In the Center of the Lagoon

lagooncenter_hstschmidt_960The Lagoon Nebula, also known as M8, lies about 5,000 light years distant toward the constellation of Sagittarius. Its center is a maelstrom of star formation. The two long funnel-shaped clouds near the center of the picture are each roughly half a light-year long. They were formed by extreme stellar winds and intense energetic starlight. An exceptionally bright nearby star, Herschel 36, dominates the area. Walls of dust hide and redden other hot young stars. This picture spans about 5 light years and combines several images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Image Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive / NASA / ESA
Processing & License: Judy Schmidt

4 thoughts on “In the Center of the Lagoon

  1. The “Lagoon Nebula”…um…yeah if by lagoon you mean “dirty” and by nebula you mean “Sanchez.”

    That’s a way more accurate description.

  2. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I need to start a movement to rename the lagoon nebula the Dirty Sanchez nebula. I need a kickstarter campaign or something.

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