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  1. His motion in limine I believe will aim to keep his bad reputation from becoming known in a trial about his reputation.

  2. Nor does plaintiff have access to a public library, nor the $5 for a used copy…

    Pretty weak sauce that, and it opens the door for the reading of some, or all, of the chapter in question into the record, without Brett Coleman Kimberlin, Pedophile Emeritus, being able to give testimony against any of it.

    A poor strategy – he’d have been better off giving a proper response.

  3. The trial is scheduled for two days, and there may be appeals, whatever the outcome. Best to refrain from commentary on particulars.

    I suggest we go off topic. I understand that is a new tort. I am thinking about Chik-fil-a peach milkshakes.

      • Years ago, over a summer, I had a contracting job that involved traveling up and down I-5 and I-84, out in western Washington and Oregon, visiting the customer’s sites, collecting requirements and auditing existing code.

        My trusty crew of roaming programmers (a fun story in and of itself) was adamant about stopping any time we would pass the local Burgervilles, a fast food chain indigenous to the area, for their seasonal shakes. Raspberry, blackberry, marionberry, and peach shakes were each fantastically delicious, made by hand, one at a time, with hand scooped ice cream and fresh local fruit.

        Probably packed on ten pounds that summer, just from those shakes.

        Hi, Cousin Bill! Off-topic enough for ya, you mental midget? We’re off, drinking your milkshakes, while you’re stuck in that trailer, with just the shakes!

        And fro-yo is a sad substitute for real ice cream…

      • Here in the ACC, we have Cook Out great fresh burgers and hand spun milkshakes. Tons of fresh fruit, but I like the PB&Choc with real ribbons of peanut butter.

      • I have to agree with Roy about Burgerville’s milk shakes. (The burgers, sadly, have gone downhill over the past 20 years.)
        Another good NW treat are the home-made (made-to-order) shakes at the Alpen Village in Startup. It’s on Hwy 2 about 30 miles east of Everett, Wash. Their rhubarb shakes… yum, yum.

      • In response to Cousin Roy’s comment, “And fro-yo is a sad substitute for real ice cream…”

        It’s not if you’re having “quality time” with it. Besides, it’s not a substitute for ice cream. It’s kind of like a cold version of mayo.

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  5. Office Pool:

    How many inconsistencies will BK be caught in Today?

    Is say depends on how many questions he answers

    JTMP – Just Take MEto Prison

    • Gotcha.

      BTW — The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is the most evil of all beasts! He’s asserting that “someone” SHOULD start spreading the lie that you are a pedophile.


      “Someone SHOULD… ” Bill Schmalfeldt states!

      NOT “What if someone… ” but someone SHOULD!

      What kind of monster wishes that such a horrid LIE would be started in order to label an INNOCENT man as a heinous destroyer of children? Un-freaking-real.

      EPWJ — Be sure to file this one safely away. I, too, have a screencap and the URL to the tweet in case it would *somehow* find itself memory-holed, and such a vicious and libelous assertion would possibly *somehow* surface in the future.

      Bill Schmalfeldt’s evil knows no bounds.

      • I do this for others so they may prevail – he was certainly willing to start punishing me for my support of the innocent – may those use it to the full extent

  6. not completely off topic, more a tangent
    but has anyone looked at Scribd lately?
    wasn’t expecting to find THAT there…


  7. I have always found this verse to be quite comforting when facing a no-win or tough situation:

    Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.”

    Sometimes its hard to stand still. But stand still and watch. God will not be mocked.

  8. I played a game of Clue with my kids last night, I thought it was

    Mr. Bill
    In the tool shed
    With the Sawzall

    but it turned out to be

    Chuck Norris
    In the face
    With a roundhouse kick

    It was still fun.

  9. Someone just sent me this, found on sovereignman.com. The last paragraph has the money quotes, and I think our host here exemplifies this mindset:

    On September 9th, 1965, US Navy pilot James Stockdale was shot down over North Vietnam and seized by a mob. He would spend the next seven years in Hoa Lo Prison, the infamous “Hanoi Hilton”.
    Jim Collins, author of the influential study of US businesses, ‘Good to Great’, interviewed Stockdale during his research for the book. How had he found the courage to survive those long, dark years ?
    “I never lost faith in the end of the story,” replied Stockdale.
    “I never doubted not only that I would get out, but also that I would prevail in the end and turn the experience into the defining moment of my life, which in retrospect, I would not trade.”
    Finally, Collins went on to ask another question. Who didn’t make it out ?
    “Oh, that’s easy,” replied Stockdale. “The optimists.” Collins was confused.
    “The optimists. Oh, they were the ones who said, ‘We’re going to be out by Christmas.’ And Christmas would come, and Christmas would go. Then they’d say, ‘We’re going to be out by Easter.’ And Easter would come, and Easter would go. And then Thanksgiving. And then it would be Christmas again. And they died of a broken heart.”
    “This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

    • Collins calls that “The Stockdale Paradox” and it is mighty, indeed. Good to Great is a tremendous book.

      Cannot recommend highly enough.

      • Indeed, in the very moment Kimberlin decided to go after anyone who told the truth about his past, he chose them to hold him accountable.
        He could’ve put on his big boy shorts and acknowledged that he had a sketchy past but was working towards a better future, but NO! he decided he didn’t want to do that. Instead he went on a full frontal attack against anyone who would dare write the truth about his past and anyone else who might be associated with those who wrote…

        he made his bed, now he gets to lie in it…


    • Curious question coming from a self-described “journalist”. They reported on Kimberlin’s past, in order that others would react appropriately to the life-long criminal. His lawsuit is a claim that matters of public record cannot be discussed if it is damaging to him. But he committed perjury; he planted bombs; he sold drugs; he bragged to a reporter about his attraction to underage girls. In fact, the most damaging facts come from HIS AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY.

    • Damn those wiley defendants..
      forcing Brett to attack his own daughter like that..
      will the RWNJ madness never end??


    • Yep. I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw this coming…

      In Re Kimberlin v. Walker, et al.

      on 7 August, 2014 at 13:36 said:
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      Jane wrote: “I believe there is nothing he wouldn’t do to accomplish his goals… ”

      Up to, and including, the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin using innocents as human shields in this diabolical circus of his own making.

      There are other individuals in this situation who, too, need numerous prayers.

      Brett Kimberlin is EVIL personified if he pulls what I’m thinking he’ll pull.

      Pure, unadulterated evil. *spit*”

      The sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin is an evil, evil creature.

      A monster disguised as a “Father.”

      May God protect those innocent children, and keep and guard their hearts and minds.

      The heart just breaks for them.

      • All the poor kid can really say is that she, herself, wasn’t molested. The math on her mother speaks for itself. 40’s + 14-16 = pedophile to many people

      • And let’s not forget the stuff in Singer’s book. “Grooming”. Making drug dealer associates “uncomfortable” with comments about little girls. Hey! Was Singer ever sued?

      • She’s already called her Mother an abuser.

        The judge chose not to believe the claim.

        “I will not go blow-by-blow as to what the teenage daughter testified to, but I will say that if you believed what she said, it was definitely abuse. I mean she alleged that once her mother spanked her so hard she was bruised to the point she couldn’t sit, that she couldn’t even walk. If you believe her, there is no question that it is abuse.

        But the judge didn’t believe her. The story just wasn’t credible. I mean she was supposedly that badly harmed, and yet child protective services were not informed. In all frankness, listening to the recording, it sounded like the teenager was repeating a rehearsed answer. And if she was lying—and plainly the judge believed she was—this was almost certainly the result of Brett’s manipulation. “Just say these things and Mommy will leave her new boyfriend and come back to us and we’ll be a family again!” It’s not only common, but tediously so in family law cases. I mean, it’s another example of Brett’s vileness, but it’s a pedestrian one at that, which is almost certainly why Judge Burrell saw right through it: she’s probably seen it a dozen times.”


      • Gus,

        I don’t find any trace of Brett suing his publisher. It is my impression it didn’t happen, although in an interview I didn’t think to bookmark, he did complain about how the book turned out.


    According to Aaron, Judge asks BK if he was ever charged with rape,

    QUICK TO THE TIMELINES – no pushing

  11. ACME Law senior partner WM “Elkridge Horror” “Lady Schmalfeldt” Schmalfeldt, any commentary on the absolute debacle occurring with your junior partner Brett “I’ll bomb ’em all” Kimberlin? Whatsa’ matter Billy Boi? Rat Kimberlin got your tongue?

  12. Obviously, Ali and Aaron have a bias. They are tweeting as parties, not impartial observers, but it is fascinating anyway, isn’t it?

  13. “…Louise Crosby [pseudonym for Julia Schypher’s daughter and the Barton girl’s aunt) testimony echoed the government’s favorite theme: Only a bad man would plant bombs and expose innocents to mortal harm, never mind the intent. An only a truly depraved soul —unpredictable, sinister beyond reason– would secrete evidence thousands of miles away, in a location and manner that compounded the original terror. [emphasis added]

    Citizen K p. 174

  14. “…rash of inexplicable bombings that terrorized his hometown of Indiana” Citizen K, jacket liner notes
    “the town was terrorized out of its collective wits” p. 91

  15. “The point is, Hoge wrote on a SWORN MOTION that he does not allow off-topic comments.”

    No, Commodore Cuckolded. Hoge stated he edits his comments. Not “does not allow off-topic comments”. I thought you were supposed to be a wordsmith or some such BULLSH*T!

  16. From Ali,

    Jury seated. Opening statements are today. Trial tomorrow. No word on pre-trial motions.

  17. Breaking Kimberlin races breathlessly to Ukrainian Courtto file defamation charges against Judge – citing unfair use of Judicial authority and failure to notify Occupy WS’s Committee of Silence before disclosing facts in court.

  18. Gee, William seems awfully quiet since the words “statutory rape charge” were uttered.

    Could it be that the Crown Prince of Kablooey has played Oliver Wendell Jones for an idiot?

  19. Convicted perjurer on the stand to testify. Will he perjure himself?

    Hard to believe the judge allowed it, but then this whole case as well as the others, have been a serious education on what one can get away with in the courts.

    • Based on a motion that was not filed sufficiently early to allow the defendants time to file an opposition.

      • This is bothering me a good deal. Not much to support Kimby’s wish to testify in the law. Nothing really. MD law is not ambiguous on the point.

    • Charitably, it’s BS. Any 1L can tell you that the Constitution guarantees the right of a criminal defendant to testify on his own behalf. Not a civil plaintiff. Convicted perjurer Brett Kimberlin has had over a year to prepare this case for trial, and has known for most if not all of that time about his statutory disqualification under Md. Courts & Jud. Proc 9-104. If he couldn’t figure out how to make his case without his own inadmissible testimony, he shouldn’t have sued.

      Oh well, worst case scenario:

      Questions on appeal:
      1) Whether the trial court erred by allowing Appellee to testify in contravention of Md. Courts & Jud. Proc. 9-104?
      2) Whether, in light of the inadmissibility of Appellee’s testimony under Md. Courts & Jud. Proc. 9-104, the trial court erred in failing to grant judgment as a matter of law to Appellants?

  20. Checking in on my lunch break – I see that the judge has decided to let Kimberlin testify. I can see why – this may be the only way to protect his daughter from being called. *Shudder*

  21. This could actually be a good thing for team free speech. Now, the homegrown terrorist will have to answer some really tough questions while under oath. The lawyers in my family say he probably would be better off not taking the stand and just lose the trial. He may just get himself another perjury conviction out of this.

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