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The most recent (2012) IRS Form 990s for Justice Through Music Project and Velvet Revolution US show legal expenses totaling $34,625. The 990s for previous years do not show any significant legal expenses.

This is from the JTMP 990—JTMPLegalFees

This is from Schedule O of the VRUS 990-EZ—VRUS_LegalThis is interesting. VRUS had some legal work done for it in 2011. For example, Kevin Zeese filed a bar complaint against Justice Clarence Thomas on the organization’s behalf. He must have done it pro bono because no legal expenses are reported for that year. The two entities were sued in 2012, but the were represented by Jeffrey Cohen, the Executive Director. These are expenses not paid to employees.



18 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. There are a lot of hard questions raised about the “charities” Brett Kimberlin promotes. I believe if there were solid and exhonerating responses to any of them, we’d have heard them by now. Relatedly, I wonder if Brett’s actually coming back from his vacation.

    • I don’t know. Kimberlin has a nasty habit of doubling down on his lies; I’d suspect some nasty retort and another loosely woven fabric of obfuscation.

      As for the vacay; he can’t help himself. The money is in DC. He’s like a moth to the flame.

  2. It looks like it wouldn’t take a forensic auditor to find some, shall we say, creative but improper, usage of charity funds. I suspect that Mr. Cohen, Esq doesn’t really want them to be looked into too closely either.

  3. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive.” – Sir Walter Scott

    …….And so it begins….

    • I’m going to have to go full Earl on this one. The IRS is totally in the bag for the left, and since Brett has position himself as a valiant knight for that perspective, he and his filings are charmed.

      • I know I’ve made myself the one who says no to the ideas, but this time you’re at least partly right. There’s no denying the deep partisanship problem at various levels in the IRS. Worse, the laws they’re supposed to enforce make such problems likely, so just replacing people at the IRS isn’t enough.

        Even so, I believe what Dianna said earlier, that Brett’s orgs are too small to attract much attention. Odds are nobody at the IRS ever noticed anything funny. And even if they did, the problem wouldn’t look big enough for them to devote a lot of effort to it.

        Other problem is some donors wouldn’t be OK with Brett’s questionable use of JTMP funds for his own purposes. This is a different nut to crack as donors have to do something about it. At least, it sounds like donor funds may have slowed so that reduces the risk of Brett misappropriating as much funding as would have been possible a few years ago.

      • Donors?
        Pfffft. Don’t be ridiculous. With all due respect for Paul’s reformation; Kimberlin is a con-artist. He mouths leftist platitudes and they dump money on him.
        Not until his 501(c)(3) is revoked, and thereby the tax deduction of the donations, will they worry about him. It’s a money laundering scheme for everyone involved.

        caveat: Yes, I know if he had chosen to set himself up as a republican; he would have made plenty of money with the same playbook.

    • Not really.

      Note that the accountant who fills up the form does not wish to speak to the IRS about the returns. It is a question, what confidence she has in the material she works with.

    • Use a “dog whistle” word or phrase in it’s name. I hear “Tea Party”,”Constitutional”,”Traditional”, “Patriot” and “Conservative” are all the rage.

    • 990s are due on 15 May, but automatic extensions can be used to delay filing to 15 November. The IRS processing time can add an additional two or three month, meaning that we may not see the 2013 JTMP and VRUS 990s until sometime next February.

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