Perry Pushes Back

RickPAC_Wanted-TshirtRick Perry is selling t-shirts with his mug shot on the front to raise money for Rickpac (his superpac). The DUI DA’s picture is on the back. This is exactly the kind of pushback Republicans need to be engaging in.

I don’t know that I’ll wind up supporting Perry if he runs for the Republican nomination in 2016, but this kind of pushback against the bogus indictment for doing his job is a good sign.

9 thoughts on “Perry Pushes Back

  1. Love the pushback, love the judo behind using your opponent’s move against him.

    Listening to Amity Shlaes’ bio of Calvin Coolidge on the commute, and remembering a phrase of note, something like, a successful presidential candidate is one who finds and gets ahead of a problem/issue that no one else has noticed. Coolidge had done this as governor of Massachussetts with the Boston police strike.

    I think I’ll be paying attention for that quality – among others – over the next couple of years.

    One thing I really, really hate is the GOP establishment’s proclivity for finding and supporting the guy who lost last time because “it’s their turn now.” I’ve been in rebellion against that for a long time.

  2. Beginning to think the “Chicago Way” as described by Sean Connery’s character in The Untouchables is the only way. Push back twice as hard. It’s not exactly Ben Franklin’s “Hang together or we’ll hang separately.” Franklin would hang his head in shame at the state of politics today.

  3. A point few know is what percent of Texas elected officials of the democrat party have somekind of conviction –

    Maddow did a huuuge lie when she reported that Perry did not withhold funds from 2 Other DA’s in other counties that had DUI’s.

    Let me clear something up – that MAddow knew BUT LEFT out of her report:

    County DA’s are NOT funded by the state (In Texas)

    Travis County DA’s office is Funded by the Citizens of Austin
    The Public Integrity unit was funded solely by the State – and is separate from the operations of the Travis County DA’s office except for the management – and is not a legal entity according to many knowledgeable lawyers in Texas – it also has indicted over 2 dozen Republican legislators and elected statewide officials and only one democrat – they have only gotten 2 convictions of consequence 1 republican and 1 democrat.

    The two other DA’s did not threaten the police and ask for the sheriff to come get them (in other words abuse their authority to get them out of a crime)

    The 2 other DA’s plead guilty and have undergone counseling

    Perry is NOT happy that they are still in office but that is up to the voters of the county

    The Travis County DA also violated Federal Law when she threatened the deputies but was not investigated or charged by the Justice department

    • I saw one of the Sunday talking heads make the same point as you describe. That Perry hadn’t tried to get other DA’s fired for lawbreaking. It was on Stephanopolis’ show. I knew it was wrong, but the moment went by too fast for me to figure out the lie.

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