. Kimberlin failing to file would be an admission that he never really needed relief. He would be admitting that he lied when he stated that he faced irreparable harm. However, filing just might be a worse option for Brett Kimberlin. If the motion is adjudicated on its merits, Kimberlin will have to prove falsity. This is in contrast to the motion to dismiss where all KImberlin need do is allege properly torts. And, the judge has pretty much restricted him to moving against the pro se defendants. The deep-pocket defendants Kimberlin has targeted for a settlement need merely hold Aaron Walker’s and John Hoge’s coats. Kimberlin has no good options.

    Whatever he does, it is going to come out to the judge that Kimberlin attempted to perpetrate a fraud on the court by claiming that Aaron Walker publicly stated he believed in the corruption of Kimberlin blood in a motion Kimberlin attempted to seal from Aaron Walker. Kimberlin’s claim was false, and, Aaron Walker could have refuted the claim trivially, but, only if he was aware that the claim had in fact been made to the court. Therein lies the fraud against the court.

    • I don’t know why it would suddenly be a bad thing for Kimberlin to lie in this court.

      He does it regularly. The whole basis of the case is made up of lies. He made the admission that he had impersonated the court by sending forged summons in the name of the court.

      The court does not appear to care one whit about that.

      So why would he be concerned if he lied, or were shown to be lying?

      I still say that the Maryland court will rue the day that it set that precedent, and the Federal court will too.

      Why in the world would they open up court to this sort of tomfoolery just for one little guy? I mean, imagine what cases would be like where forgery of evidence and court documents was perfectly acceptable?

      • Howdy Earl,
        I think that this judge (Hazel?) has finally caught on. I think Kimby has played his hand way too far, and now it’s time to pay up. This should be interesting. BTW, my money is on no filing.

      • Not betting on this one. I would say that probably you are right, he will not file. I mean, he’s been busy in Hawaii and everything. Plus, Judge Hazel was fairly clear that if he filed something and it was just too whackadoo (paraphrasing) that he might just reach out and issue some sanctions on his own without anyone asking for them. I don’t think that is a risk that BK is willing to undertake.

        But it all depends on whether he sees that as a risk or not. The fact that he got a free pass on the forgery (Yes, I know, so far. But does anyone really think it has taken the court this long to figure out whether it was wrong for him to do?) would be a good reason to think that playing fast and loose with the rules is acceptable action.

        The fact that to date the worst thing Judge Hazel has done in reaction to his flagrant disregard for the rules is a sternly worded letter might lead him to think that the threat of sua sponte sanctions is toothless.

        His decision will not hinge on whether its a lie or he will be revealed as a liar or whether it is something that the rules allow. It will all depend on his calculation of whether Judge Hazel will cost him something or not.

  2. A pirate of dubious veracity,
    Pled a pleading of urgent pomposity.
    Will the judge be unhappy,
    With this enigmatical chappie,
    And refer a correctional facility?

  3. It would be very foolish of TDPK to make the motion in the face of what the judge so clearly told him.

    But given TDPK’s sociopathic tendency to deny reality, claim that the world just does not fully appreciate his genius, and his general incompetence, I expect him to double down.

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