Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, 10 AM Edition

It’s time for the hearing to start in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County on motions in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit. Here’s what’s left of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s complaint after the last hearing.

We’ll see if there’s anything left at all later today.

Stay tuned.

43 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, 10 AM Edition

    • Yeah, I was expecting a deli Reuben with a side of slaw and potato salad. Instead, I got tofu. LOL! No problem, though, I’m not in the trenches like our host!

  1. On another front, someone is desperately trying to salvage a sinking counterclaim from getting the boot.

  2. TDPK seems to know that he’s close to a catastrophic loss. So I expect some very bizarre behavior as he becomes desperate.

    Be very very careful.

    • Yes – evil is dangerous; desperate evil even more so.

      As we all know, at least one member of Team Evil has been convicted of violent crimes and is becoming more and more desperate. It is also not beyond plausibility for one or more members to manipulate other members for their own ends, particularly the weak minded.

      As we also know, #SchmalFAIL seems to get around whenever he wants to; he’s clearly not totally house-bound. This is especially true when he has a driver.

      I worry very much about the safety of Team Free Speech and pray for their safety at least once per day. I hope others do too.

  3. Meanwhile, over at Casa Single-wide, the Lady Schmalfeldt has the sheer temerity to describe Mssrs. Hoge et al as “nutless wonders” when, in fact, she is. Given her disastrous filings to courts in recent days, one would think that she would be keeping a low profile, although on second thought I guess that is just not possible……especially with her Depends-wrapped posterior. I guess she was too occupied with mayo and wieners to make the courtroom herself looking like that actress in ‘Hello Dolly’…..what was her name??

      • Except for the SWATing (apparently a fan of TK), and likely the doorknob wrecking, and the car-chasing, and the stalking, and the attempts at involuntary commitment of a wayward spouse….

      • Can Bwilly identify ANY specific acts of violence at the hands of the defendants? JUST ONE? Um. Nope. None will be forthcoming… as none exist.

        Another lie courtesy of the Blob.

        I’d wager that tweet is simply the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt’s lead-in to his same old, same old, tired schtick. True to form, I’m sure he will really beat that whole “He’s dying because… HOOOOOOOGE!” drum a lot between now and 14 August.



    • Not only is Brett Kimberlin a public figure who has repeatedly sought notoriety for himself, but, it cannot be stressed enough that Brett Kimberlin is a public figure who has repeatedly sought notoriety for himself on the topics of his guilt or innocence of the Speedway bombings, and, men lusting after under-aged girls. His authorized biography was intended to retry his original convictions in his favor. That biographer did precisely that, but, rendered a “guilty as charged” verdict. He wormed his way into the Washington Post to deny that he set the Speedway bombs. And, of course, there was “Teen Dream,” and his promotional interview in the press in which he declared all men lusted after under-age girls.

  4. Another day of asking Bill questions that he just ignores. He must really hate journalism. I mean he demanded answers to his questions. Threatened people even. But ask a polite question of him and he never answers. Maybe I need to start moving to the Schmalfeldt School of Journalism. I’ll demand he answer my questions and set a deadline. He very much enjoys demands and deadlines.

  5. Case going to trial – just in- odds of Brett imploding himself during process – approaching 1 (100%)

  6. Bill Schmalfeldt said: Bill Clinton is a public figure

    And Brett Kimberlin is not? In what universe?

    Mr. Schmalfeldt also asked: Does the First Amendment cover a person’s right to utter defamatory statements in the absence of judicial proof of the allegations?

    Hint: Look up the word “allegation”. That word, it does not mean what you think it means. You may also wish to look up “defame” while at it.

    • He’d better hope the First Amendment covers exactly that. How many times has he stated as fact his allegation that our Gentle Host has committed perjury, lied to a judge to obtain a peace order, attempted to register copyright on NASA IP, etc.? None of those allegations are supported by judicial proof.

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