30 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I thought BS wasn’t supposed to contact Mr. Hoge except for the purposes of settlement discussions. And I presume that the court would know this…..

    • And all those many nasty blog comments that had nothing to do with settlement issues that were rejected from moderation but are surely saved in the trash folder and/or printed for posterity…

      Friar Footlong really doesn’t think these things through, does he?

      “Respondent sent message to Petitioner regarding the Copyright Infringement case in a lawful, peaceful fashion.”

      My fat, white cheese-fed ass!

  2. As a graphic artist… I can tell you a heroin addicted baboon could draw a better logo. Total failsauce.

  3. By using a cover letter with circles, the dreadful pro-se Schmalfeldt may be communicating the emptiness of his life. He is aware that everyone knows his threats are meaningless. Therefore, he feels the need to broadcast his absurdity through the use of circles. He may be admitting that he is in need of a psychological evaluation.

  4. Wave crests, from pebbles dropped into the still, empty, meaningless pond that is Cousin Bill’s life…

    Yeah, that is a rather sucko letterhead. Perhaps the pony, or the dancing chimps, could be commissioned to produce something better?

    Make sure they change to color, as well, from that disgusting baby-feces-orange.

    Hi, Cousin Bill! We’re just trying to help, you know?

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