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Here’s an interesting tidbit from one of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s filings in his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 174-p1

I looked up that lawsuit on PACER and read the motion for summary judgment that TDPK wrote about. In a declaration that accompanies the motion, Kevin Zeese declared on 28 July, 2014, the following under penalty of perjury:PC v FEC ECF 23-2-3

The complaint filed in the Public Citizen, et al. v. FEC lawsuit, gives’s address as a post office box in DC.ProtectOurElectionsAddressThat organization is actually nothing more than a back burner project of VelvetRevolution.US, and it probably operates out of the 79th Place address in Cabin John, Maryland, or Mrs. Kimberlin’s basement in Bethesda.

Note that Mr. Zeese says that he’s an attorney with an entity that operates in DC and/or Maryland. According to the state’s list of attorneys licensed to practice in Maryland, Kevin Zeese is not shown as a member of the bar in that state. Additionally, his license is shown as suspended in DC.Zeese_DCBarHmmmmmm.

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    • It would appear that way.

      Be careful. You’re pushing the animals into a corner. That puts them at their most dangerous.

      God bless you and keep you safe.

    • Yeah but with this guy, just being who he is, everything he does is always on the verge of complete collapse. He’s appears quite disorganized that way.

  1. This is from Zeeses wiki entry:
    “In October 2008 TrueVote.US encouraged an email letter writing campaign in response to a report the previous week finding Virginia was one of the least prepared states for Election Day problems such as long lines, broken machines and software malfunctions. However, the hundreds of emails crashed the system, making it more difficult to get out electronic absentee ballots. Zeese stated the purpose of the campaign was for “elections officials to know people are watching and for people to know they want adequate voting machines.” In response to election officials request they call off the email campaign, Zeese did so saying “We made our point.”[3]”

    Friend of Kimby, involved in a directed writing campaign? Isn’t that incitement, Harrassment, and 1eleventy! In the first degree? CITIZEN’S ARREST! CITIZEN’S ARREST!

  2. Well he says with, not for. And he does not say he is a practicing attorney or a member of the bar.

    Purposeful lying is purposeful. And purposeful shading of the truth is also purposeful.

    • I note them as a subsidiary of VRUS. I don’t believe that it has a separate 501(c)4 number, but I’ll look.

      Interestingly, VRUS received an $80,000 over two years grant for “election integrity” in 2011. I am now curious about this case.

  3. Failure to pay lic fees as a LAWYER is a serious matter. Lawyers handle settlements, estates and are expected to be prudent and prompt in the paying of fees and licences. In the firms I have been associated with there even is an afternoon where all the partners meet and make sure all the attorneys documents are completed and they hand sign the checks and with great flourish send the documents sometimes by special messenger to the appropriate governing bodies – so its not inconsequential.

    Considering that he might have been behind the attempts to steal the NBC rights away from ALI, this could be even more glaring

  4. I can say this with high confidence without even having investigated first:

    Whatever the cause of the suspension, it is not due to Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas filing bar complaints about Kevin B. Zeese.

  5. I think the basic message of the post is: If you are going to be associated with Justice Through Music or The Velvet Underground, your ducks should be in a row. There are very sharp, detailed oriented individuals who will be making sure everything is above board. This is not stalking, it’s accountability.

  6. I wonder what was/were the status of Kevin Zeese’s bar admission(s) back in May 2012 when he was sending document preservation demand letters to Ali Akbar and Foster Friess(!).

    Hmmmmmmm indeed.

  7. If you want to see what Zeese is like there is tons of video. Here’s one vid from 2011 (Weasel alert) I’ve seen others where he gives a similar spiel where he seems a little “Dick van Dyke” drunk to me (like he’s had a belt or two) but maybe he just didn’t get his morning coffee yet.

    • This article (above) by Lee is really interesting. A key quote:

      “Who are the targets of Brad Friedman, Brett Kimberlin and their group Velvet Revolution? Who is subject to their ‘war room’ and ‘revolution’ mentality? Their campaigns have targeted people and organizations like Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, the Chamber of Commerce, Darrell Issa and Fox News.”

      And whaddya know, Breitbart recently reported that they estimate only 10 people behind the large campaign against Rush Limbaugh.

      • The problem is that “How the group describes themselves” bears no resemblance to reality. Not one of their campaigns has actually produced any result – the Rush Limbaugh thing was more noise than anything else – and, if they spend any money on lawyers, or anything else, for that matter, I don’t see it on their 990.

      • I agree with what I think Dianna is saying, that these orgs don’t have much in the way of concrete real world results. Which is totally legal, of course, just something to remember when evaluating self-promoting remarks by people like BK.

        And given some of the dubious premises underlying some of efforts, it might be all for the best that these orgs aren’t heavy hitters on these issues.

      • I understand the myriad reasons he doesn’t; I just think he could really do some good and I miss his reporting on it.

  8. Zeese is one of the founders of OccupyDC. NR was supposedly a part of the Occupy movement.

    Occupy was really an extension of OFA.


    Can I get some Maltego up in here?

    • Neal has made many claims, both overt and subtle, that he is very influential and powerful among Occupy movements as welk as Anonymous affiliated movements. In my opinion, such claims by Neal should be interpreted as marketing material.

      Neal tells his clients he can organize armies of supporters for them. I suspect this business purpose, all by itself, is the entire reason for Neal’s constant chattering about the movements. I also believe he only has sway over a relatively tiny number of people, and most of what they’ve ever achieved just amounts to harassment and extortion and such.

      • A tiny number of people can cause a lot of problems and damage. Just ask WJJH, Aaron, Ali, and McCain.

      • Oh, totally agree. I don’t mean to minimize the damage he causes.

        Just pointing out that Neal is a snake oil salesman, and does not actually have the product he claims he is able to sell.

      • I should also have said that Neal’s frequent insinuations that he has special pull over law enforcement are also lies, and the “project vigilant” stuff appears to simply be made up.

        It is a pretty well established fact that Neal has made false reports to local lae enforcement officers, though. I also don’t doubt that he has sometimes had to communicate with the FBI.

        If Neal had the magic ability to make law enforcement to do what he wanted, he would not currently be on the run. It’s my guess the FBI doesn’t consider his harassment and stalking to be enough to justify a manhunt. I’m not sure if the FBI would normally proacticely pursue his child support issues either.

  9. I hope everyone’s well stocked with popcorn. This is likely to get very amusing when Krendler stops by. 😀

  10. New MTD from Dan Backer (in his personal capacity) just posted to PACER this afternoon.

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