3 thoughts on “A THEMIS Report

  1. Oh for the love of…sigh.

    All this wheel spinnin’ and data collection is laying the groundwork for the construction of some sort of wicked awesome intergalactic Armageddon machine right? I mean, we’ve been jotting down random number sets on clipboards for fuggin’ decades now. When do we get to the sexily lethal aliens, American made death rays and exploding planets?

    That was supposed to be the point of space exploration, remember? We kidnapped Nazi rocket scientists for craps sake. We BLEW UP DOZENS of Atlas solid fuel engines to demonstrate our total disregard for the laws of physics and reckless pursuit of alien words to enslave and exploit…or destroy…whichever.

    I dunno’…maybe if they painted some flames or skull & crossbones on these satellites once in a while I’d feel a bit more placated.

  2. Yeah…that totally sounds like something I would do. You know…if I was totally high from huffing gasoline fumes out of a paper bag or something. Which reminds me of the time I met this Aboriginal dude in the outback of Australia who was huffing gasoline out of a paper sack. True story.

    Anyway, please be sure to stop by my kickstarter campaign to get the Messier Catalogue to change the name of M8, A.K.A. “The Lagoon Nebula” to “The Dirty Sanchez”.

    You know, for scientific reasons and stuff.

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