Programming Note

At around 12:15 pm ET today, I’ll be on Da Tech Guy’s radio program. The scheduled topic is the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit  which my codefendant’s and I won last Tuesday.

The program is carried on WBNW AM 1120 (Concord), WPLM 1390 (Plymouth), WESO 970 (Southbridge), FTR Radio, and The 405 Media.

9 thoughts on “Programming Note

  1. Given the news out of Travis County Texas we will also discuss how fortunate the defendants were that Mr. Kimberlin didn’t launch his suit in that jurisdiction.

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  3. Good job by Aaron and John..or Bill…or William…whatever people are calling Mr. Hoge today.

    Paul sounds nothing like I would have imagined. 🙂

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