What I Saw in Court Today

The first hour or so was taken up with pretrial motions, most of the time being spent on motions in limine, that is, motions to set limits on who can testify and what evidence will be admissible. Judge Johnson’s rulings were generally, but not completely, favorable to the defense. However, he left open the possibility that either side could offer case law that could lead him to modify his decision. Therefore, I’ll refrain from discussing the details for now.

The rest of the day was spent in jury selection. We now have an eight-member jury empaneled, and the case will resume tomorrow morning at 9 with opening arguments.

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    • I am going to speculate anyway… I predict that the Defense wins the majority of the motions in limine, that TDPK offers dicta from bad caselaw which doesn’t even support his position to argue the Judge should allow him to diddle in front of the Jury, that the Judge rejects TDPK’s position, that the wizards at ACME law gnash their teeth at the ‘clearly erroneous’ decisions and declare victory on appeal before the case concludes… how am I doing so far?

  1. I wonder if Team Kimberlin is going to be as gung-ho We’re Gonna WIN!11! tomorrow as they were this morning…
    something tells me NO…


      • gotta love the double standard there..
        it’s perfectly all right to attempt to have the mother of your children held for psych eval after making claims she’s “stopped taking her meds” when she wasn’t on any to begin with, mind you make this claim in court where you’re trying to get her boyfriend (cause she left you) locked up…
        but it’s “dirty filthy and ugly” for others to try to help her ( and NO that doesn’t mean “pay her to tell lies in court” as only TK has made that claim and offer NO proof to back it up)…


  2. It is disappointing that an entire day has been wasted on this trial, so far.

    I believe I have seen posted on other websites audio and videos from Maryland cases in the past. Does anyone know 1) whether this is recorded (as opposed to transcribed) and 2) what steps members of the public would have to undertake to get access to the transcript/audio/video for this case? Different states have different rules, of course. Most states require the state to transcribe criminal proceedings, but not civil proceedings, I know where I live civil suits are not recorded, the Plaintiff is responsible for getting a court reporter, and transcripts for Jury trials end up costing thousands of dollars.

    I would LOVE to get my hands on the transcript/audio/video of this case. I really meant it when I said I wish Court TV still covered cases like this. I thought about taking time off from work to drive to Maryland and watch, but my desire to watch a slow train wreck was overcome by my duty to provide a living for myself. Good thing too, because I could have done without watching a day spent only on jury selection and motions.

    • Its recorded.

      You just call the tech services. I think there is a way to do the whole transaction over the phone, but i have never tried.

      But you are not allowed to post court audio on the web. If anyone is doing so, call tech services and tell them. They will get it yanked.

      But, please don’t yank the audio of vaughey being an arse. that is nothing but helpful to me.

      • Thanks. I will look into it. No intention of posting the audio, I just want to listen with some popcorn.

    • I’m working the polls in our primary tomorrow, so a trip to MD is completely out. I hope I can get wifi access (there should be a guest password – I just have to find someone who can give it to me) since it promises to be a fairly slow day, and we’re there from 5:15am to close to 9pm.

  3. It is ridiculous that this case has gotten to the point where a jury has been empaneled. The case should have been dealt with by summary motion at least when TDPK refused to cooperate with discovery.

    Hopefully the motions in limine granted were at least sufficient to limit TDPK’s ability to present evidence that he refused to provide during discovery.

    • We could have had it dismissed by seeking dismissal as a sanction for failure to cooperate with discovery. but that would have given no preclusionary effect. As the case is going now, assuming all proceeds as i have foreseen, 1) we will have a preclusive effect for Thomas and Malone, and 2) that preclusive effect would apply to all you nice people.

  4. BK has no case – everyone gets their day in court – in BK’s case – it will not be his last – nor is it remotely going to turn out as he planned

  5. Since this is Shark Week, please indulge me when I say that I smell blood in the water.
    And Acme Law doesn’t have any shark proof suits. 😉

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