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  1. This has got to be one of those days filled with nervous energy (even if you don’t show it), where at the end of it you go to bed exhausted, for a host of very good reasons.

    Congratulations, sir. May Justice continue to flow like water, and grace like finest wine.

  2. I have a thought I want to pose to everybody. It will sound odd and long winded.

    Many of the Brett supporters you see online are not socks of Brett, Neal, or BS. They are just people who are earnestly in error. For example, I see a person or two who’d never heard of any of this stuff until reading Karoli’s mendacious article that claimed John is actually the one who harassed BS. Someone who believed Karoli’s article would think that all the defendants are evil. In fact, Mike Malone initially gave credit to the article but he kept reading, and taught himself that the article was dishonest. Sadly, the majority of readers aren’t as intelligent or scrupulous as Malone was, so, they remain convinced.

    Unlike Brett, Neal, and (likely) BS, honestly mistaken people can change their minds. And the cost for them to change their minds is only loss of face, whereas for Brett, Neal, and BS, it could mean legal problems, loss of income, or at least loss of publishing outlets.

    Please start considering that maybe at least some of those who disagree with you can be convinced to cease supporting Brett Kimberlin. Don’t expect them to also start agreeing with your politics, or even to like you. The first goal is for them to stop any aid or cover for Brett, Neal, and BS.

    I know there are sockpuppets, as well as what Wikipedia would call “meatpuppets” – real people who are coordinating behind the scenes to amplify their attacks. E.g., RJ Sterling, @AdversAerialOne, is an example of a “meatpuppet,” as were @OccupyRebellion/@MissAnonNews/@DarrahFord and @catsrimportant (before the owner handed the account to Neal). Anyway, neither type of puppet is fruitful to argue with. But the users behind OR/MAN/DF and @catsrimportant are gone now, and I suspect they haven’t been replaced – at least, not by anyone with as much spare time as those two had. Thus there are fewer of them today than there were a year ago. Neal still has a sock army, but someone has to write their tweets and Neal can only do so much himself; he seems mostly busy with BullyVille now.

    All that to say. Most people you see supporting the bad guys are actually just sincere and misled. Sincere people are sometimes willing to admit being wrong. They are more likely to do so if you’re more gracious in your disagreement. So you might as well be gracious. And if you’re accidentally talking to a sock, there’s less point in telling it off, either, so graciousness always performs ok versus emotionally tinged attack.

    • Bkwatch:

      You need to make your point in two paragraphs or less. And keep those short, and to the point. Otherwise, folks won’t read them.

      A little constructive criticism…I don’t disagree with what you are saying, but long experience has shown me that concise and focused works better in online comments.

    • Sorry, no.

      Those idiots (BK, BS, NR, and their ilk) are like the Taliban/ISIS/Hamas. There is no negotiation with terrorists. People who support them as well should come to the conclusion that those people are pure evil, bt they get no help from me.

      Those bastards wanted a war, now they have one. And they are losing. Mightily. It might not be the “Christian” thing to do, but then again, I am not a Christian.

      “RICO Enterprise”, my big fat, hairy American ass. Takes one to know one.

      • I did exclude BK/BS/NR from the “be nice to” list. Everyone should get justice, and to those three, justice would not “be nice.” Even just repeating neutral facts about them doesn’t sound nice because their behavior has been so bad. So be it.

        But some of the others can be turned away from Kimberlin. Most of them have committed no crime and owe no more than apologies.

      • Sorry BKW, but the only two lists there should be are:

        1) Team BK and their supporters, and

        2) Everyone else.

        While we welcome anyone (except those specifically named) from Team BK into the “Everyone Else” category it is important to make an example of them if they persist in abetting evil.

        It is impossible to make the willfully blind see. It is impossible to defeat Invincible Ignorance. Give them no quarter. They have to come to that conclusion on their own. The wages of sin, and all that tripe.

    • A caveat to cousin Roy’s advice: You are a known commenter, you gave a good preface, and you are not known for postins WOTs (Walls of Text).

      p.s. good point.

  3. Cousin Bill smarms:

    “One thing you gotta say about the lickspittles. They’re good winners. Why is my comment still in moderation.”

    Because we remember who you are, and what you are about, and that when you “act nice”, it’s just that – an act.

    The axe beheading Bitstrip cartoon? That is the Real Bill Schmalfeldt. Full of hatred.

    Prepare to have your ass handed to you on Thursday, in court.

    Bring a wheelbarrow. And a couple of friends to load it.

  4. The main problem with negotiating is that there has to be a sincere desire to deal honestly to come to a successful conclusion. That requires being able to deal honestly.

    Team K has a long track record of proven dishonesty through multiple extralegal acts which makes it impossible to take any negotiations from any member of them seriously.

    • Let us not forget Cousin Bill’s observation of the last agreement he had with Professor Hoge:

      He honored not one item in the mediation agreement. Every one, broken ASAP.

      So, yeah, no negotiation this time. You’ll get nothing, Cousin Bill, without fighting for it, I suspect.

      Actually, I suspect you will get nothing, period. Well, maybe some fines and jail time…

      • Exactly, look what he did last time, of course last time didn’t have the weight of a court order behind it..

        also considering how much evidence is there to prove his various claims are false that he chooses to ignore, I think Twinkie will have quite an eye opening day tomorrow….


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