35 thoughts on “Unfriendly Advice

  1. The desperation of Team Kimberlin is palpable.

    May God bless you and keep you, your family, and all of your co-defendants safe, John.


    • There are several 12 ga. Winchester and Mossberg guns about the premise, but I prefer a 20 ga BPS loaded with #8 trap loads for use indoors. At 25 ft, the pattern diameter is only about 4 in. Even though the shot column hits with roughly twice the energy of a .44 mag revolver round at that range, the #8 shot will not penetrate three layers of drywall. Thus, a missed shot is less likely to injure a bystander.

      • I have my .45 loaded with snake loads and hollow points. I have reasonable confidence that I am not likely to injure bystanders, but I earnestly hope never to have to find out.

        • Thanks, Grace. However, there is nothing these bozos can say about my mother that changes either her life or my memories of her. OTOH, the foul crudeness of their lame attempts at cyberbullying shows how desperate they must be.

          When all they’ve got is “Yo’ mama!,” it’s obvious that they’re at the end of their rope.

      • for a second there I misread one of your comments farther down in this tread as cryberbullying. Though it is a new term, it also seems apt.

    • Certainly Bill gets ludicrously upset if one even mentions his mother exists, so I suppose he and his ilk assume that everyone else reacts the same way too. Their attacks on family members tell us far more about them then about their targets.

  2. This person uses an email address using your late mother to hurt you. Bill uses his wife’s name on emails he sends to hurt others (and to hide his disgusting identity). Man, there is really something creepy about TK

  3. The Elkridge Horror and other charter members of TDPK’s Team Unamerica cannot thrive unless they export terror to all who oppose their psychopathic methodology. Given the probability of TDPK’s forthcoming dismemberment tomorrow, I am not surprised to see this sort of terrorism begin to develop. Brett Kimberlin is a cruel, sadistic insignificant pimple of a man who continues to abuse everyone connected with his sordid life. Likewise, William Schmalfeldt, the Elkridge Horror, has used his so-called journalistic credentials to stalk, abuse and terrorize his victims as part of acting out his rage at having been conceived and born. Repeatedly cuckolded and demeaned because of his cruel penchant for inflicting pain upon others, he is but a shadow of his former self. Barely able to pass the entrance exams for the US Navy and with a GPA barely able to permit HS graduation, the Elkridge Horror took his one chance at possible success and turned into a rloathsome career below decks that, according to the word on the street, was a vacuuming success.

    On the other hand, Brett Kimberlin, showed his pedophilic hands at a very age by orchestrating the murder of one woman and causing the death of an innocent man. Brett Kimberlin – supported by the likes of Barbra Streisand through her foundational grants, is incapable of even measuring up to his late father, a somewhat unknown local attorney in small town America.

    Neither TDPK or the Elkridge Horror will leave any legacy behind except that of pathetic little terrorists who couldn’t even terrorize correctly. The word “Loser” comes to mind when thinking about any of these mental midgets.

  4. TDPK and his little coterie of snaggly toothed basement dwellers depend upon others to do their true dirty work. And they’ve clearly been long abandoned now that only the sexually deviant and dysfunctional remain as the leavings of the twerp gang.

    So long as you note the license plate of any vans marked “Free Candy” by spray paint, you will be fine.

  5. John, I’m so sorry to see this pathetic, cowardly attempt at trying to shake you, although I know the true affect is only to strengthen your resolve. That whole miserable crew of low-lifes cling to each other for support, and they don’t have an entire soul between the lot. God will watch over you and your family.

  6. Yes, Brett Kimberlin is showing his desperation. I sure hope the courts get to see this little item. Any chance Brett will be asked about this little item tomorrow or in a future court date?

  7. The message itself speaks volumes about the cowardice and unmanliness of the messenger. Anyone who has a thoughtful appreciation for the utility and benefits of firearms KNOWS that there is nothing more useless than an unloaded weapon.

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