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There’s been a lot of speculation about why Brett Kimberlin fought so hard to be able to testify and then kept himself off the witness stand. Gentle Reader, your guess is as good as mine, but I’m betting on fear of being trapped between perjury and the Fifth Amendment during cross examination. You see, he probably understood that he would be asked many of the same question that were in our discovery interrogatories.

One of the basic rules of examining a witness at trial is never to ask a question unless you already know the answer. That’s not true in discovery. The purpose of asking questions is to develop information that may lead to evidence that can be introduced at trial. However, that doesn’t mean that my lawyer and I did not already know the answers to my discovery interrogatories. We may have been looking for confirmation.

Still, some of TDPK’s statements during hearings or the trial or during proceedings in other courts appear to contradict his sworn statements made in answer to these interrogatories. In Maryland, contradictory sworn statements knowingly made about a material fact constitute a prima facie case of perjury.

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      • Earnestly, he is morally obligated to comment because he must now know someone he’s closely associated with is out hurting people. He should be carefully and scrupulously doing everything he can to make sure he gives no aid to those efforts to hurt people; to find and undo any harm he might have helped give in the past; and to offer comfort to Brett Kimberlin’s victims.

        In fact,everyone who has aided Kimberlin must feel obligated to do this.

      • BKWatch: You are correct, anyone who has aided Brett must come forward and offer succor to his victims to the extent they are able and to the extent of their support.

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  2. Someone had no idea what plain English means. When one says ‘provide detailed instances’ of something it does not mean you take a huge paint roller and slop some on the wall and say “here you go!”

    My brain hurts reading his responses because the stupid just eats my grey matter into Swiss cheese. :-/

  3. He really believes his choice to bomb and terrorize the town of Speedway goes away because he only bombed a town once? Poor deluded little bomber.

    • After reading Citizen K I have concluded he truly does believe the bombing of the town of Speedway has gone away. It’s so odd. He is completely incapable of acknowledging his involvement. You really need a psychiatrist to figure this guy out. His entire existence is a “false narrative” of his own making.

  4. Having read this, I am even more amazed that this case was ever permitted to go to trial. Virtually every answer was non-responsive.

    • I have sent some help your way and every reason to expect more coming.

      And don’t hesitate to ask again. You guys in court have given more than a lot of us could stand. Funding legal and travel expenses is the least others can do.

  5. His answer to #27 is ridiculous. Tides’ EIN is public, and he has to know Cohen’s EIN, as well, given that Cohen acts as an unpaid Executive Director for JTMP!

    There are six 501(c)’s of various stripes with “Tides” in their names. They are all based in San Francisco. He would surely know from which JTMP received funding.

    He’s not just a liar, he’s a really, really stupid one. It took me three minutes to get that information. It’s completely public.

    • Well, he wasn’t reading #26 closely, either, unless one of his business associates, actual or potential partners, or partnerships is named “Accusations Of Criminal Activity.”

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