In Re RICO Madness

Judge Hazel is ruling very quickly on request to file motions, etc. He’s denied a bunch today, including one of mine.

Brett Kimberlin has chronically diddled with service of court papers to me. I hope that Judge Hazel’s taking a generous view of the time allowed means that those time limits will be enforced.

I expect that Aaron Walker will have something to say about today’s order. Check here.

UPDATE—Maybe The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s vacation tickets are refundable.

43 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness

  1. Heheheheheh … That was a delightful and refreshing break and well worth the several minutes of glee. I accuse myself of the sine of happiness at another’s misfortune (Bretts) and discomfiture. Please forgive me oh Lord, a sinner. (Still worth the penance to see a Judge actually displeased by Brett’s crapola!)

  2. “A preliminary injunction is either needed or it is not.”

    — Judge Hazel

    The sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin continues to diddle with the patience of the court.

    Keep it up, Sparky. *smh*

    • Gosh, I hope he keeps it up – for both of the days he has left before the state court suit is dimissed, and hopefully not many more before the RICO suit is likewise gone.

      God willing.

    • Heh. Maybe from Bunny Boy.

      The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt (world-renowned “journamalist” and “investigative reporter”) will most likely simply ignore the smack down his “excellent” friend (the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin) received from Judge Hazel.

      OR… Bwilly will simply piggyback Bunny Boy’s lies as he is wont to do.

      Tis all PANIC! and DOOM! until the Blob can’t figure out how to assemble words in order to convince others THEY are “dim” and “stupid” and can’t interpret his lies and threats and bs for exactly what they are… lies and threats and bs.

      The writing is on the wall… BS just can’t figure out how to spin it. Or, heck. Maybe HE’S just a big, dump dope and actually can’t read it.

      Anyhoo… Journalist, my backside. *pfft*

      • Heh. No, Bill is going to try an old distraction, writing about me. All up in arms!!! He contacted the Theological Seminary where I am a student. Here is the exchange:
        — Unknown email request from Bill
        Email to me:
        North Central Theological Seminary
        4111 Central Avenue North East
        Columbia Heights, MInnesota 55421
        United States of America
        Tel: 612-293-3801 EXt. 121

        August 5, 2014

        Mr. Lemmen:
        We received information that you are a convicted con artist.
        The person who claims to be investigating you need us to
        confirm if you are registered at our seminary. Do you authorize
        this seminary to make the disclosure he is requesting?


        My response:
        “from: Paul H. Lemmen
        to: North Central Seminary Admissions
        date: Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 2:22 PM
        subject: Re: Requesting Authorization North Central Seminary

        Yes, I do authorize you to release that information. There are several internet folks who actively attempt to de-rail my redemption and walk with Christ. Truthfulness demands that I remain above board in all matters.

        Paul H. Lemmen”
        The email from North Central Theological Seminary to Bill Schmalfeldt CC’d to me:
        “from: North Central Seminary Admissions
        to: Bill Schmalfeldt
        date: Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 2:39 PM
        subject: FW: Requesting Authorization North Central Seminary
        Mr. Lemmen enrolled in our Online Bachelor’s of Theology program
        In Christian Social Work on 7/30/2014 under our subsidized
        Scholarship program. His out of pocket cost is $2376.00 of
        which he has only paid $55.00. He was admitted contingent
        that he has a high school diploma or GED equivalent. We don’t
        conduct background checks on our students. Those who want to
        learn about Christ are welcome at our seminary.”

        Twice he has emailed me today in violation of multiple Ceat and Desist replies these past two weeks.
        My reply to both of these contacts is the same:
        “from: Paul H. Lemmen
        to: Bill Schmalfeldt
        date: Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 5:58 PM
        subject: Cease and desist 2nd warning today, 5th notice overall.

        Forwarded to Florida States Attorney Office.
        Enjoy Florida’s Legal System Mr. Schmalfeldt.
        You were told not to contact.
        CC: US Courts, Middle District of Florida.

        Paul H. Lemmen”

        It is worth noting his use of two separate email addresses today.

      • Look up “narcissistic wound.”

        “I will not be ignored!!”

        The more the attention shifts away, the more desperate a narcissist becomes. Anything to get that narcissistic feed back, imo.

      • Paul, Cabin Boy’s attack through your seminary is one of the lowest things I have ever heard of outside of physical violence.

      • In reply to the contact between Mr. Schmalfeldt and Paul’s seminary:

        Dear Disciples,
        Beware of the man who calls himself Paul of Tarsus. He actually was a persecutor of Christ’s followers, and recently changed his name from Saul.
        Bill Schmalfeldt

        Now, our Paul doesn’t see himself as the other Paul. But he does deserve a second chance. And a third, should he stumble. Keep going forward Mr. President.

      • Thanks Rob and Sammy. It’ll only get worse. He tried through my PO, he’s tried through my Seminary next he’ll write a blog article and trumpet and send me 500 tweets, none of which I will see as I have him blocked on Twitter. His usual slimy mix of half-truths, twisted truth, outright lies and innuendo that he calls journalism. Let him. He can write about me all he wants as long as remains in the bounds of libel and defamation. He is not allowed to write to me because I have ordered him to cease and desist. All future attempts at contact will be reported to the State Attorney’s Office. Florida is not a good state to go about harassing anyone. Florida extradites for traffic tickets from anywhere! Imagine what they do for misdemeanor harassment! Or even more, criminal defamation (a felony when meant to extort someone to not do something they normally would do or to accuse someone falsely of a crime). @nd degree felony, 15 years in State Prison. (No Florida prison is air conditioned, not even the hospital wards).
        Good luck with that Bill.

  3. Not bad Mr. H. So your argument wasn’t ripe. The judge didn’t really sink your argument out of hand and you still shined a light on TDPKs attitude.

    • That was the only negative I saw in the letter order. If a party has accurate info with which to serve an opposing party it really shouldn’t take 120 days, kwim? That’s just asking for petty pipsqueaks to delay service on purpose, just to try to assert some sort of control.

      Of course, the goal is totally thwarted by PACER. In fact, I believe a lot of the petty, pro-se, pedo-pipsqueak‘s tactics are thwarted by computers. It’s a lot more difficult to get away with things that he used to take for granted being able to do.

      As an aside, when I did a quick web search for a link to validate the reference, “Brett Kimberlin + pedophile” returned over 50k results. Wow. That Streisand sure can sing.

      • Oops – sorry, John. That’s the second time today I used multiple links. Smacking my own hand. 🙂

    • I’m sure it’s not just you. Oh my goodness, no.

      He is so creeptastic to the nth degree, I get that feeling seeing his avatar or twitter handle. Even before I learned it was him I found that user to be repellant. I believe he radiates evil.

    • Is it just me, or does anyone else have the hair on the back of their neck stand up at the thought of Brett Coleman Kimberlin?
      I figured I’d shorten that for you. Still works.

  4. Wow. I am not usually proved right so quickly.

    Yes, I do think Judge Hazel’s patience is wearing thin. I don’t believe that this has been an exercise in giving enough rope, I think it has been the Judge trying to help BK out, and BK exasperating him by continuing to push the boundaries rather than gripping the welcoming hand.

    For those keeping track, in a few days, it will have been four months since BK admitted to forging documents supposedly from this court.

    Note that Twitchy has asked for an answer on it. Still nothing. BK, though, gets his answers right away.

      • They’re not always nopes. Just my two cents, but the court should be reminded, in every case in litigation, that the other party is not the only one who is pro bono.

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  6. Roy Schmalfeldt wrote:

    “dump dope”…


    Oops. LOL!

    Can they still be considered “typos” when they’re just so darn applicable, albeit inadvertent?

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