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I’ve been listening to the courtroom audio recordings as part of my preparation for the next part of my Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. in Review series. Since those recording are used to produce the trial transcript, they include the conversations between the judge and counsels at the bench. I could not hear them in the courtroom because a noise source is turned on by the judge to mask the conversations. Thursday evening was the first time that I became aware of the following:

Brett Kimberlin called his older daughter as a witness. He did so at the end of the presentation of his case. He tried to do so as his first witness, but our lawyer objected. During the interchange at the bench, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin said that he wanted her to testify to various things which the judge felt were inadmissible because her testimony would be hearsay. TDPK also said he wanted her to testify to the fact that he had not done anything untoward with her. That would have been admissible, but my lawyer agreed that we would stipulate that so there was no reason for her to be called. During the conference at the bench, Judge Johnson remarked,

To put your 15 year old daughter—talk about —talk about harm—to put a 15 year old kid in a courtroom in front of a jury and ask her questions about pedophilia!

Just before he called her, the judge called the counsel up to the bench and tried one more time to dissuade TDPK from calling his daughter.

THE COURT: You know the witness you really need?


THE COURT: Is your wife here?

KIMBERLIN: She’s, she’s packing. We’re leaving on vacation tomorrow—

THE COURT: Is she gonna testify? See, that’s —if she were going to testify, that would be one thing, but a 15 year old?

TDPK put her on the stand any way.

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    • This!

      As I’ve stated before, the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin is a monster disguised as a Father. The beast truly lacks a soul.

      What he believes will serve his short-term, nefarious purposes will leave long-term scars on these poor children’s psyches and emotional well-being.

      May God bless them and keep them safe. Heaven knows their own Father cares not to do either. Sick bastard.

      The heart just breaks.

  1. I was there for all of these arguments and voiced my own objections. It was a nice benefit. Glad the rest of the world is catching up.

  2. Brett Kimberlin, you just lost your latest vexatious lawsuit, unable to convince the judge that labeling you as a pedophile is defamation, what are you going to do next?

    “I’m going to Disney world!”

  3. Interesting that Kimberlin would say “We’re leaving on vacation tomorrow” at a time when he should have been expecting to be in court the next day. Do you suppose he was expecting a directed verdict? Or did he think you guys would just roll over and surrender?

    But, I was wondering where his wife was during all this as well.

  4. In bench conference with the judge, Brett Kimberlin asserted that his wife was home, packing for vacation. Then he had his daughter testify to the truth of his assertion.

    We are thus led to believe that “packing for vacation” was more important to Mrs. Kimberlin than the result of her husband’s $1 million lawsuit against bloggers that he accused of falsifying a third-degree sexual offense charge against him.

    The last time I heard of Mrs. Kimberlin’s whereabouts, she was reported to be with her boyfriend, Jay Elliot. But that was hearsay, as the lawyers would point out. Not once in the past 11 months has there been any evidence that Mrs. Kimberlin is still in Maryland. She has not shown up at any of the hearings in the case, nor have we seen any evidence or testimony that she has reconciled with Brett, except (a) Brett’s own claims in court, (b) the testimony of his daughter, and (c) the proprietors of, whose claims in this regard rather curiously echo Kimberlin’s own assertions.

    Now that I think about it, however, there were many things that Kimberlin said in court for which there is no actual evidence — some of which are actually contradicted by other evidence or testimony, For example, Kimberlin more than once asserted during the trial that his wife has long been mentally ill, suffering from chronic depression and/or bipolar disorder. Yet during our one and only in-person meeting (July 29, 2013), Mrs. Kimberlin herself told me directly that her husband had fabricated the claim of her being mentally ill, having compelled her to be hospitalized when she previously tried to leave him several years ago. And, in point of fact, one reason I wanted to meet Mrs. Kimberlin was to assess her credibility. On that day in July 2013, she seemed entirely sane and rational, although clearly under stress as a result of her husband’s menacing behavior toward her (which she had previously described in seeking a domestic protection order against him).

    So the “Mommy’s home packing for vacation” story will be added to the long list of things that Brett Kimberlin says, but cannot actually prove.

    • As someone who recently left her spouse for issues ofa similar nature (the exceptions being that my soon to be ex husband is not criminal in any sense of the word that Kimberlin is I.e. terrorist, pedo, perjurer, etc.) I am well familiar with the accusations of mental illness as a “reason” for my desperate flight across the country. And I also know that unless Tetyana gets as far away from Brett as I did from mine that she will be constantly pulled back in by him. I hope and pray that she is with her boyfriend and safe and loved even tho she is separate from her children as I am from mine. I know the ache in her heart at that separation and grieve for her and myself as mothers do.

      Back to Brett and his despicable behavior, this is yet another mail in his coffin for when he meets his maker. There is much he will have to answer for against the innocents such as his daughter.

  5. Breathtakingly dumb considering the defendants were willing to stipulate he didn’t do anything untoward to his daughter(s). My guess like any father, he thought his daughter so wonderful and beautiful, the jury would sympathize and want to be protective over her.

    Brett, and Aaron mentions this in his write up on his blog, that Brett seems to be really butt-hurt that parents won’t let their children spend the night at his house anymore.

    What Brett doesn’t understand that it’s more likely related to his convictions as the Speedway bomber. The pedophilia issue was just a byproduct of the “Streisand Effect” he unleashed upon himself after people began to look more closely at the book, Citizen K.

    To anyone out there guilty of felonies in their past, you will forever be tied to your felonies and that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Several Watergate and Nixon administration officials guilty of felonies truly reformed their lives and all their obituaries mention Watergate. For some felons that’s unfair, but for most it’s right on the money and they should continue to be defined by their heinous crimes.

    • As the only admitted felon in this group, I could not agree more. Redemption is not possible unless your crimes are openly admitted and that that person work very hard at walking the path of righteousness and truth. The line from Psalm 50 “My sin is ever before me …” must be a reality. The title of felon is just a consequence of criminality and once eared will always be a part of what defines a person. If a good and honest life is lived afterwards, the title moves lower down the list but never disappears.

    • My best friend is a former felon.

      He owns it. He also owns his former alcohol and drug abuse.

      And he spends his days nurturing his family and employees, and making restitution for those he harmed, well beyond any harm he actually caused.

      He realized, one day at the age of 39, that he had wasted the previous twenty years of his life, much of which he couldn’t even remember.

      He turned into a church parking lot, wept for for a long while, and then went inside for help.

      He is now the most painfully honest man I know, and I admire him for his daily struggle with who he was, and who he wishes to be.

      Fifteen years clean, Dave. Love you like a brother, man.

      • An awesome post Roy. As a fallen man, I will add your friend Dave to my daily prayer list. It’s not much, the prayers of a sinner, but it is all I have to give. May God continue to bless and guide him.

  6. How do you take a family of four on vacation if you’ve stated that you suffered financial harm and only make $19,500 to begin with?

    • . . . and in the past year you should have spent about a month and half worths of salary on just on postage for your court cases.

  7. I’m pretty sure TDPK was most afraid of the defense asking his wife one question: “What year were you born?” From this simple question would come a definitive answer to if he was a pedophile and when (not if) he purgered himself (again).

  8. He put her on the stand because a cute young girl who can cry and tell a sad story is more sympathetic to a jury than a creepy old guy who is (or was) a perjurer, gun runner, drug dealer, and domestic terrorist.

    He does everything with a purpose. Why was his mother there, and what part does she play in this thing? I have seen it written that she went through a bankruptcy or some such, or had some default judgment awarded against her son to her so that he could claim that as a reason why he could not pay his judgment to Mrs. DeLong.

    I do not know if the motivation ascribed to that was true, but it is a matter of public record that Ms. Kimberlin sued her son and they consented to a $150k award from the son to the mother:

    Docket Date: 04/30/1997 Docket Number: 10
    Docket Description: JUDGMENT
    Docket Type: Docket

    If he brought his mother to the court, he had some reason for it. Perhaps he expected that she had some influence in the courthouse. Perhaps it was just so that he could nod to her, and as AW put in his account, be able to say “see, somebody loves me.” But I find it curious how supportive she is in his lawfare.

      • Reminds me of a comment by an Indiana local who said, perhaps with a little hyperbole, that everyone in the neighborhood had figured out who was responsible for pets going missing, except Dad and Mom.

        In addition to the Freedom Committee cheerleading, Singer related many other strange cover-up actions by his mom.

    • According to news reports, she has always been supportive. I think it was in one of the Indiana newspaper reports that I say a brief statement from her declaring BK’s innocence in his bombing spree.

    • The purpose of that bankruptcy suit, filed by BK’s sister, was to hide assets from Sandra DeLong. On the one hand, pulling crap like this is why BK got sent back to jail. On the other hand, DeLong never collected, and BK’s enablers, as far as I know, paid no consequences for participating in the fraud.

  9. BTW – I just read AW’s account, and, wow. Just wow.

    Judge Jordan actually said in a hearing on Kimberlin that he was biased towards him? At least he said he would recuse himself in a trial. But, as I say, fellow travelers travel together.

    And nice writeup, btw. I can just hear RSM saying “You’re whitem you know….”

  10. He could round up his mother and younger daughter; the vacation has been planned for many weeks according to Brett. The only rational conclusion is that he did not want her there, or she refused to come. And I’d add “duh”, except I have no way of knowing she’s actually living with the family or is not rolled up in a carpet somewhere.

    “You will see what will happen”

    • Did you notice one of BK’s fans on twitter thought that TK testimony would be BAD for the defense? I wonder what BK told them about her.

      • You mean Wee Willy? From a purely legal perspective, there is no why BK would have put her on the stand. Further proof of Willy’s ignorance.

      • That was probably that Fergie freak.

        He best hope he never has to face any litigation. He’s more clueless than even his sidekick BS when it comes to the law and judicial proceedings.

        Even in the face of horrendous Team Kimberlin defeats, he continues to squawk about how right he always is. Dumb, dumb son-of-a-gun.

      • Actually she was central to his false light invasion of privacy claim, as several of the defendants wrote about her battles with BK after she approached them. Additionally BK and his online enablers used the line that BK’s victims were “messing with his family.”

        Naturally, if she had appeared and in any way substantiated anything BK said about that, BK would have actually introduced evidence supporting one of his claims and the jury MIGHT have even had one piece of evidence to consider, instead of the zero pieces of evidence he actually submitted. But, who knows, this fabled vacation might be something too special for that.

      • “I predict (and I’m more often right than not) that this is going to be the swiftest defamation civil suit in history where Brett Kimberlin wins and Hoge and his pack of ferrets loses and loses big.” — Fergie the Freak


  11. I wonder more what went down in domestic court…did she, of her own free will or under pressure, support the wacky and false tale that people who tried to aid her after she approached them “manipulated” her. Or is this tall tale strictly Brett’s invention? If T.’s description of how he dealt with her is accurate (of a piece with what reporters and esp. Singer wrote about him, and consistent with his public actions re: Elliot and herself) there would be intense pressure to cooperate with his invented reality.

    Whatever the situation, I hope she’s safe and not feeling trapped.

  12. First, what kind of father would ever put his daughter in such an unpleasant, harmful and slimy situation.

    Second, what kind of immoral moron would ignore the judge’s obvious repugnance at their unpleasant, harmful and slimy tactic of using their underage daughter as a tool to in a trial in which her testimony is completely irrelevant.

    You can see why this guy is capable of placing a bag with a bomb in front of a high school. What in God’s name is he doing out of prison walking free on the streets,

    • That reminds me of something – something that has at least temporal relationship to suspected Rauhauser/kimberlin collusion. One of the top clues that the Starchild/Marianela accounts in Weinergate were phony, or that Mrs Reid/John Reid were phony, was the extremely odd and inappropriate tack they took for “handling” the situation. Any loving parent would have formed a shield around a child caught up in scandal. For example, a: shut down the accounts b: never allowed the “girls” to speak and explain c: said “no comment” – made no attempt to explain or justify or continue to involve their daughters in scandal d: actually REACH OUT to press and bloggers to discuss the situation and prolong scrutiny.

      Only someone with a skewed idea of how a parent would handle that situation would consider the parental contact and pushiness a really plausible reaction; even those who took it at face value had doubts about its appropriateness (not to mention its stange, stilted, scripted quality.)

      I can remember being really squicked by it.

    • Thank you Howard, always, for your great work! If you don’t mind, may I suggest Scumbag with a capital S. In this case I think it’s appropriate.

    • Howard, I feel like you and Jerry are about to ride off into the sunset. “Who were those masked men?” I rest easy, however, knowing that if lunacy should erupt once again, both of you will be at the ready, willing to do battle once more.

      • Hi, Howard and Jerry.

        Bill thinks you are both from the great state of Wisconsin. In fact, he thinks you are the same person.

        Well, concerning Wisconsin, there is only one thing I know – it is a great state. I went their just once, in 1994. I stayed mainly in Milwaukee, but one night I stayed overnight in the country. I was so surprised – the stars at night were so bright and beautiful! Nothing like southern New England, my birthplace. (Though I live in Japan now.)

      • Jerry and I are not the same person. I have never been to Wisconsin. I do not even live in the same time zone.
        I am not going anywhere. Professor Hoge and company’s battle with the pip-squeak diddler fascinates me. I can’t wait to see how the federal case plays out after the resounding thumping Kimby received in the state case.

  13. Would it be possible that Kimberlin wanted a record of his daughter’s testimony under oath that he had not abused her to be available if that accusation were made in other circumstances, say a divorce hearing? Would something like that be at all helpful to him in that case?

    • I can’t see any family law judge learning the fact that Kimberlin put his daughter on the stand in this instance finding that helpful to Kimberlin in a divorce hearing.

      However, Kimberlin believing that would, that I can believe.

      • Yeah, in theory,he could believe just about anything. I’m just trying to understand his motivation, vile as it certainly is. It’s not easy trying to get into the munchkin’s head, nor is it pleasant.

    • Yep, it sure does sound familiar. BTW, I was drinking from my “Steyn vs The Stick” mug as I read that. Another very worthy First Amendment warrior to support!

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