Res Judicata

While Stacy McCain is contemplating a Res Judicata tattoo, those of you looking for a less personal comment should stop by The Hogewash Store and check out the selection of Res Judicata, The Grand Hog, Johnny Atsign, and Team Lickspittle merchandise.res_judicata_stuffMy Res Judicata travel mug full of coffee helped keep me awake during the drives from Westminster to Rockville last Monday and Tuesday.

12 thoughts on “Res Judicata

  1. Not to be petty, quite the contrary, but my current travel mug does not come apart to allow cleaning. Does this mug lid come apart to allow cleaning of internals? Cleanliness is next to godliness, and I’ve had some mugs that were down right ungodly.

    I don’t care so much about volume, as these days I just make a 1.5 L thermos and drink until 3 PM, then I’ve had enough coffee; full thermos at 3 PM; ran out at 10 AM; does not matter. I don’t necessarily sleep like a baby, nor sleep the sleep of the just, but I prefer not to be the old Far Side, a pair of eyeballs in a dark field with the thought balloon “but she told me it was decaf.”

    Congrats on the defense so far, good luck tomorrow and in sanctions, plus RICO madness and sanctions.

  2. I ordered mug today!

    Can I suggest that instead of “Small” size, you have a “Vexatious Runt” size?

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