9 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. Other than the strangeness of the crash, there doesn’t see much to dray BU to that story. Kid’s an illuminati phobic 9-11 truther who thinks banks and Mitt Romney and Bush are evil…you basic occupy trash, except for the chickens.

    • Hey, don’t forget certain members of TK have an obsessive relationship with chickens. Poor, poor chickens. All the perverts flock to TK.

  2. The bunny is weak and afraid and makes himself feel big and important by picking on people who he thinks are vulnerable, or who he believes won’t fight back. On the other hand, the bunny may not have put any thought processes into the selection of the subjects he writes about; it might be explained to him and possibly even listed for him on a yellow legal pad by someone else.

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