14 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. If the mayonnaise makes you slip and fall, tearing the ligaments in your knee during your PlagueMate fashion show.

    Pwned again, Nommy Boy.

    What a maroon.

      • Bill is under the delusion that the world revolves around him, his likes and dislikes. We must dance to his tune or he is upset and angry and he is easily offended. An example:

        Hey, Lemmen. Since you've been defrocked by your PO, ain't it about time you ditch the Roman Collar? It offends me.— RADIO NIXON (@RadioNixonUSA) August 3, 2014

        Of course my collar offends him because it marks me as someone who is religious. Someone he hates and has actively tried to have violated and returned to prison simply because he hates and fears me because I am the proof of redemption, something he is in need of (as well as his very good friend Brett). Sorry my collar offends you Bill. I’m sure you’re not quite as offended by a scrap of linen as I am offended by your sinfulness and lies.
        Repent Bill, Christ’s arms are open to you 24/7!

      • bwilly seems to forget this isnt his blog, therefore his idea of what is “off-topic”, “grossly off topic” or “obscene” doesnt matter…
        only our esteemed host’s opinion on those things matter and since he has already listed what he will and won’t allow (and has redacted comments or not allowed them thru because they dont meet his guidelines), anything bwilly has to say about it, is as meaningless as …well… bwilly himself.


      • Y’all describe it perfectly – Not his blog; not his call.

        Personally, I appreciate the way conversation is allowed to flow in threads here. The last comment may not exactly match the original post, but if one reads the thread, it’s easy to see the progression. I couldn’t imagine being confined to only commenting on the OP, basically not allowed to comment to each other; nor would I ever think our host’s ego would require it.

        I suppose some wannabes are that needy, but our much accomplished host doesn’t appear needy at all.

        And this is where the hammer met the nail: “…anything bwilly has to say about it, is as meaningless as …well… bwilly himself…”

        Jealousy is an ugly thing.

      • Paul, With all due respect for your current expressed course (May God bless and keep you), I must admit, the collar startled me when you first started using that avatar. As you know, your past is an unfortunate cloud over your current good deeds.

        But, upon reflection, I am reminded of two pieces of religious history.
        1) The whole story of the good Samaritan, with context of who the Samaritans were relative to the “law abiding” Jews of the day.
        2) The history of St. Francis of Assisi.

  2. Per CDA sec 230, moderated, unmoderated, moderated in selective or arbitrary or lackadaisical manner: the speech belongs to the speaker, the author. But this has been explained and supported before, he’s just a fisher of herrings.

  3. Maybe Bill Schmalfeldt is now realizing how badly he may have screwed up his copyright case.

  4. I gotta red-flag you here, Hoge. Steven Wright, “I Have A Pony.” “Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died.”

    Years ago a friend had a deck of cards that were both Tarot Cards and regular cards, and we actually did play poker with them once. Luckily, there were no casualties…

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