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  1. One more thing to wrap up. Has Brett Kimberlin paid the $600 fine imposed by the judge for wasting everyone’s time during discovery? Or was that related to some other lawfare action by Kimberlin?

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  3. The answer is that of course he has not paid, he filed a motion to have the requirement to pay reconsidered.

    He is not going to pay, and he will make the defendants take him to court to make him pay, at which point he still won’t pay.

      • No, of course he’s not on parole! Haven’t you heard about his double-secret exoneration?

      • For the record – I’m newer at some of this Kimberlin stuff than a lot of people here. But I tried to go back and understand where the “secret exhoneration” stuff might have come from. I suppose Kimberlin might have made such claims to any number of other people, but I found that Larisa Alexandrovna, who used to write for Raw Story, was one person helping disseminate this myth.

        I assume she was honestly mistaken to believe Kimberlin’s line on this; I know of no evidence that she has anything else to do with perpetrating Kimberlin’s crimes. However, she does now have an obligation to undo the damage and help Kimberlin’s victims.

    • Then it is time to start attaching liens on everything he owns, no matter the value. Surely he has a car… so attach it. That way he can’t legally even put the key in the door lock. If he does, then have him arrested for theft and anything else you can think up.

      We know he has a guitar – attach it. The world will thank you for it.

      Compel him through court order to inventory his assets and just start attaching each and every one of them until he forks over the dough. Lawfare is a two-way street, but you sure as hell can’t win it without ordinance flying downrange.

      • doesn’t exactly work that way – but dodging Pymt is further proof of a vex litigant – might as well sue the judge

      • Of course it works that way. Even if you are unsuccessful attaching anything it is doing to Butthurt exactly what he was trying to do to others. Win-win. The main point still holds that you don’t win lawfare by keeping your powder dry. The entire object is to punch back AT LEAST twice as hard, and you cannot do that without a level 5 shitstorm of paperwork flying downrange.

        I believe this would be a great case for piercing the corporate veil. Pierce then rape, burn, loot and pillage until not a single period on a single piece of paper is untouched. Savage those corporations like Sherman taking Atlanta. So far all we’ve seen is the genteel stuff. It’s time to start playing for keeps, because smacking a bully in the nose with the force of a sledgehammer (legally speaking) is the only way he will stop.

        Peace through superior firepower. Bomb the shit out of the Butthurt Brigade (with legal filings) until they scream uncle, then bomb the hell out of them again until the judge makes YOU stop. Then sell the book and movie rights and move on. 😉

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