In Re RICO Madness

My codefendants, Patterico (Patrick Frey) and Liberty Chick (Mandy Nagy), have filed a joint motion to dismiss against The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s RICO Madness (aka Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al.).

24 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness

    • Yeah, I was all smiles until i saw that news. And they suspect suicide too.

      Oh…. Robin we all loved you so much. How did it come to that? How did you come to think that things were so awful that you were better off dead?

      It breaks my heart to think that somewhere he was suffering that way.

      • I’m of mixed feelings on this. He was a great funny comic. But he was also a lifelong addict. Booze, coke, other drugs. You can’t put that crap in your body for year after year without it taking a mental toll. Part of me weeps for him, part of me knows it was his own damn fault.

      • Depression is hell, and Williams suffered from it for years. It may have been self-medication that explains his addictions, or, if you prefer, substance abuse.

        In either case, I am so sorry for him, and particularly for his family.

  1. That was a tour de force. And anyone confuddled about who is who and what is evil, or whats this all about – will be confuddled no more.

    • Very much so. Patterico and Nagy are hoisting BK on his own petard. You want to sure us for no reason? Here’s the real reason why. Hope you like them apples Brett.

      • It says something to the judge when you not only repeat the alleged defamation, but you do so confidently, and you put the entire body of work in your own exhibit unashamed.

        And then you explain how each and every piece of it is true.

    • The ineluctable approach of those grindy wheels of justice …. better run better run Brett, you will soon be a fine powder.

  2. How anyone can see this as anything other than a clear refutation of BK’s complaint is beyond me.

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