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It will be a busy week.

The first part of the week will be spent preparing for Thursday and Friday.

There’s a hearing scheduled on Thursday in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County. There are two main issues to be considered. First, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed for a preliminary injunction asking for prior restraint on my codefendant’s and my First Amendment rights to publish. Second, Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, and I have filed new motions for summary judgment on the remaining two claims in the lawsuit.

On Friday, paperwork supporting my position for the settlement conference in the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt copyright case is due to Judge Sullivan.

Stay tuned.

46 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Don’t touch that dial!

    I’m interested to see how things turn out. As a fiction author, I could never write anything like what you’ve been going through – readers would find it far too implausible.

  2. Seems the DPBK was caught going 49 in a 30 MPH zone on July 20th. True to form, by July 23rd there was a request for a hearing. Seems Brett Kimberlin attempts to litigate everything. If my reading is correct, there will be a hearing on August 28th at 1:30PM. What prey tell is he going to argue?

  3. He goes to court because it works. Costs him nothing, and if he gets off on his ticket, he has a fantastic ROI. A couple of years ago he was ticketed for operating a Prius with dead tags or inspection or something. He went to court on it. He won.

    So why wouldn’t he go?

    • It’s not unusual for a tag or sticker citation (not a moving violation) to be dismissed for proof of compliance and time served in traffic court. Sounds like the cop already cut him a break on the ticket. Yes he’s hoping the cop won’t show – and the judge won’t know he can’t testify. Maybe he doesn’t want points and will take traffic school. Or maybe he intends to get up there and plead uncalibrated speedometer or argue the unreliability of radar. Wouldn’t it be funny if he declared the stop “harassment” of a disabled person (felon) who is under a lot of stress because he has to fight all these lawsuits.

      • Felons are not ‘disabled’ under Brett’s (and others …) definition. They are ‘disadvantaged’, thus they are a discriminated against minority.
        Total BS!

      • Perhaps an amicus curiæ could show up for the hearing to advise the court of the Defendant’s inability to testify…

  4. Heh. If I had been the one breaking the law, I not only would be required to report it to my PO in writing, I could possibly be returned to prison until the end-of-sentence date. I am required to report all contact with LE. If a child is lost and an LEO knocked on my door to inquire if I had seen the missing child, I have to get the officers name, unit, etc. as well as time and date for reporting purposes. Even then, I could be violated simply for contact with an LEO. While Brett skips away, unredeemed and in fact, denying his convictions all the while attempting shut-uppery of anyone who exposes his lies, through vexatious lawsuits and attempts at prior restraint and collateral estoppel of 1st amendment rights.

      • True, but out of Christian love, I would prevent the Final Justice being Hell, for all, including Bill and Brett, are able to have salvation through Christ Jesus if they will but accept it. I pray for their souls every day, several times a day, not quite as often as I pray the Jesus Prayer for myself, but more often than for people I do not know. May God forgive me for my failure.

  5. In answer to the unstated question: Yes, all Kimberlin activity with law enforcement, all public documents and all relevant details of Brett Kimberlin’s public life will make it to the internet. People will follow those activities since they may provide insight into current court cases and current scams.

    This scrutiny is a part of the Streisand effect. Deal with it.

    • And to be even more specific, Brett Kimberlin has been badly abusing the court system ever since he was first convicted for the bombings. For four years now he has frivolously sued dozens of people who exercised their first amendment rights. It is legal, just, right, and totally appropriate for all of his interactions with the justice system to be scrutinized, because he must always be watched in case he attacks more people. This vigil will also pick up his speeding tickets, as in this case, and there’s at least a chance it gives insight into his attitudes about his other cases. Totally within bounds. And I agree about Streisand effect also.

  6. BREAKING: TDPK haz butthurt over the spanking he received from Paul Alan Levy on Friday. More to come…

    • Make sure to go over the attached “exhibit” with a fine-tooth comb.

      It certainly didn’t say what he claimed it says when published, and it wouldn’t be beyond the sawed-off forger to file a “modified” version of the original.

      The exhibit does not appear to be screenshots, which is suspicious on the face of it.

  7. What was the attack on his daughter? I not only don’t see anything negative about her anywhere in that piece, only BK’s forcing her to participate would result in her involvement. I nor anyone else would condone personal remarks against any minor person put at disadvantage by their relationship to him.

  8. On Friday, paperwork supporting my position for the settlement conference in the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt copyright case is due to Judge Sullivan.

    Given that Mr. Schmalfeldt has stated publicly that he does not want to settle/will not settle/wants to break you, what is the point of a settlement conference? Or will the first order of business at the conference be to show Mr. Schmalfeldt’s bad faith in such effort?

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