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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin keeps using these words.BK v AW 2013-71That example is from his second amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit.

odi·ous adj. \ˈō-dē-əs\ : causing strong dislike; arousing or causing repugnance.

in·fa·mous adj. \ˈin-fə-məs\ : well known for being bad or evil.

frighten verb \ˈfrī-tən\ : to cause (someone) to become afraid.
frightened • fright·en·ing

I can understand how someone might have a strong dislike for a person who set a time bomb in the parking lot of a high school football game. Someone who was convicted of a series of high-profile bombings might be considered to have become infamous. And being frightened of such a person is a perfectly reasonable reaction.


Red TwizzlersSo Thursday could be a very big day. The Gentle Reader should stock up on popcornJujubesRaisinetsJunior Mints, or  Milk Duds. And if none of those work for you, we also have Red Twizzlers available via Amazon.

Stock up. Stay Tuned.

81 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Some people never change, they are incapable of growth intellectually, spiritually, morally. Others, through many agencies (prayer, God’s grace, triggering events and growing awareness of self, etc.) do grow and have a change of life (conversio mori) and come to be better persons. The only things that are needful for this to happen are possession of a soul and the ability to accept constructive advice and direction.
      Sadly, neither Brett nor his sycophant mouthpiece Bill meet the conditions and are thus stunted and twisted in soul and psyche.

  1. Thanks for all your patience and hard work. I hope Thursday’s proceedings work out the best for you and other victims of Brett Kimberlin.

  2. Shoulda considered all this before you brought the bomb to the football game, Francis. Of course the rest of us get to repeat how odious he is quite frequently specifically because he’s suing people for mentioning his biography. Because most of the commentary regarding Kimberlin over the past few months has been linked to his lawfare. Thanks for the opportunity:

    Convicted serial bomber.
    Ate evidence in a forgery scam.
    Dressed up like a federal officer, but looked like a hippie Cub Scout leader.
    Drug runner.
    Plotted death of prosecutor.
    A court decided he was responsible for the death of Carl Delong, who lost his leg in a bombing.
    Still owes Mrs. Delong lots of money, though he sued her. (Damn. HE sued her?)
    Perjured himself by denying he was known as Speedway Bomber.
    Forged exhibits in pending lawsuits. Lied about it in open court until the judge pinned him down.
    Sings really creepy songs about having sex with teenage girls.
    Claims to have filed about a hundred lawsuits. Wouldn’t mind filing more, just to cause his enemies more trouble.

    I’m sure I missed some. I left off the things he is just suspected of doing. Heck, which of us hasn’t been the main suspect in the murder of the grandmother of a teenage girl we called “my girlfriend?” Things happen.

  3. Still my favorite: Your Honor, Ace of Spades said I was engaging in lawfare, so I sued him.

  4. In the chambers of several judges in Maryland, law clerks are eating popcorn and Twizzlers, running from room to room, and reading some of the stuff in these filings to riveted audiences. Aspirin is on hand for sudden headache emergencies.

    • My read of Paul’s blog post is that he did Brett a favor by forcefully explaining to him why he shouldn’t carry out his threats. Maybe more people learned of Brett’s bad behavior by Paul’s post. But that is definitely going to happen anyway.

      I actually hope Paul’s explanation was effective. If not, it will do good by helping to persuade onlookers to stop encouraging Brett.

      • Brett Kimberlin himself introduced multiple generations to his felonious, violent past that would have otherwise never heard of him, or forgotten him.

        He has been on a quest for fame virtually his entire life. He got it. Congratulations. hahahaha

    • Kimberlin’s reply was so wretchedly and disastrously false that I think it would suffice for Levy to breathe in his general direction.

  5. Latest on the state case… on Monday, TDPK filed a motion for reconsideration on the award of attorney’s fees related to the sanctions for his diddling with discovery.

    I hope an increase in the amount due is a possible outcome of reconsideration.

  6. Also, the appeal hearing on the peace order (de novo consideration) has been scheduled for 27 August, three weeks from today.

      • Our Gentle Host’s attempt to secure a new peace order against Mr. Schmalfeldt in view of the unwelcome contact that’s taken place since the previous peace order expired in June.

      • Stupid is as stupid does. I hope the appeal is granted, since there has been more “contact” (emails/attempted blog comments and even a twitter @mention) since that PO was originally asked for… more proof that if it isn’t granted Bwilly will continue to harass our esteemed host unless he’s stopped by the law.

  7. You would think that people would think of their reputations BEFORE launching lawfare that would shine a light on how despicable they actually are.

    I know there is one guy who claims that his reputation was sterling before launching his current lawfare, in fact, he even put that in a sworn document he filed with the court, yet a quick google search turns up truly horrible things he did and said going back way before any lickspittle ever heard of him. Why it was so bad he was fired over some of the things he wrote. Now I’m not a legal scholar, but I would think having page after page after page of negativity show up in a google search confined to a period before he launched his lawfare would show the judge that he is indeed a liar and has for a fact provably lied to the judge several times in just one document. Wonder how his reputation will be after the judge realizes that?

    • Its all about earning a living off of others and the gravy train getting derailed and not getting to profit from your ill adventures……..

  8. Looking through some old threads today, reminding myself of some details. Too many to have total recall of all admissions-against-interest, etc. I had forgotten this:

    By Frankie

    …If Bill is a journalist, then why did his lawyer tell the judge that he wasn’t? Who is lying here? Is Bill lying about being a journalist, or did his lawyer, Mr. Kim, lie to a judge during a hearing…

    So, on his behalf, his lawyer denied that he was/is a journalist. Interesting for many reasons. hahahaha I hope the RICO defendants have a copy of that assertion somewhere. Not that it’s important – just would be nice to have if the tiny terrorist tries to claim the opposite at a hearing. hahahaha

  9. You guys crack me up. I suggest you do as I am doing, play a little Vivaldi on YouTube in a separate tab and laugh at the self-important boobs. Try this as a for instance:

  10. Two guesses…

    Right now John Hoge is preparing for his court cases.

    Right now Bill Schmalfeldt is crapping his pants.

  11. Q: How do you make rancid meat smell bad?
    A: You don’t. But if you put it out in the open, more people can smell it.

    And that’s what DPBK doesn’t want: to be put out in the open so other people can smell the rot.

    • And yet he keeps putting his rancidness out there, encouraging decent people (and some less evil people), to warn others to avoid it.

  12. Kimby is playing some games before his hearing, hiding some social media that belied his claims. But that’s the TK way.

      • I’m glad you liked it, Claire. 🙂

        Our poor host may be sent to prison for many years for allowing it, and I may get added to the counterclaim, but hey, YOLO, right? hahahaha

  13. Reminder: Tomorrow is a very important hearing that will hopefully end the state case. Extra prayers today and tomorrow for Team Free Speech will no doubt be appreciated.

    • Yes, since there’s a hearing tomorrow in the state case, I’m guessing that the strategery is to try to unsettle Hoge, Ali, etc.

  14. What drives the Kimberlin people nuts is that Hoge is a man of calm, cool conviction, while they scurry around like a pack of agitated little rats. Which they are.

    • Hoge isn’t calm, there is an inner fury, burning with the white hot intensity of an avg class 5 star, couple that with the mantel of defending good Christian people against harm, couple that with a GREATLY superior intellect and you have someone who will take setbacks and process those as further information to be analyzed and acted upon. Even a total defeat or a total victory or nee a draw has little effect on the momentum towards the goals of the worthy and the righteous, the unstoppable.

      World class grade a A$$ whopping in many small steps

  15. The hilarity continues at the International House of Schmalfeldt.

    Shorter William;

    “Paul Lemmen is a world-renowned fraudster that shouldn’t be trusted, even though I did when it suited my purposes (but memory-holed about 82 blogs ago), but I’m rather dim. If you point out my lying intellectual inconsistencies, I’m telling Mommy Judge Hollander, and you’re gonna get it, lickspittles!

    In fact, if you even point out that I’m bothering people when they told me not to under the pretense of JOURNALISM!!1ELEVENTY1!!, a year after I told the world that I was too brain-addled to practice same any longer, you are OBSCENE, OFF-TOPIC, AND KILLING A CRIPPLE, WHILE GIVING HIM NEW ENERGY!


    • I do so love the dichotomy between the “this is killing me!!!” And the “I’m so invigorated y’all!!1!!!” The split personality that is being evinced is breathtaking in its scope. O.o

      • It is already known to federal officials. I have informed the parties via email of that fact and suggested that they seek that information from the FBI directly. That method removes the ability of TK members to claim that my recordings were made illegally or that my versions of emails or private chats were in some way edited.

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