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The only problem with Microsoft is that they just have no taste. They have absolutely no taste, and I don’t mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way. They don’t think of original ideas, and they don’t bring much culture into their product. You say, why is that important? Proportionally spaced fonts come from type-setting and beautiful books, that’s where one gets the idea. If it weren’t for the Mac, they would never have that in their products. So I’m saddened—not by Microsoft’s success, I have no problem with their success. They’ve earned their success, for the most part. I have a problem with the fact that they just make really third-rate products. Their products have no spirit to them. They have no spirit of enlightenment about them. They are very pedestrian. And the sad part is that a lot of customers don’t have a lot of that spirit either.

—Steve Jobs

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  1. Heh. I misidentified it as coming from Open Office themes. I guess the worst of MS Office ends up in the open source free applications. There are a few better looking themes in Word (especially if you are using the 2013 version) but they are for lazy people who do not put any time into how they present themselves to the world. Any theme or template is really just a starting point and not the destination. I wouldn’t expect Bill to understand that, his entire life is shortcuts and abandoning anything that takes real initiative or effort (except evil, he always goes the extra mile when evil is intended).

  2. “I didn’t choose that letterhead. Microsoft (no pun intended) chose that letterhead. They FORCED me to use it. It was LETTERHEAD RAPE, I’M TELLIN’ YA!

    Because – HOGE!”

  3. Anyone notice that he has more posts about the letterhead then are posted here? And he’s gone all eleventy. Might be a new record for him.

    • Sorry, Frankie – missed your comment before posting mine below. But if the Ranger of Ranch Dressing is displeased, then we must be doing something right, in addition to being GROSSLY OFF TOPIC!

  4. Whatever happened to that internet rent-a-lawyer that told Schmalfeldt he was going to “WIN!”. Schmalfeldt would be blaring about that if it were true.

  5. 7 comments (this being #8) about Cabin Boy’s epic fail in choice of letterhead, and HOGEISTS ARE GOING BONKERS!!1!ELEVENTY1!11!!

    12 Tweets about HOGEISTS GOING BONKERS?

    The answer is left as an exercise for the reader.

    • The other five are posted by the voices in his mind and exist only on the inside of his eyelids. Demented is as demented does. After all, he suffers from PD dementia per his own (multiple) admissions on his blog, twitter and other online and real world locales. Hallucinations, delusions, voices and inability to determine reality and illusion are all admitted by Bill …

  6. The letterhead YOU picked for your cover letter looked like 10lbs of warmed up dog poo, Sir Chins-a-lot! Own it!

  7. I’ve seen Willy dance before, but I’ve never seen dance like this.

    It’s amazing, one post by John making fun of a pathetic attempt at letterhead, of all things, and Willy’s spinning fast enough to achieve flight.

  8. I just realized that something new has been added to the Lickspittle lexicon:
    (Not a complete list)

  9. BS needs to relax, for his own health (can’t have too much stress). It’s no one’s fault but his own that he picked out the ugliest letterhead I’ve ever seen. Plenty of other lazy choices and most better than this. Something that ridiculous will and should be mocked. But really, this is a “hate party,” apparently. Actually, this is a good microcosm of BS’s… err, BS. People make fun of his dumb, public choices by stating their opinion and he nearly declares it a hate crime and undue harassment. Someone with a bit of confidence, self-respect, and foresight wouldn’t have this problem. But then again, this is BS we’re talking about.

    • It is the inability to discern other normal emotions as the root cause of ridicule that is BS’ s problem. Just because you mock doesn’t mean you hate. I frequently mock all sorts of things that I am completely neutral to in emotion. I also mock things that I pity as well as things that I envy (see, Kardashian, Kim on both accounts). I very rarely mock things that I hate. I prefer to spew my bile at them. And there are very few things that I hate. BS does not fall into the hate category. Contempt yes. Hate no.

      But they say you can only see the things that you are feeling yourself. So because he hates all he sees is hate. For that he has a small measure of my pity.

      • Very nicely stated.

        What the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt simply cannot manage, and/or refuses, to wrap his big, thick noggin around is:

        (1) Mockery is NOT libel (no matter how much he wishes it were so); and,

        (2) Contempt is NOT hate.

        He is… simply put… mock worthy — as he constantly puts himself into positions to be mocked, and he simply refuses to leave people the hell alone. He is a cyberstalker, cyberharasser, and cyberbully of the highest order. Good and decent people grew weary of his antics long ago, and have thus chosen to expose and mock him, and his awful, anti-social behavior.

        Most commenters do not hate nor pity the Blob — I most certainly do not. He is worthy of neither. If anything, most detest the pure evil the Blob, and his vile behavior, personifies.

        He is point-and-laugh material… period.

        Big, dumb, dump dope.

      • Or, while it may very well be true that most serial killers were themselves abused as children, our ability to pity their past doesn’t in the least imply they shouldn’t be held fully responsible for their crimes.

  10. I found the tweet about “spending quality time with frozen yogurt”… um… odd.

    Maybe as odd — if not moreso — than that swirly, off-center, poor excuse for “letterhead.”

    So. Much. #FAIL.

    • BTW — My apologies. Changing the subject from “letterhead” to “frozen yogurt” could be viewed as GROSSLY off-topic.

      Now, how ’bout that letterhead again?

      Um… yeah. Still sucks… bad.

      • The suckage is so sucky as to suck exceedingly. Let the mockery (an accepted form of 1st amendment speech no matter how much butthurt it causes the perpetually offended Bill).
        BTW, has anyone found anywhere in the Constitution or any state or federal legislation wherein anyone has a right to not be offended? Anyone?
        Didn’t think so. Offendluenza seems to be more dangerous than Ebola!
        I suspect that Bill is not only infected, he is a carrier too!

  11. really? bwilly sits on a someone else’s blog all day, every day, counting comments and tweeting about them, arguing with them, copy/pasting them into little blogs he “writes” that no one every reads or comments on (except his sock friends)…
    and we are supposed to be the ones obsessed??

    O.o, oh well, it’ll all be over thursday anyway…

  12. Goods mostly fall into 3 classes. Those which are meant to do work- which is to say their value is in creating value, those which are meant to please people, where their value is mainly their aesthetic, and goods, which for one reason or another, are inferior. Microsoft is clearly in the first class, and Mac is for the most part in the second. Which is not to say that the first group can’t look good, and the second can’t do work. After all, no matter how luxurious a house or car may be, it still serves it’s basic function, just usually at a higher cost for that level of functionality.

    For the most part, vehicles whose primary job is work rather than someone’s enjoyment are typically not designed with any particular sense of aesthetics. The same is true of most things, clothes, appliances, and goods of most any kind. For most of its existence, Windows and Office were primarily aimed at business rather than consumers in the first place. This was rather obvious given the size of their price tags.. it would have been lower if it was going after consumers, and much higher if the market was millionaires. Particularly office. That said, dull tools in the hands of craftsmen can make amazing works of art. The greatest houses, sleekest cars, tallest ships and every other kind of thing are made by those sorts of tools every day.

    That said, the things we openly mock are made by the same tools in the hands rank amateurs, people with no design sense, or those making inferior goods (in the economic sense). In the eyes of the masses, it’s generally obvious which is which.

  13. I think the letterhead could have been overlooked if it wasn’t so BIG. It looks more like the start of a PowerPoint presentation… and whatever its shortcomings as a letterhead, it really fails when blown up as a logo.

  14. It’s fascinating that he considers these taunts “hateful.” A tiny portion of them are truly insulting – the vast majority are simply poking fun. If I made a letter head that ugly, the mockery I got from my closest friends wouldn’t be all that different. Giving someone a hard time when the beclown themselves is pointless fun, not some kind of mind crime. Seriously, dude – chill out. You really aren’t the center of the universe.

  15. Willy, why on Earth would you expect anyone to know what that is or to whom it refers? Go ahead Willy, go back and look at that page. What the hell is it’s purpose? That isn’t letterhead, because there is no other identifying information, it is a logo. And as important as you thing yourself to be, nobody else know or cares. So your logo is useless. If you had made it much smaller and included your contact information, it would have been marginally more acceptable. As it is, it’s just more useless fingerpainting.

  16. Why use the name of a deceased family member for your handle, ya sick freak?

    The future of Team Kimberlin — and, the consequences that will be paid by the demented sons-of-Satan that encompass your evil mob of criminal freaks — is going to be epically awful and so, so deserved.

    Yum. Popcorn. Lots and lots of popcorn. 🙂

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