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    • One thing I think some observers don’t get is that this line from our host is that he doesn’t mean that he is 100% prescient. He knows when he has an unassailable argument. He knows when he is reaching too far and will likely lose. And in all cases, I’m sure that he considers that he could win, lose, or draw on ANYTHING before the court. Because that’s how you play the game in court. You play to win the case, not to win the motion. Sometimes the motion is to set up a case winning move later. Sometimes it is to get things in a certain way or consider things that will lead to a victory. It truly is chess.

      Contrast with team kimberlin. Barring instant capitulation (his first goal) he moves on to his secondary goal of attrition. He must win as much as possible to drag this on as long as possible. The very concepts of most of his cases are flawed. They can only exist at this point due to jackassery. One of his partners in crime is involved in a case. His buffoonery suggests he wants to win but his actions and filings show no such thing. He claims to want the case to continue for JUSTICE! But much like his capiten, he just wants to cause pain.

      The problem with the pirate crew is that they have, to some degree, begun to believe their own propoganda. Casting Hoge as a know it all simpleton with a hatred for them due to politics rather than their actions feeds their delusions.

      Watch, I’m going to say something that should get me ejected from the band of Lickspittles if this were politically motivated. But I know it won’t. Here goes:

      I’ve voted Democrat for every president since Clinton. I wouldn’t change a single vote except for maybe the first one (voting instead for Bush I). I could almost reconsider my first Obama vote, but McCain’s choice of running mate proves he was even worse than Obama.

      Ok, I take it back. Romney would have been an ok choice. (And I would have voted for Huntsman over Obama)

      Now, am I gonna get grief? Maybe. In this crowd I could almost say deservedly. But, John is the least likely person here to do that. And even the most strident GOP partisans on this board won’t ostracize me. Because that’s the way they roll.

      (In fact, the most common response, other than ignoring me, will be an attempt at conversion. See, they aren’t ‘lapsed’ anything. On the whole, they’ve read the gospel and want to share it. Be it Christianity or conservative politics.)

      So yes, I believe mr Hoge when he makes claims like the one above. Because I am neither a liar nor a child, unlike those who oppose him.

      • I think many of us here are John. When I was a callow youth I was a member of SDS and the White Panthers. I knew and hung out with people like John Sinclair and Pun Plamondon. I got better.

      • I’m pretty sure if you are against shuttuppery, Swatting, and lawfare you’re still in the club. A certain disgust at creepiness toward teenage girls, whining and serial bombers seems to be common in the group. It’s a pretty big tent. Liberal Democrats, Conservative Republicans, and folks who wish to remain anonymous seem to be very welcome.

      • It’s okay, you can stay. I remember eating your BRAAAAAAINS back in the day. Lack of brains is a very common characteristic of an average Democrat voter.

        Acting against my own interests is a huge drawback of being a conservative zombie…

      • @Esodia:

        It probably means that you are incapable of developing a meaningful relationship with someone who has the emotional maturity that would match your actual calendar age.

        Please forgive my inability to choose the correct words. It has been a long day and it is late where I am (about 12 hours ahead).

      • I’m not the type to castigate someone for their voting record if they feel they made a good faith effort to understand issues before voting and simply came to a different conclusion at the polling precinct.

      • I do have to wonder about someone who says the choice of Palin as running mate proves that McCain was a worse choice.

        Even if I were to accept the Democrats’ claims about her… Biden? Really? 🙂

      • Only someone who had figured out MSM schtick would go behind the pop-culture attacks, which was less about Palin than our intended lord and savior of the pants crease.

      • I’m just going to ditto Flynn. If you paid attention to things, made your own decisions, and they were contrary to mine, c’est la vie! I will think that you came to the wrong conclusions but that’s natural and normal.

        But here we care about basic human decency and adherance to moral principals. That transcends the political sphere. All good in my book I say

      • It would be a bad sign for this country if politics prevented a person from despising BK, a lowlife malignant narcissist who wears politics like a crab spider wears ants – as disguise for his vanity and corruption.

      • Jerry: The Dems of 40 years ago are about where the Republicans are today. As such, I am far to the right of the GOP which is now slightly left of center. Dems? So far left they are teetering on the edge of Chaos.

      • You’re right on that. I’m still trying to convince my parents to look past the letters behind candidates’ names and realize that policy-wise, JFK would be too RWNJ for most of the Republicans in Congress today.

      • I am very sorry that you feel that way, but it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It was hell to vote for McCain.

  1. I’d call this post a cheat but based on Fridays output, you are still way ahead of the game.

    I wonder if TDPK will become a whirling dervish in an attempt to survive the crumbling of his cases, or will he give up?

    BTW, I hope your attorney is as interested as possible about collecting from the Diddler.

    And I hope Brett tries to screw with the process. Or… Nvm. No point giving him ideas about how to avoid screwing up his cases further.

      • It’s reasonable to request that his supporters back off their support when they become aware of what Brett Kimberlin has really done.

    • If he could have found a way to keep it from being public, I’m pretty sure he would have done so. As it is? Well, I would dearly love to know what charitable purpose was served by the Registration of foreign judgment.

      I don’t think I’m the only one who will be curious, either.

  2. Popcorn, get your popcorn here! Raisinettes, JuJuBees, Junior Mints, Popcon! Get your Popcorn here!

    • Knee problems to failed doxing. The big dumb schlub still doesn’t get it.

      Oh and Howard did I forgot to mention that I had a nice long chit chat with a certain failed dox’er of CBBS the other day?

      How does that Johnny Cash song go? “I hear the train a comin’
      It’s rolling round the bend”

      • Oh, and that’s one of my favorite songs. How Biwwy can interpret “Don’t go riding on that long, black train”, as “DIE! DIE!” boggles the mind. I’m going to guess that he has never actually listened to or read the lyrics, and just looked at the title.

      • Heh. More lies from a spiritual son of the father of lies. I actively try to show Bill the right path and pray for him. All he offers are insults, lies and efforts to (falsely) accuse me of bad acts. I wish nothing for him but Salvation, redemption and peace. I continue to pray for him and forgive him his tresspasses against me. May God bless him and harden not his heart to the Word of God and the Salvation of Christ.

      • I don’t think he even realized what he just did. He admits to fail doxing someone, and he doesn’t care about facts. Good times. He did that to the Jeremy guy back in 2012 also ,and I quote “Yeah you, Jeremy has to eat your turds”.

        “Best Way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt”~ RsMcain

      • Of course Bill also posted this earlier today:

        Hey, Lemmen. Since you've been defrocked by your PO, ain't it about time you ditch the Roman Collar? It offends me.— RADIO NIXON (@RadioNixonUSA) August 3, 2014

        Thus demonstrating his utter lack of knowledge regarding ordination and the nature of being a Priest. I’m quite sure that he also does not understand that a Probation Officer is not an ecclesiastical authority and cannot “de-frock” anyone, much less a Priest over whom they only have authority in the legal realm not the canonical realm. After all, the ordination includes the language “You are a Priest forever…” thus, my soul is indelibly marked by my ordination and only God can remove that mark, not man.

    • It sounds like his knee is now as functional and pain free as my left knee is on a good day. You know, the one that’s had two surgeries, has me taking ibuprofen daily, still has to have 20+ ccs of fluid drained off it several times a year, and will buckle with no warning, usually when trying to get up from a chair or go down stairs.

      Admittedly if my knee actually went sproing and then developed that large a swelling that quickly, I’d be off to my local urgent care rather than taking photos of it for twitter.

      • Yow, and yeah, pretty much.

        I found that taking Move Free helped with my knees, but it made my stomach hurt. I think I’m pretty fortunate that my knees are stiff and achy, but not apt to collapse.

      • I gave up on those years ago, since it’s virtually impossible to find one where neither the glucosimine nor the chondroitin is a sulfate. And throwing up for hours isn’t worth it for the minor improvement in knee function. 8)

        Now, if someone would only finish developing some decent replacement cartilege….

      • I don’t know if it would help your conditions, but over the years we’ve gotten some relief from various aches and pains from Voltaren gel. It’s Rx but your doc may have some samples to try. Hope it helps. 🙂

      • It’s great stuff and works on my fingers, wrists, and even a bit on the elbows, but not so much the knees. Probably has something to do with the mechanics of the problem. Personally, I’d like to just return the parts to the manufacturer for replacement. They were faulty to begin with – naturally very loose ligaments making injury far too easy. I really, really don’t recommend trying to twist your knee the way an elbow does.

  3. What kind of an infantile narcissist takes pictures of himself and post them to twitter when he falls down and hurts himself?

  4. Looky, looky, looky
    Brains unhooky

    The Lady Schmalfeldt exposes herself in her first-ever Plague-Mate of the Month pictorial in her Elkridge Ladies of the Night Special. What ravishing thighs, what elegant underwear, what sensual lipstick, what embellishing eye-liner! Guaranteed to please with a dark, sweaty room with gallons of mayonnaise and lots and lots of licking.

    Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom

  5. from Elkridge…
    “oh NO!! they are talking about Brett again!! gotta distract them with something else!!!”

    Time to start posting some of BK’s greatest “hits”
    like just the other day he got hit with sanctions to the turn of $600 for not complying with discovery, and before that got 5 of the 7 “charges” against various people including out esteemed host tossed…
    next week the rest should be also. and WHY?? cause a convicted perjuring terrorist doesnt like it when others tell the truth about his criminal past…


    • Gotta say, Rain, if it’s true, which is always doubtful when Brett Kimberlin is the source of information, but if what he wrote is true, I’m glad that the harassment and lawfare suffered by so many has at least resulted in Bethesda, MD parents protecting their children.

      That’s a bit of a silver lining.

      At the very least, a lot more people have the information to protect themselves and those they care about from an unrepentant violent felon and conman.

    • It would appear that the Elkridge Horror got really turned on by his first edition PlagueMate pictures today. He normally brings up “cuckolded” in relationship with his two dismally failed marriages wherein his former wives, realizing how inhuman he is and acknowledging his pathetic gender issues, opted for masculine genes to further her biological line. Poor Horror – not even fit enough to breed!

      Now’ in his/her role as the Lady Schmalfeldt, after having finally resolved her gender issues, the Horror opts to pick on others in a desperate attempt to cloud the issue that everyone has deduced, but refrains from mentioning – the issue of just how the Lady Schmalfeldt tore the ligament in her knee yesterday?

      Do the words “bend over” give any inkling? It wasn’t to pick up paper on the floor. [redacted]

      I am talking about you, Billy-boi!

      Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom

    • William isn’t good at paying attention. Grace never said that he was a black-belt in pathetic cuckoldry, Jane and I did.

      But it’s wonderful to see that you’re keeping track for the counterclaim, old bean!

  6. If Bill Schmalfeld were actually a journalist interested in truth, he would point out that Brett Kimberlin set off a bomb at a high school football game. That is information the public needs to know.

    Instead, Bill Schmalfeldt works as cover for Brett Kimberlin. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t practice journalism. He practices reprehensible partisanship, covering for the convicted bomber, forger, and perjurer named Brett Kimberlin.

    Brett Kimberlin is pure evil. Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that’s just dandy.

    • Anyone who doesn’t have a problem with someone in their 40’s marrying literally a child bride is at least almost as sick as the pedo.

    • https://twitter.com/radionixonusa/status/495985446388654080

      “Here’s A Grain of Salt for You”
      by: Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt

      “I respect my chosen career enough to know that I am no longer capable of practicing it at the level I would wish.”

      “In other words, I can not only not hit the high, inside fast ball any more… I can’t even see it.”

      “I’m not going to do any more investigating, and [sic] least I don’t believe I will.”

      “If I do, I will have a friend double and triple check my facts before I publish.”

      “I can no longer trust my own judgement on some of these matters.”

      “… I issue you each a grain of salt for you to take whenever you read something I’ve written.”

      LIKE THIS?

      “The one thing I value about myself is my honesty.”

      “But, I can no longer expect, or ask, anyone to take what I write as fact.”

      LIKE THIS?

      “The one thing I value about myself is my honesty.”

      Just sayin’.

      $250.00 per page?! For obfuscation and lies?

      Heck. The Blob gives those away daily for free.

    • I don’t think its even partisanship, not as it’s generally meant, anyway. It’s something lower and baser than that.

      • How about this, William?

        Brett Kimberlin isn’t looking for redemption because he still denies hat he’s done any wrong. in fact, he believes himself to be a political prisoner.

        Forgive if you’ve answered this before, but do you believe that Brett Kimberlin is innocent of some or all of the crimes for which he’s been convicted?

    • when did BK get his parole revoked for not paying the judgement against him to the widow of Delong?
      how many more years did he serve because of that?
      when was his harassmet campaign against Allen, then Walker, which lead to Walker having to file for a PO against him?
      when did he attempt to frame Walker for assault that was later thrown out by the judge?
      when did he engage in a sexual relationship with a minor before forging a birth certificate so he could marry the same underage minor?

      ALL that didn’t happen in the 70’s

      • See! The lying members of TK would have you believe Brett is guilty of a one time “youthful indiscretion” and has been a quiet milquetoast ever since. Deception, diversion, minimization of criminal behavior never admitted (in fact, actively denied), never atoned for (in fact criminally evaded) and fabricated image which is the basis for all the attempts at legal shut-uppery.

      • You’re right, Paul. A real journalist writes in the public interest. Bill Schamlfeldt is a partisan hack who obfuscates and misdirects.

        The truth doesn’t seem to matter to Bill Schmalfeldt, because the end justifies the means.

      • Yup.
        It’s a safe bet BK got threshold grants because of aunt Harriet who had to know what her nephew did.

      • Looking back on Willy’s posting history, you’ll see there is pretty much nothing worse in his mind than calling someone gay. He saves those slurs for the people he’s really mad at.

    • The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt not only expresses hate for homosexuals — as evidenced by his repeated use of homosexual slurs, taunts, and insults — but he, too, apparently hates people who have been in mutually- monogamous, committed, respectful, and loving marriages for 25 years.


      • Given William’s batting average, that’s hardly surprising. Unless he loves the taste of salt.

    • Or the various photoshopped images Bill Schmalfeldt has published in the past? Not that we actually want to see such trash.

  7. To paraphrase Stacy McCain, a direct way to show the hypocrisy of Bill Schmalfeldt is simply to show the photoshopped images he has published. (But please don’t actually show them. I just had lunch.)

    • The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt protects his Twitter account (again) RIGHT AFTER he calls others cowards (and, for all things… their unwillingness to post pornography). 0.o

      The Blob has got nowhere to go with the pornography stuff being as one of his “works of art” currently sits under a judicial seal.


      • Good – I hope he keeps it that way. I doubt any of us will miss him.

        I doubt he’ll keep his voluminous tweeting private for long though. I don’t think he’d make it a week. He needs us. That’s why he spends all day, every day feverishly refreshing this website where he knows he is not welcome.

  8. So he shows up in twitter. Makes some stupid comments. People here respond. He screencaps the comments as “evidence”?

    I guess that’s what he doing. I’m still waiting for him to point out any libelous statements on this blog, er, other than the infamous “deranged cyberstalker”.

    • The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt totally lacks the ability to shut up. He simply keeps digging and digging and digging.

      And, he has not a leg to stand on with regard to the assertion — that after watching him in action for a very long time — some people on social media believe he consistently presents himself as a “Deranged Cyberstalker.”

      Furthermore, no matter how many times the Blob squeals — insults, name calling, schoolyard taunts, obscene comments, grossly off-topic comments, quoting him, screenshots, etc. — are NOT “LIBEL!!1!!1!ELEVENTY!!1!!1!”

    • one wonders how he’s going to spin his tweets that lead to his “evidence” in the first place as not being provocation.

      of course since they have absolutely no relevance to his suit, one wonders why he’s wasting his time trying to gin them up as he has the last few days…


      • Same way he is going after Paul for his parody without telling or showing the judge the vile crap is was a parody of. In other words, he’ll lie as usual.

      • well duh, but how is he going to keep out the proof of what that parody was a parody of? it’s not like he can keep Hoge from defending himself or showing the evidence of bwilly’s lies to the court can he?

        seriously deranged and delusional….I hope after his performance for the judge at the ADR she orders a bwilly held on a psych eval, he needs one pronto…


  9. Our host exercises the axiom of speak softly, and carry a big light sabre to the nth degree.
    No braggadocio.

  10. Poor Billy, no friends, no family (other than his long suffering wife and his do nothing stepson), nothing to fill his days other then hate. It’s all he has at this point. He lives for the occasional scrap thrown to him by the terrorist diddler or his handlers, and certainly the negative attention he gets from right minded people in response to his vile and/or idiotic comments. What a sad pathetic life that must be.

    • Still us, I’m pretty sure. Scroll back tomorrow when he unlocks it because he can’t stand being alone with himself. hahaha #pathetic

    • It is likely that his friends who aren’t team Kimberlin handlers are Team Hoge Lickspittle socks keeping tabs on him. But real friends? No. Even online Bill has none. If he had any IRL, he wouldn’t have this much time to waste on this day in week out.

      • I have 66 twitter followers. And I use twitter mainly to broadcast links to new articles on my blogsite. More people follow me than follow the rotund retch. (Wish I could channel Mork talking to Orson.) And I know I’m just a micro-blog that most people don’t know about. Or care.

      • Most of the blobs followers that are NOT handler are pretty much commercial accounts that auto follow back (Shoutcast etc) So other then them I don’t see any “real” followers. Pretty pathetic to know the only people that will even stomach your drivel are those sent to keep you wound up.

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