12 thoughts on “One Final Comment for the Evening

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt @DystopianHijinx ยท 30s
    There are people who create, and there are people who mock. The creators leave a permanent mark on the word. The mockers leave a stain.

    The “Lord of Satire” scores a bit hit. That’s comedy gold there Willy!!!

    • I would only note that in the fullness of time there might very well be a gravestone in Tennessee that reads, “John Hoge, husband, father, minister, scholar, engineer, journalist, blogger, and author. It is Bill Schmalfeldt’s expressed wish that he travel to said gravestone and urinate upon it.

      In the final accounting, who will leave a permanent mark on the world, and who intends to leave a stain?

      P.S. John, if you want to tell one final inside joke, have your tombstone read, “…husband, biological father,…”

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