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  1. They are not very happy with the:
    *”. . . notorious public figure, for example a convicted domestic terrorist, drug dealer, and perjurer with a penchant for filing frivolous litigation designed to silence perceived political enemies. ”
    *”. . . engaging in a vast ongoing conspiracy against Plaintiff as wide as the dried out lake beds of the Southwest and every bit as deep.”
    *my favorite pull quotes from the motion.

  2. Hi! My name is Brett Kimberlin and I’m here for the gang bang!

    All of these motions are just devastating. BKs legal acumen is nothing like what he thought it was.

  3. I can see the Downfall parody write itself: as a number of his generals inform him of his repeated rejections of his peace orders, criminal charges, and failed litigation Hitler waves them off and says, “We’ll win the federal Rico suit.” After repeated false starts of “Mine furher,..” one of his generals informs him that “Collateral Estoppel means the RICO suit is effectively doomed”….

    Finally, realizing all hope is lost, Hitler holds back his anger long enough to list “Rauhauser, Osborne, Schmalfeldt, and Ferguson”, and say, “Everybody who bet for Aaron Walker in the office pool get out!”

    After the room empties, save the above listed flunkies, Hitler erupts into an epic tirade screaming, “How could this f$ck#ing happen in Maryland! I was suing a bunch of Republicans in one of the most Democratic counties of one of the most Democratic states before Judges hand picked by Democrats. They were such morons I actually convinced them that I had made a prima fascia cases in support of imaginary torts!…”

    “Who was the moron who suggested I ask Walker, `Why do you think I am a pedophile?’ Everything he said after that was hearsay, but, since I was asking about his state of mind it was admissible. I didn’t see my wife’s twelve year-old cousin on the witness list. But, there it was, on record my hitting on a twelve year-old girl. Holy crap, I might as well been defendant’s attorney!”

    “Stalin! That bastard would have had the KGB torture his critics so brutally they would have confessed in court! Do you think McCain would have laughed at Pravda?…”

    Defeated and in despair, Hitler says, “Stop payment on all checks to Rauhauser, Osborne, and Schmalfeldt….”

  4. If the claims against Backer don’t get dismissed and he isn’t awarded attorneys fees then the attorney privilege and limited liability are meaningless in Maryland.

    It is disgusting that an attorney has to be dragged into the terrorist’s ridiculous lawsuit simply because he represented a client.

    • One of the allegations The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin made against Aaron Walker in the state lawsuit boiled down to a complaint that he had provided legal advice to Mrs. Kimberlin.

      • Aaron has done a bit more than merely represent one of TDPK’s “enemies.” Although that is what got him dragged into the dispute in the first place.

      • To clarify: I don’t think Aaron did anything that would make him liable to TDPK for a penny. Actually, the issue of Aaron’s liability for his own acts has already been resolved. The only potential liability for Aaron at this point should be the (laughable) allegation that he was involved in a conspiracy to defame a terrorist.

    • Again, the point is harassment. BK has sued other attorneys who have represented his opposition. The point is just plain harassment. He knows that it isn’t allowed – he doesn’t care. Because if he followed the rules he could not harass.

      And the courts will not hold him to the rules, so he does what he can get away with.

      How long has it been since he forged the summons? He impersonated a Federal Court. You would think they would have said something about it.

      They have not said “boo.”

  5. Brett Kimberlin did not choose wisely the people he decided to sue in this litigation, but if he doesn’t hastily seek to voluntarily dismiss Defendant Backer after reading that, he’s wide open to the court imposing all sorts of sanctions, including an award of full attorney’s fees. Wotta Maroon!

    • Suing multiple lawyers and others who’ve had the benefit of the illustrious Popehat signal wasn’t a smart move. Did he really expect them to roll over?

      I can almost understand suing the deep-pockets despite their ability to fund a ferocious legal team. There, I suspect his goal was to get a quick “nuisance” settlement wherein an entity may agree to settle for an amount less than their estimated cost of defending an action, just to get it off their desks. With that “victory” and cash in hand, he’d have been in a better position to go after the others.

      Back to the poor choices in targets, however, none settled, or even appear to have contemplated it.

      To a point I agree with those who assert these suits are solely for harassment. However, I also believe he hopes to actually gain some money. The most important goal to him, I think most agree, is shutuppery and removal of posts telling of his past and questioning his present dealings. He’s had way too much success with that, in a way, as some have stopped or restricted posting about him.

      OTOH, the Streisand effect may never have been better illustrated than here. Literally thousands upon thousands who’d never heard of him, or forgotten all about him, have been brought up to date on his nefarious dealings. I do believe this adverse publicity has affected his fundraising ability. Perhaps not as much as it should, but that much I do believe.

      Well done, #TeamFreeSpeech.

      • We should all remember that Team Kimberlin kept implying that at least one defendant was ready to settle. Hmm, maybe Team Kimberlin does not always tell the truth.

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