Foolishness in Travis County, Texas

Rosemary Lehmberg, the District Attorney of Travis County, Texas, was busted for DWI. As a result, she did jail time and temporarily lost her license to practice law. She refused to resign her office, and now, a special prosecutor has indicted Governor Rick Perry for exercising his veto power over a part of the state’s funding for the DA’s office.

This case is so bizarre that even John Chiat and Think Progress are embarrassed by it, but much of the leadership of the Texas Democrat Party is gone all in, hoping to make a dent in the Republican Party’s control of state’s government.

Patterico has the best legal analysis I’ve read so far of the patently bogus indictment. Read the whole thing.

8 thoughts on “Foolishness in Travis County, Texas

  1. I think this is somewhat related to NY’s Gov. Cuomo’s issues with an ethics panel. He probably was trying to stop investigations. Here, Perry was just trying to eliminate the foolishness of this drunkard judging others on the subject of ethics.

    In the future, all Cuomo stories will have to linked to “the controversial indictment of Rick Perry…” Making Cuomo look like another victim of hardball politics.

    • Maybe more important than her drunken stupor is that she expected political favors to get her out of trouble. One that expects favors generally is the type to also dole them out. That alone should disqualify her from being a DA, and bar her from being part of any panel on ethics, much less the leader of such an office.

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