15 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

    • I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: the bottom line is that Schmalfeldt demands editorial control over this blog and its comments. He repeatedly contends, including in sworn court filings, that the blog’s proprietor is lying when he states that he moderates obscene and/or off-topic comments. Yet the blog’s proprietor has provided proof that he does moderate such comments. To Schmalfeldt, the blog proprietor’s failure to moderate such comments to Schmalfeldt’s satisfaction is equivalent to lying about moderating at all.

      • Did Hoge say he moderates all off-topic comments? Citation required, please.

        Also, who is the arbiter of topicality? Is a comment that doesn’t pertain to the blog post under which it is published, but does pertain to a recurring topic of the blog overall, off-topic? Particularly when the blog post itself is something of a non sequitur as in the case of the AYPWIP series? Who makes that decision? The blog proprietor? Or some guy who happens to not like what the comment says? Common sense would say the former, but Schmalfeldt decrees that it must be the latter.

    • Good grief. I can’t believe the mentally-challenged nutbag actually tweeted that. Um. Wait. Yes, I can. *smh*

      And, to think the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt prides himself in being smart and clever. I’d wager Team Kimberlin’s useful idiot BARELY made it out of high school.

      PD-D is the least of the Blob’s issues. He’s just dumb. Really, really, really, really dumb.

      Heaven knows he opened his yammering yap long ago and removed ALL doubt. At least he’s consistent… as he doubles down on dumb over-and-over-and-over again.

      If he wasn’t such an evil slimeball — one could almost feel embarrassed and sorry for him.

  1. The sense I get is that what really fries Schmalfeldt’s ham is that he’s not allowed to comment here. Not allowed to refute on these very pages the LIBEL!!!! FALSE AND DEFAMATORY!!! FAN FICTION!!! HUBRIS!!! ELEVENTY!!!!! that’s posted here on a daily basis. That’s why he’s forced to resort to screencapping and replying on Twitter and/or his own blog of the week.

    The problem with allowing Schmalfeldt to comment, as I see it, is that it would invariably put this blog’s proprietor at odds with his stated policy of moderating obscene comments. Because as amply demonstrated at Running Wolf and Thinking Man’s Zombie (inter alia; there are plenty of other examples, these are only the most recent), Schmalfeldt’s comments inexorably descend to the nether regions (figuratively and literally) rather quickly. Butt stuff, unflattering references to female genitalia, assorted vulgarity, etc. etc. ad nauseam. The guy doesn’t seem to be able to keep it above the belt (again, figuratively and literally) for any appreciable length of time.

    • He could open his blogs to comments and refuse to dox commenters, but he won’t. Therefore, people do not comment on his blog.

    • Oh, so he’s deleting tweets again? But, but, he said he NEVER deletes tweets, that’s not his “style.”

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