While We’re Waiting …

The Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. trial was scheduled to resume at 9 this morning. There will be some preliminary matters and then opening statements by The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin and Patrick Ostronic, the lawyer defending Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, and me.

Meanwhile, here are a couple more of TDPK’s answers to my interrogatories.BK Interrog-11

Let’s compare that with other information that TDPK has provided about his wife’s age. This is from the Maryland Judiciary Case Search. Note that it shows a date of birth for her as 11/1980. That information was transcribed from the complaint that TDPK filed against his wife. In other words, he told the court that she was born in 1980.MJCS_TetyanaKimberlin

Do the math. 1996 – 1980 = 16.

Was he lying when he filed the complaint against his wife? Or did he lie on his answers to my interrogatories?

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  1. Now, now. When your entire life is a fraud, it’s hard to keep all the lies straight, and truth unintentionally slips in

  2. I again encourage all members of Team Kimberlin to turn to the path of redemption. Confess the truth of your actions to yourself, admit your crimes and sins to yourself. Then confess them to God and ask His forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Then confess them publicly and accept the consequences, legal, social and financial. Only then will you enter the correct path, the way of redemption. Have you the testicular fortitude to do so? Have you the will to be a contributing member of our society? Have you the ability to be brutally honest with yourself and others? I pray that you may finally see the truth and take the steps to begin the life of redemption.

    • I concur with the following comment posted in that thread:

      I just wish I could read the following words: Brett Kimberlin was lead away from the courthouse in handcuffs today.”

      • And, just once, my inner copy editor would like to see the proper spelling of the past tense of “to lead”, that is, “led”.

        Yes, there’s a lot of pet peeves in my kennel!

      • Interesting. I too learned that there was no spelling difference in the root and past participle. But the etymology seems to suggest that the ‘a’ is a newer additon.

  3. And Dave Weigel reports from the courtroom,

    “The trial is supposed to end today, though Kimberlin’s first cross-examination, of Walker, went on so long that the judge reminded him that jurors have lives to get back to. (This was after Kimberlin’s opening statement, interrupted dozens of times by objections, as he tied the case to Benghazi, the suicide of Robin Williams, and the motivations that spurred the 9/11 terrorists.)”


    • I am burning with curiousity as to how the bloggers are tied to Robin Williams’ death. I’m sure Kimberlin is trying desperately to inflame people and frighten them with the insinuation of muslim violence, but we’re all pretty much inured to that by now. So Benghazi and 9/11 are probably not real helpful as examples.

      • When people say that TDPK is a sawed off kiddy diddling terrorist it makes the world sad. When people get said, they sometimes kill themselves. Therefore, people who said mean things about Convicto Pequeño killed Mr. Williams.

      • Kimberlin spoke with a rather weak and timid voice during his opening statement, and it was hard to follow everything he said. It seemed that he was alleging that one of members of his family suffered from depression and that some how connected the case to Robin William’s death.

    • Trying to tie the case to Benghazi AND Robin Williams’ suicide? My mind can’t even imagine the mental gymnastics needed for THAT combination

  4. They don’t teach the who what when why and how anymore in journalism school, I guess. If you knew nothing going into Weigel’s article, you knew nothing coming out.

    • Tripe.

      “But this is his [Kimberlin] life now—this lawsuit, a larger federal RICO case against more famous critics (like Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin), and managing the personal crises that years of online defamation cases can wreak.”

      “Personal crises” — ALL created and brought about by the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin HIMSELF.

      Weigel. Assclown. Hack.

      • Indeed!

        Stacy writes brilliantly. A true journalist who actually bothers to support his commentary with the “who what when why and how” of any given situation — you know… facts.

        If I were Stacy, I would deem it a true pleasure to recite my own blog posts directly into the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s freaky, little, rat face.


    • “Forced”? Hmm. I agree with Katie – I can’t imagine Stacy having to be forced to read anything he’s written. BK has now opened a door for certain evidence that I will refrain from discussing here, since this trial may now go on ad infinitum.

    • As BK never replied in his discovery what posts were defamatory this should be excluded from the courtroom.

      That’s the point of discovery is to show the other side what you have. If BK never answered then he should not be able to introduce into evidence

      • Agreed, but we don’t know what he gave to Stacy. In last night’s podcast, if I understood correctly, Ali and Stacy did receive some 3,000 pages of material from BK, some of which they claim was forged. Perhaps one day we will know the whole story. As it stands, I would not be surprised to see appeals in this case, no matter who wins.

      • The trouble being, there’s nothing defamatory about what Stacy has written. And it’s brilliant, funny, and full of outrage.

  5. Maybe it is like Russian Easter and it does not line up, although a couple of years off seems a bit much!

    • The judge seems baffled, Dave, because his daughter is not a plaintiff, and even if someone did that, it is protected speech.

      Kimberlin is still presenting his case, so this will go into tomorrow.

    • Exactly what is this supposed to prove? This is a case about things said about Kimby, NOT anyone else including his daughter. I’m not surprised the judge is allowing it as the law has not been followed so far in this case.

      • NO ONE. Stacy said, in a tweet, that she couldn’t “sing worth a lick,” IIRC, but that’s not making fun of her career. I think that Britney and Justin can’t sing worth a lick, but that is not a commentary on their staggeringly successful careers.

      • So, if I read you right, Kimberlin’s daughter has a “music career” in which daddy sues critics who pan her work so that she can “shame” that critic in court.

        People who are that thin-skinned simply do not belong in show business. Negative reviews are part of the business. Anyone in the music business must learn to deal with negative reviews with grace and dignity, not litigation.


    Ali A. Akbar ‏@ali · 2m
    We all won! #BrettKimberlin @BomberSues @rsmccain @AaronWorthing @wjjhoge (Directed Verdict, judge refused to let it even taint the jurors).

  7. From Ali
    We all won! #BrettKimberlin @BomberSues @rsmccain @AaronWorthing @wjjhoge (Directed Verdict, judge refused to let it even taint the jurors).

  8. Hurray for Justice!!
    NOW will the court sanction the heck out of that little sawed off diddling terrorist or not??


  9. BREAKING NEWS: Police in Elkridge, MD are reporting ear-shattering lamentations setting off car alarms and causing dogs to howl uncontrollably. Residents are advised to avoid the area until the butthurt cries itself to sleep.

    • That was my second thought. Bill can’t be happy. I wonder how he will spin this as a “victory” for BK?

  10. If this wasn’t being posted from my phone, I’d be embedding a performance of the Hallelujah Chorus here.

    Anyone know yet if this includes a requirement that Brett pay all legal fees?

    • that and hopefully includes his being declared a vexations litigant

      BUT…has he paid he $600 he was already court ordered to pay??


    • Normally, that would not happen at this stage. There is post-trial stuff that happens, and a request for such things happens after the trial.

    • He should send one to Unca Biwwy too. I’m sure Bill is in total despair and/or denial right now.

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