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Here’s a bit of wishful thinking from the Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin—ECF 175-para2That’s the second paragraph of the letter he sent to Judge Hazel asking for more time to file for a preliminary injunction in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. What he doesn’t tell the judge is that there’s a hearing in the state case this Thursday on a preliminary injunction in that case. If it’s not granted, that should pretty much chop the legs out from under a similar motion in the RICO Madness. The hearing on Thursday will also deal with motions for summary judgment on the remaining counts in the state case. If we prevail on those motions, there will be not trial. That should result in essentially all of TDPK’s defamation and false light claims in the RICO Madness going away because of collateral estoppel.

Milk DudsSo Thursday could be a very big day. The Gentle Reader should stock up on popcorn, Jujubes, Raisinets, or Junior Mints. And if those don’t strike your fancy, Hogewash! is now offering Milk Duds via Amazon.

Stock up, and stay tuned.

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  1. Related note:

    Here’s a nice overview of the Shirley Sherrod lawsuit against Breitbart’s widow. Shirley Sherrod was a U.S. Department Agriculture offical. Sherrod’s family got a 13 million dollar payoff in the Pigford looting program. Breitbart reported about it, in addition to a politically incorrect racial faux pas by Sherrod.

    For that they hate Breitbart. He reported the truth. Like a real journalist should.

    The situation is very similar to Walker, Hoge and McCain reporting the truth about Brett Kimberlin. Looters do not want the light of truth shining on their various flows of money from government and tax-exempt sources. The looting is straight out of ‘Atlas Shrugged’.

    • Absolutely chilling. Also, a reminder to take precautions when commenting on the net. Thanks for posting this.

      • Stranahan also put together a popular short video overview of Brett Kimberlin a few years ago. I believe this was right before Schmalfeldt started an infamous harassment campaign against him. That’s the one he sometimes says he apologized for, and then goes on to repeat the same false and disgustingfilth he said during the harassment campaign.

    • Thanks for posting, EPWJ – I read that yesterday and was glad to see coverage of it. So very, very wrong, on so many levels.

  2. Kimberlin really is incapable of honesty. He’s never, /ever/ straightforward in any of the motions I’ve read. They are always, at best, incomplete – giving just a part of the story, and obscuring anything that could harm him.

    • Obscuring anything he *thinks* could harm him… The problem is he doesn’t think his lies through fully, which leads to him contradicting himself, often in the same pleading, Moreover, he lies about things which are easily and quickly disproven. The court outright told him he has a checked history of being honest in this very law suit, so does he cut back on the misrepresentations? Nope. He doubles does on stupid.

  3. Just throwing this out there, given the lengthy list of snackage included in the OP – We seldom watch a movie, whether at a theater or at a family movie night at home, without (movie-theater-butter) popcorn in a popcorn container, Twizzlers, and Sno-caps.

    We may also have other snacks, of course, but those are the basics. 😉

  4. In case anyone is interested, someone just made yet another admission against interest on twitter.

    Actually he confirmed a previous statement.

      • Why is it that when he writes very plain words that people take as exactly what they mean, he gets all pissy and tells everyone that only HE knows what they mean? For example, can I write, “I really wish John Doe would die a horrible death” and then claim that what I meant was that Mr. Doe enjoy a quiet retirement? That is what Schmalfeldt does time after time. It’s like when Pres. Clinton said, “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”.

        Weasels will always weasel and lie. And Bill is one of the biggest weasels out there.

  5. BTW… ICYMI — The Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser, and Team Kimberlin Mouthpiece Bill Schmalfeldt is drooling at the keyboard (AGAIN!) regarding Paul (AGAIN!).

    My short answer to the Blob’s question would be…

    … someone who scares the tar out of the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin, and his gaggle of goons — Team Kimberlin.


    • Everytime that Cabin Boy and the rest of Team Kimberlin attack Lemmen, all they really accomplish is reminding the world that TDPK is a far far worse criminal than Lemmen, as well as far far more dangerous today.

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