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There seems to be a certain lassitude among the members of Team Kimberlin. Take Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson for example. I don’t generally concern myself with ankle-biters like VOSF, but I take a look at his The Mockery Continues blog (No, I won’t link to it.) every six weeks or so to see if they’ve finally got his meds adjusted.

I took a look yesterday evening and found that he hasn’t had anything to say about me for a couple of weeks now.


Either he’s disappointed by having his fearless leader’s case thrown out or they’re finally giving him enough of the right stuff. Or perhaps both. It really is no concern of mine.

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  1. With Captain FroYo out of the picture, VOSF doesn’t have any skirts to blow up. His perv factor competes with that of TDPK, so it’s tough to picture an alliance there. Those types are usually loners.

  2. I suggest that we keep lists of incorrect things that Kimberlin supporters said in the past. As events unfold to make their statements more and more unsupportable, we point out that the supporters ought to have changed their minds and apologized. We should request that they do both.

    I know some of you will argue that all Kimberlin supporters are hopelessly evil and don’t care whether their earlier statements were wrong. Two responses to that. One is that Mark Singer lent much weight to Kimberlin’s cause for several years that Singer believed Kimberlin to be credible. After working with Kimberlin on and off for about 5 years, Singer suddenly figured out what Kimberlin really was, so he wrote one of the most devastating, effective exposes of Brett Kimberlin ever.

    What if there are irredeemable Kimberlin supporters? That’s fine, too, we should still point out what the correct action is for them, and let it be contrasted with what they are actually doing. Onlookers will see the contrast and know who’s right. I myself envision no time limit for when I will cease asking wrongdoers to apologize for their wrongs, and my hope is that unrepentant Kimberlin enablers can be permanently discredited by their misdeeds.

    • Purposeful lying is purposeful.

      Are there people who have little information about this who side with BK? Sure. That’s one of the purposes of the lies. But they are low engagement people.

      Another purpose is to keep people busy. If you spent your time collecting the lies of BS or VSOF in order to present them to them and say, see, you were wrong, that time would not be well spent. They will not repent of their lies, because they do not care about the truth to begin with.

    • Though I will have to say that Singer makes an interesting counter example – I will think on that.

      • To be fair, I’m sure VOSF isn’t the next Mark Singer. But ceasing any support for Brett Kimberiln’s harassment campaigns would be nice. Next up from that, apologies to the victims are in order. It’s fair for absolutely anyone to continue requesting this until the request is satisfied.

      • Going back to the idea that bad causes attract bad people – as Alfred the Butler says, “Well, because he thought it was good sport. Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

        For some people trolling is the thing. It is good sport.

        As you read RSM’s stories that are not about L’affaire Kimberlin, you can see how it has shaped his nose for news. There are lots of crazy folks out there, and the Internet provides them an outlet. You can Walter Mitty your heart out. You can pretend that you are somebody, or doing something, by using a potty mouth to talk to or about people you don’t like.

  3. Funny how a whole slew of handlers, enablers, and their tools have disappeared. Just a few loners remain, here and there, howling at the moon. That may change as the heat increases on certain nonprofits.

  4. The true test of a person’s character is when a person is wrong being able to admit they were wrong. Some questions I would have for this “The Mockery Continues” person:

    1. Was it a fatal error to have Ostronic represent Hoge and other defendants as you suggested?

    2. If the hire of Ostronic was uber-stupid like asking an automobile mechanic to fix a television – does that mean Kimberlin’s legal skills are uber-uber-uber-uber-incompetent?

    3. Would you describe Hoge, Worthing, McCain and Akbar’s directed verdict as one of the swiftest defamation/false light civil suit wins in history?

  5. I admit that I had never heard of VOSF before. But if someone has stopped blogging about you negatively, then I don’t see what good it does to blog about the fact that they have stopped blogging about you. Why not just leave well enough alone and hope that he has forgotten about you or no longer has an opinion about you?

  6. Speaking of people who disappeared, did Slate ever write up Kimberlin’s humiliating defeat in court? How about WaPo?

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