The Cabin Boy™ Gets One Right For A Change

He pontificates thusly:rnusa201408111139ZMr. & Mrs. Stranahan, a mother in Wisconsin, a dentist in Pennsylvania, Chris Heather, Ali Akbar, Mr. & Mrs. Causey, Mr. & Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Hoge, and several others were unavailable for comment.

My comment is unprintable.

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  1. Aaron, Ali, Dee, The Dear Departed child, may she rest eternally with the love of her mother and father, Aaron’s wife, Johns wife, Johns son, Johns mother, Robert, Roberts wife, Bills own ex wife, the crew at 2 states attorney offices, Judge Grimm, the Freys, Mandy, Rain, Black betty, the 6 Fletchers, the 4 heathers, Malone, Flynn, Krendler, SPQR, Rick B, assorted neighbors and midnight clerks everywhere

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  3. Slightly off-topic (sorry, Bill) follow-up.

    Yesterday, I told Gus that I remembered seeing an article that conveyed Brett Kimberlin’s complaints about his portrayal in Citizen K. It turns out it’s only an excerpt from the book that he read. Notice the special mention of Brett being upset about what a good job Singer did of laying out the case for Brett’s responsibility for the Scyphers murder.
    Part 5 of that same article has some more generic and less useful complaints direct from Kimberlin. To see it, change the _6 in the above URL to _5.

    • To save Bill the effort, I hereby formally notify our host that Brett wouldn’t like the above comment to be anywhere on the internet, and Bill (acting as Brett’s representative) would like you to consider a series of illogical excuses for why you have to take it down. Once you are done considering the illogical excuses, you can also consider the usual series of Bill Schmalfeldt threats and extortion and see if those convince you to run this blog in a way that benefits Kimberlin.

      See, who says we can’t be civil to the other side?

    • Oh, I remember this discrepancy. I can remember trying to figure out what part Cohen played and coming away thinking he was Mr. Rubber Stamp, nothing more sinister. It’s Jeffrey R, for reals. The Jeffrey B must be transcription error. Although I am interested if I missed something or there could be more to it that I just blew off.

      He had registered, apparently for clients, a number of trademarks, some lapsed, registered out of his home, which serves as a home office for his lawyer work as far as I could tell.
      He is licensed to practice law per the MD courts site, that same address linked to his name, Jeffrey R. Cohen, and as I just re-checked it, still active. He has lived in DC before, he was admitted to the MD bar in 97 – so he might have practiced elsewhere given his age.

      Per my notes, He once had an old AOL email that seemed to clue that he did trademark work:

      • There is a Jeffrey B in Bethesda and not far apart in age, but that one is linked to a different addy and not a member of the bar.

    • The lawyer discussed, Jeffrey Cohen with a B for his middle initial, is the Executive Director of JTMP. Who does 0 hours work on for the organization on a weekly basis, and does not receive a salary.

      He is not the best-known Jeffrey Cohen. There’s a very, very well-known entertainment industry lawyer, Jeffrey R. Cohen. JTMP’s boiler-plate does its very best to prevent you from realizing the JBC is some guy in Maryland, and think it’s JRC.

      This plays into my hunch about how JTMP got a grant from the Streisand Foundation.

    • Next: A long rant by Mr. Schmalfeldt about people who won’t take responsibility for their actions, followed up by a Tweet:”How come these Hogiests don’t push themselves away from the computer now and then?”

  4. I’ve seen the Boston piece before, but nice to be reminded what a textbook malignant narcissist Kimberlin is, down to the peculiar belief that others envy him.

  5. Some idiot is making a case that HEY – I never harassed 6 out of the 50 people on that list

    Can’t wait to see him in a courtroom

  6. Man being sued for copyright infringement . . . REPOSTS on his blog many of the articles he’s accused of appropriating. Again. Yes, AGAIN. Plus, a reminder: he promised the judge in a pleading that he would respect WJJH’s terms of service, which preclude him from reprinting things from Hogewash. He lied.

    • And he’s claiming he has never written to Mrs. Hoge. I seem to recall a letter a while back …..

      • He didn’t personally send the email, but his sister Rebecca (@bexmajella) did.

        Had a fabulous time tonite. Tomorrow will have a busy day, making phone calls and composing emails. People shouldn’t piss me off cuz I win!
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        9:05 PM – 29 Apr 2014

        Which, of course, he knows and is why he is being oh-so-clever about it. She’s not a sock, she’s a real person that the esteemed journalist used to contact Hoge’s wife on his behalf.

        Link is to bexmajella’s LinkedIn profile –

        Roy? Is the whole family nuts, or just certain members? They can’t all be crazy, can they? After all, it appears as though most of them have nothing to do with Bill, suggesting they may be relatively sane.

    • Well dang it – if I’d known it was only that easy — the missing step 2 has been found!!

      Step 1: file lawsuit against a company
      [b][i]Step 2: include a picture of their famous mouse as an exhibit[/b][/i]
      Step 3: PROFIT!!!!

  7. BREAKING: The Beatles and other artists lost their copyrights and placed their works in the public domain when they sued others for infringement. So, why is BS paying royalties? Please note, once again, for “exhibits,” that there was no name calling on my part, but BS responds with vulgar commentary and a flat-out wrong restatement of the law.

  8. Pray hard, folks!

    Holy Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do you, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

  9. Not sure it’s a smart move on Ali’s part what with the heightened emotions that come with dealing with a scumbag like Kimberlin. But, he seems like a smart guy and I”m sure he’ll do well.

    Now the lying sack Bill Schmalfeldt lies about why Ali is going pro se. Knows he is lying and does it anyway. It’s a real indication of what a crap weasel Schmalfeldt is and will always

    • Going to court without an attorney is part of what tripped up Aaron at an earlier stage, and Aaron had considerable training and experience in the law, of course.

      It’s just as you say… dealing with Brett and his friends means being provoked endlessly. That’s actually their core tactic IMO. That’s what Bill S and friends appear to be doing.

      There are other procedural reasons why using an attorney is very important. Attorneys give us advice we do not want to follow, but need to, such as ‘shut up’, which is often necessary but particularly difficult to follow when the principle behind your whole case is the value and need for free speech.

      • I love how BS thinks it’s a “defection” for Ali to represent himself.

        “Are you seeing planes? Is your name Tattoo? Because I swear to God, you’re living on Fantasy Island.” — A Night at the Roxbury.

      • It is one thing for thing for Bill Schmalfeldt to issue paranoid conspiracy theories. It is different in kind for Bill Schmalfeldt to issue a conspiracy theory that will be debunked over the next few hours. Generally, when formulating conspiracy theories, or doomsday predictions, the spinner is careful to construct a fantasy for which the evidence will not be know long enough to profit from the scam before it is debunked, but, soon enough to generate interest in the scam itself. No one claims the exact date of Jesus’ return will be Aug 5th, 2782. But, no one originally claims it will be happen next Monday either.

      • I’d expect that they would be silent if they’re in court? I mean, it’s not going to look very good to a jury if they’re all sitting there tweeting madly, is it? And if it’s a recess, they are probably conferring with their lawyer.

      • AGAIN? Same moronic crap as yesterday when the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt was whining that our Gentle Host was not moderating comments on Hogewash!… WHILE JOHN WAS IN FREAKING COURT!

        “When you’re dead, you don’t know you are dead. It’s only difficult for others. It’s the same when you’re stupid.”

        Bill Schmalfeldt — The biggest moron on the www. *smh*

    • Its a brilliant move, now Brett has twice the questioning twice the rebuttals twice the objections twice the pressure – its NOT fun to be questioned by two LAwyers, in a courtroom, yeah Twice his criminal record being introduced into the courtroom twice BK is going to have to scream and carry on

      Totally Brilliant strategy

  10. Bottom line is that none of us, not BS or any commenters, know what’s going on in that courtroom. We can only wait and see.

    • Oh, I have a good idea already. Ali tweeted that they are at lunch break, and, that when they return Aaron Walker will still be on the stand. I suspect that Brett Kimberlin is flailing around trying to induce Aaron Walker to testify to Kimberlin’s theory of the case. When he does not, Kimberlin’s case collapses for lack of evidence.

  11. Speaking of things the Cabin Boy™ gets wrong…


    That’s the vile blog post that Hoge claims he purchased from Krendler, although there has been no evidence that a legal copyright transfer has taken place.

    (from the latest entry on his blog of the week—no, I won’t link to it, but I will defeat his anti-copy-and-paste script! tee-hee)

    Really? Still beating that dead horse? How in the world did he miss this yesterday?

    … On second thought, can you blame him? His attention must be elsewhere.

    • He missed it on purpose, after all it pretty much shuts down his claim that there wasn’t a legal transfer dont it?


  12. Ali just tweeted the judge “pleads” to Kimberlin to speed things up and, wants the trial over in three hours. Aaron Walker tweets he is feeling confident.

    Sounds like he is prepared to end the trial after Walker does not testify to “Kimberlin’s theory of the case.”

    • I suspect it’ll be Team Kimberlin crying “No Justice In Maryland!1!11!” by the end of the day…


  13. notice that someone hasn’t played the p-card all week while twittering and blogging at even greater speeds? Also seemed to stop quoting his doctor AMA?

  14. Cabin Boy is basically too stupid to realize that Kimberlin’s brand of tinfoil hatted incoherent rambling nonsense will only confirm to the jury that he is a nutty dirtbag. Normal people are not convinced by ranting sociopathic conspiracy nonsense of the kind that Kimberlin can’t help but spew.

    The trap was in making Kimberlin want to testify so bad. Bwaahaaahaa.

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