In Re RICO Madness

Ace of Spades’s lawyers have filed a surreply pointing out more deficiencies in The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s motion for alternate service of process on Ace.

UPDATE— has filed a motion to dismiss the RICO Madness as well.

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  1. It’s so great to see people find interesting ways to describe Kimberlin’s history. Ironic that his shuttupery has resulted in so many more people knowing about his bomber past, his perjury, his plot to kill a prosecutor, his forgery of documents, attempted prison escape. Thanks, Mr. Kimerlin for giving the story a great “hook.”

  2. So Kimberlin busted the statue of limitation, also failed to serve in the time allowed, and when he did serve them, served them in violation of the rules (did it himself). How many more ways can this clown find to screw up? More importantly, will the court continue to let him get away with it?

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    Ace of Spades (who I dislike) had his/her attorney’s motion to dismiss filed recently. had their attorney’s motion to dismiss filed recently. I am, in actuality, gleeful that the terrorist, perjurer, drug dealer, bomber, adjudicated pedophile, serial liar, Leftwing poster child filed these frivolous and vexatious lawsuits. The results of these shutuppery lawsuits will be State and Federal cited sources against other unsavory individuals who engage in lawfare for decades to come. In essence, it is thanking the Philistines for making Israel that much more free. (That’s a Bible reference to intended Evil doing actual Good.)

  4. So Breitbart is not afraid to point out the partisan nature of this lawfare. Unapologetic about being conservative, themselves.


  5. I want to note, since my whole comment with my reblog appears here, that I do have empathy for Hoge, Walker, McCain, et al. Be that as it may, also find many instances where those who seek to do evil can be thanked for the good that results. As a ferinstance, Hitler — the unabashed personification of evil and genocidal mass murder that he was — is singularly responsible as the catalyst for the long-awaited reconstitution of Israel, and for the US Interstate system that I, as an OTR trucker enjoy, both of which are great goods.

  6. When Pope Innocent III decided to crush the Cathers the leader of his invasion attacking the town of Beziers when asked which residents were heretics to be destroyed and which were innocent Catholics caught in the crossfire, responded by saying, “Kill them all, and let God sort them out!”

    Brett Kimberlin has himself noted that some of the defendants may have, “got caught up in something they were not fully aware of.” Judge Hazel’s response was to note that it was the responsibility of Brett Kimberlin to identify which defendants were “caught up in [case]” and voluntarily drop them from the suit. So far, Brett Kimberlin hasn’t dropped any of the defendants.

    Aside from Peter Malone and/or, Lynn Thomas who may in fact never have written anything about Brett Kimberlin, [Glenn Beck et al, and Simon and Shuster] seem to be the defendants most likely in that category, and, therefore, entitled to a dismissal. Kudos to Mark Bailen for hammering that point home repeatedly. Brett Kimberlin is blowing off the judges suggestion, and that fact ought to be exposed.

    Brett Kimberlin’s theory of litigation seems to be, “Sue them all, and let the judge sort it out!” That isn’t how it suppose to work. In fact, that abusing the process. That is what is happening, and it should be exposed.

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