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The two officer/key employees listed on the Justice Through Music Project IRS Form 990 are Jeffrey Cohen and Brett Kimberlin. Although he cofounded Velvet Revolution US with Brad Friedman, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is not listed on that organization’s 990. Cohen and Friedman are, but not Kimberlin.

Who is Brad Friedman?

Friedman’s Wikipedia entry begins with this warning: This article may contain improper references to self-published sources. Friedman does have a documented history (Exhibits O and P) of shading the truth.

He’s a blogger. His blog is called BradBlog, and it’s a fairly minor league site with traffic roughly comparable to Hogewash! (but still much greater than the JTMP and VRUS sites combined). He has a one-hour-per-week radio show (The Bradcast) on KPFK, a station that routinely ties for dead last in the ratings in the LA market. He hosts a “nationally syndicated” (on five stations!) program called Green News Report. He’s Brett Kimberlin’s partner in VRUS.

Lee Stranahan has written about the significance of Kimberlin/Friedman/VRUS. You should read his piece.

18 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Guilt *could possibly* explain Friedman’s reasons for avoiding (as best as he can) mention of his partner — the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin.

      However, Friedman’s need to snark about Brett Kimberlin’s very questionable past with regard to his attractions to underage girls is disturbing (as are most things with Team Kimberlin).

      “COMMENT #14 [Permalink]
      … Brad Friedman said on 10/11/2010 @ 12:52 pm PT…

      Dustin – Never said you were “socrates” or “prepostericity”. He’s an Internet loon/stalker who has been banned here for years (as well as most other places) for repeated and flagrant violations of our rules for commenting.

      His profane message, not yours, was removed. Yours (several of them, though not the repeats of the same ones) are seen below.

      As to your question, yes, I work with Brett at VR. Is that the deep dark secret “Brad Friedman doesn’t want you to know!”? The one written about here at BRAD BLOG, at Fox News, at Time, etc. etc?! If so, color me disappointed. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO BE SHOWN TO BE IN CHARGE OF A CHILD PROSTITUTION RING OR SOMETHING. [emphasis mine] Oh, well.”

      The creep factor is always so utterly prevalent with members of Team Kimberlin. *shudder*

      (Note, as well, that Friedman makes a point to write: “Brett at VR.” Tis not as if he was limited to 140 characters or anything.)

      • Grace – Friedman was incredibly invested in smearing James O’Keefe over his ACORN work and hounded reporters into submission over correcting what Friedman considered major inaccuracies but which were really nontroversies. He was literally frothing at the mouth nuts over the stuff, so the back and forth over a child prostitution ring actually makes sense given how invested he was in that project.

  1. That thing RSM says: bad causes attract bad people.

    I don’t think any of BKs associates are unaware of his past nor of his present. I am sure that they think it is kind of cool, actually. He totally trashed Dan Quayle, dude! The undertone of deadly violence makes the shutuppery lawfare just that much more scary in their employ.

    And likely he knows where to score the best stuff.

    • Heck, look at Bill Ayers. He was also a bomber and the lefties LOVE him. Peacfully protest outside of an abortion clinic and you are a terrorist. Actually set bombs and blow people up and you are a freedom fighter!

  2. Not very impressed by the “nationally syndicated radio show.” Here in the Philadelpha market (#4), you can buy an hour of time on a FM station that makes the ratings book for $50. AM stations and those that don’t make the book are even cheaper. One of the benefits of free market competition.

  3. Every time I read VRUS’ boilerplate, my eyebrows climb.

    They have grant making ability? Then how come no grants made are listed? Money goes in, and washes back out under various expense categories, but I don’t see much production for all these websites and “campaigns”.

    • Money goes in, and washes back out…

      Interesting word choice there. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. 😉

    • Words and phrases are malleable to most leftists. They hijacked the vocabulary long ago, and repeatedly shift meanings to fit their narratives (read: lies).

      Furthermore, as mentioned above by Howard, the majority of the left-wing feel safely cocooned in the fact no one will ever dig deep enough to expose their fraudulent behaviors and actions.

      Tis quite understandable as to why they feel this way when one considers the amount of cover they receive from fellow, morally-depraved leftists, as well as, the protection they receive from the so-called “watchdogs” who make up the vast majority of the MSM.

      The internet has changed much, however, there is much work to be done with regard to opening eyes and changing hearts and minds.

      As many of us know… exposure is a fantastic disinfectant. Keep shining the light.

    • I’ve wondered if at least some of the anonymous donations to those groups weren’t exactly that – washing income from other sources. Fingers crossed that information becomes public – soon.

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