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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is so disturbed and so desperately injured by the terrible things that Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, Lynn Thomas, and I are publishing about him that he has gone on vacation to Hawaii when his motion for a preliminary injunction against us in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness is due to Judge Hazel on the 28th.

The judge has imposed some specific limits on what TDPK can file.

First, Plaintiff’s motion must be limited to the specific defendants identified in his request i.e., defendants Walker, Hoge, McCain, Thomas, and Akbar. …

Second, Plaintiff’s motion must be limited to specific conduct that has occurred since the filing of his SAC on June 24, 2014 and must describe with sufficient detail the exact harm caused by each specific defendant and the irreparable harm sought to be prevented by way of immediate injunctive relief.

Third, Plaintiff’s motion and accompanying memorandum may not exceed fifteen (15) pages, double spaced. See ECF No. 97 at 3. Plaintiff must file his motion by August 28, 2014. …

Fourth, Plaintiff’s motion must strictly comply with the requirements of Fed. R. Civ. P. 11, including the requirements for signatures and other identifying information contained in Rule 11(a), as well as the requirements of 11(b). Failure to comply with Rule 11(b) could result in sanctions issued by the Court sua sponte. See Fed. R. Civ. P. 11(c)(3).

Perhaps, TDPK has figured out that he can’t come up with anything that can be filed within those limitations. We’ll see. Meanwhile, Judge Hazel noted when TDPK asked for more time to file his motion that

[a] preliminary injunction is either needed or it is not. If a preliminary injunction is needed, as Plaintiff contends …, it ought to be pursued with the degree of diligence and urgency for which it was intended to serve i.e. the prevention of irreparable harm. Because Plaintiff’s proposed “wait-and-see” approach is antithetical to that purpose, the Court DENIES Plaintiff’s Request. Plaintiff must file his Motion for Preliminary Injunction no later than August 28, 2014 and in strict accordance with the requirements set forth in the Court’s July 28, 2014 Letter Order, or notify the Court that he is withdrawing his request for leave to file the motion.

Stay tuned.

49 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Some say doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. It most certainly is the definition of Brett Kimberlin. You are asking the question, “Should Brett Kimberlin be deterred by his failure in the state case?” The real question is, “Will Brett Kimberlin be deterred by his failure in the state case?” To the latter question my answer is, “I doubt it.”

      Brett Kimberlin’s strategy is simple enough to deduce. He has targeted deep pocket corporations for a settlement, and, he is trying to drag it out long enough to get them to settle.

      P.S. “Wise” is an adjective we described to owls.[“Wise old owl”] That doesn’t seem an appropriate mascot for Brett Kimberlin. That raises the question of what animal would be an appropriate mascot for Brett Kimberlin? Maybe, it should be a cockroach. Roaches scurry in the dark. Maybe, it should be a snake. You can’t get any lower than a snake. Bare with me here. Maybe, it should be a vulture. A vulture lets someone else do his killing, and feeds on the carcass. Lawyers are often compared to vultures, and, Brett Kimberlin himself said he, “feels like a lawyer.” Ah, this is giving me a headache. I can’t bear to think about it any more.

      My FEET hurt so I’m going to take a couple of BAYER aspirin.

      • Roaches are incredibly robust. They survive indefinitely on nothing. They thrive on just a bit of scavenged garbage. They’re very hard to get rid of.

        This reminds me of Brett Kimberlin getting by on his tribalistic gutter-politics. It reminds me of his tenaciousness and ability to continue his lifelong crime spree in spite of what should have been crippling exposures after his bombings and then again in his authorized biography.

      • I should hasten to add I don’t personally consider it proper or helpful to de-humanize opponents, but I can see how what I wrote above would be read that way by many people. It’s only what came into my head when I read your post, an idle musing. Another thing that just came into my head is that roaches scurry when the lights come on.

    • I think you may have finally stumbled upon a word to describe TDPK that presents him in a false light.

  1. I’d like to know how a guy making under $20K a year could afford to take a vacation in Hawaii just by himself, never mind taking his family.

    • Like probably many of us, I am quite well versed in living on amounts like that, although without having to raise children on it. The few things I know about Kimberlin’s lifestyle are wildly and completely at odds with the information about his salary from the tax forms of his “charities.” It is simply impossible. On such an income, my impression of his lifestyle is that it couldn’t be sustained for one year, and it in no way could be done for many years, not even close, not by any possible stretch.

      Something tells me that the more one knew about Brett’s spending habits, the more one would find his lifestyle is utterly impossible on his claimed salary.

      This is nothing new with Brett, of course. When he was cheating Sandra DeLong out of the judgment he owed her for his bomb that blew off her late husband’s leg, Brett claimed not to have any money and pretended to be bankrupt. In actuality, he had three late model mercedes, a large comfortable house in an expensive DC suburb, mid six-figure advances from his authorized biography, a six-figure inheritance, and an unknown (but apparently very big) income from whatever unclear business he was doing in Ukraine.

      • I didn’t know that he ever stopped cheating Mrs. DeLong out of the amount she was awarded against him.

      • d edgren,

        My understanding is that the delongs gave up trying to collect after Brett sued them frivolously. I’m sure it was difficult to be constantly engaged in that horrible battle. He has never apologized to these people. He has never apologized the the town that was so terrified after he bombed their grocery store and school and other public places. Of course, that’s what he was going for.

      • We live in a part of the country with a very similar cost of living to where BK lives. Twice BK’s purported income and a family of 4 leaves one pretty close to being eligible for food stamps. When I was working which gave us a family income significantly higher than what BK claims, family vacations were exciting things like driving down to Philly for a few days to visit the Franklin Institute and Independence Hall, or visiting friends in nearby states. And this didn’t happen every year either. There is no way we (or anyone we know with an income below 6 figures) could spend the equivalent of 2 months or more income flying four to Hawaii for a week or so.

    • Somebody other than Brett Kimberlin has to be paying for it. That is the only possible answer. Flying to Hawaii from the east coast is very expensive. He could be using someone’s frequent flyer miles. Same for possibly using someones time share while in Hawaii. But then there are the expenses of just being there. Altogether it doesn’t add up

  2. Damn, I make more then 19K a year and I can’t afford to litigate 3 separate court cases AND take my family to Hawaii. Maybe the little terrorist Brett Coleman Kimberlin should write a book on how to live on a small salary yet live large.

  3. Airfare to Hawaii from the DC area is – at the cheapest times – $1200 a seat. More likely in the $1600 range.

    Just saying.

    • Just ask Bill, whose self-revealed income is almost double that of Brett and is for just 2 individuals (and who claims to be indigent) about the last time he could afford to take any vacation trip, much less one to Hawai’i.
      My household income is about five thousand more than Brett’s stated income and is for just two individuals and we barely make ends meet in Florida where the cost of living is much lower that in Maryland.
      But then, of course, I don’t have a couple of non-profits with multimillion dollar donations from idiot foundations to foot my bills.

      • I have to wonder if any members of Team K, most of whom seem to be of modest means, feel the least bit like they’ve been taken for a ride when they hear he’s taking his family on a Hawaiian vacation (and he earns $19,500 a year), lives in one of the wealthiest suburbs in the nation, drives late model cars, seems often to be accompanied by “assistants,” . . . .

    • I think, based on history and current events, Brett would go east to the Ukraine instead of west to Hawai’i if he intended to abscond from justice and (potentially) illegally take his girls out of the country without their mother’s permission.

    • Kauai, if he’s smart.

      Fewer people, and very slow Internet, which means very, very few people will recognize him.

      Look at a globe – Maryland to Ukraine is ~5000 miles, Hawaii to Ukraine is ~7700 miles, both as the crow flies.

      As the Dread Pirate flees, who knows?

      Perhaps a banking stop in Macao?

  4. I had a chance to listen, but you may not – the link above for the time being has delinked from the audio.

    • Broadcast or publication of the court audio recordings is illegal. That’s why I will be publishing the transcript later. Whoever put them up should take them down. Now.

        • The rules of the court do not permit broadcast or reproduction of the court audio recordings. I’ve checked, and the source of the recording is not one of the defendants. I doubt that Kimberlin gave away a copy of the recording. Some third party has given the audio to the person who published it.

          As far as I’m concerned, that person probably has a First Amendment right to publish what he/she/they found, but the Circuit Court may not agree.

    • Seriously – so whiny and weasely; and so incredibly, unarguably, definitively unlikable.

      Of course, I went into listening not liking him. But knowing his strategy was to have an emotional impact on jurors, I tried to gauge how that worked for him. Without the defendants help he came off as thoroughly despicable; much worse than Eddie Haskell in trying to sing his own praises, etc. but failing miserably.

      The defendants were superb. Calm, factual, instructive. I doubt the jury would have needed five minutes to come to a unanimous decision to throw the case out. I could easily see them sending out a question asking if they could vote to jail the plaintiff. hahahaha

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